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Chapter 1 - Whats left unspoken.

A story about a chance of never saying goodbye or I'm sorry.

Chapter 1 - Whats left unspoken.

Chapter 1 - Whats left unspoken.
It was a dark and rainy night my parents had set out a while ago after a harsh argument between us. Over a new pair of shoes that my friend stole from the mall, they didn’t want to be friends with her any more.

I was still in bad spirits when I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened it there in the rain were the police.

They had sad sunken eyes. I was shocked to see them. I invited them to come in. The rain was getting heavier by the second. When I closed the door they sat down on your living room couch. They glanced at me before speaking the words that changed my whole life. “your parents are died.” I stood stock-still I couldn’t believe it. I stood there thinking this has to be a joke. I said to them “You’re joking right?” at the end of the sentence I started laughing expecting them to join in. They didn’t. They repeated what they said. I started crying I hurled myself into the hallway. I ran towards my parent’s room through myself onto their bed. I heard the police talking. The sound of thunder echoed around the house when I heard the door click close. The police left me the same way parents had.

I stead there for a while, collecting my thoughts I sat up. As I looked around I realized this room, my life had become empty.


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