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Chapter 9 - A Huge Risk

Jun, the Riolu, has stumbled upon Treasure Town running from his fears. He decides to become an apprentice at Wigglytuffs Guild, hoping he will be protected. Join him as he prepares to destroy the dangers of the world, one way or another.

Chapter 9 - A Huge Risk

Chapter 9 - A Huge Risk
Toady is the day, Jun thougth to himself. Im finnaly gonna have some fun!] He was too busy packing his bag and reading his map to hear Piko call out, "Jun! What are you doing? You seem, whats the word... happy!"
"You'll learn at todays announcments." He awensered. Jun didnt want to spoil it to Piko, especially at her age, that the whole guild was going on an expidition, starting today. What was he going to say if she was going to be left behind to watch the Guild? She would hate him, and Jun couldnt handle that kind of rejection, especially from someone who was barley 6 years old.
A few hours went by when Jun, Piko, and Yena decided to finnaly head to the main hall to get ready to the morning announcments. Still, they had to wait a few minuites before everyone started hobbling in. When Bidoof came out, he asked, "Why are you two up so early?" Yena was about to speak up, but Jun cut her off, "Wait and see!" Biddof still looked confused, but he just took his place in the line.
When everyone was present, Chatot called into the door of Wigglytuff's Chamber, "Guildmaster Wigglytuff! The Guild's ready!" Wigglytuff, really bright eyed, wich kind of creeped Jun out, waddled happily into the main clearing. He spoke cheerfully, "Guess what everybody? Were going on an expidition!" The Guild almost gassped, but they were definantly taken aback. Wigglytuff continued in the silence, "Thanks to the map Jun apparently has been hiding, we are going to a place called Spacial Tunnel!" Jun felt bad about being called out like that. He had wished he could tell Yena instead of the whole Guild figuring out at one time. But Yena seemed pretty excited, a sparkle in her eye, and Jun could have sworn he saw a smile directed at him. When the uproar calmed down, Chatot pulled out a piece of paper with something scribbled on it. "Here I have the names of the Pokemon that are coming on the expidition! The names are..." He paused, for some suspence, Jun guessed. "Jun, Yena, Piko, Loudred, Bidoof, Sunflora,


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