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Chapter 8 - The Truth Unfolds

Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.

Chapter 8 - The Truth Unfolds

Chapter 8 - The Truth Unfolds
"Comfortable?" Wigglytuff called a question to Jun, who was on the opposite side of the chamber. He continued without an awnser, "Tell me, Jun, have you ever heard of 'Arceus'?"
"Sure," Jun replied, smoothly, still feeling seering pain. "In myths. Why do you ask?"
"Lets just say... your a special Riolu, Jun! Overall, a special Pokemon!" He exclaimed. "A book, you had a book. Can I see it?"
Um... ok" Jun tossed his book from his bag to Wigglytuff. He caught it eagerly and briskly opened it, flipping through every page. He stopped at the area where Jun tore out the page. "Where is it?" He exclamed. "Where is it!" Jun pulled out his Wonder Map, the page taped to it with tree sap. "Th-That page is right here." He tossed the rolled up map to Wigglytuff. In the blink of an eye, it was rolled upon with the page flapping on the side. "This is..." It seemed Wigglytuff could barley continue. Eventually, he exclaimed, "This is the map to Spacial Tunnel! Jun, where did you get this?"
"It was in the book. Why is this "Spacial Tunnel" so special?" Jun asked, lying best he could. Wigglytuff seemed falbbergasted, for when he replied, he seemed to gasp, "Spacial Tunnel has some of the most treasure in the world! Plus, it'll be a great expedition for the Guild, and your first! So," he paused for a few senconds, then asked, "Could we go?"
"Why do you ask me?" Jun questioned.
"Well, it's your map. I dont want to feel like Im using you! So?" Jun couldnt awenser. This could spell trouble for everybody. The bag Jun was carrying had a jewel he mant to return to it's owner after he ran from those thugs, a few day before. If he went back out into the world, away from the saftey of the guild, they could all get hurt. But, all the treasure, the thrill, Jun had never had fun like that before, and he barley could now with all of his wounds. This could be his one chance. He finnaly blurted out, "Lets go!"


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