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Chapter 5 - The Start

Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.

Chapter 5 - The Start

Chapter 5 - The Start
Jun woke up, yawning loud. He still had the book lying on his belly, open to the ripped out part. He gazed around the room and saw Piko sitting nearby on one of the tree stumps. She was writing in a little book of her own. She noticed Jun an agknowledged him, "Mornin'! I decided that if you man enough to keep a Diary, then im gal' enough!" Jun just flopped his head down on his bed again and opened his book. Pretty peculiar, he thought. All of the pages had words on them again. Was he dreaming? No, because the bandages he wore still ached. Jun grunted and sat up, laying his hands on his bed. "Your sister awake yet?" Jun asked coldly.
"Nope. When I woke up, she was snorin' away, as well as you."Piko responded. "Can you wake her up? Im almost done and we need to get to the addresing." At that moment, a larger purple Pokemon with a huge mouth walked in. "SHALL I?" He yelled. Juns ears ringed, so he just nodded.
"WAKE UP! WAKE UP YOU LAZY PIKACHU!" Yena jumped out of bed, eyes open all the way. "Come on," Jun started. "We need to get going."


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