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Chapter 6 - Credits and thanks toos

Overly exajerated story of my huanted house. (still it can be scary) Your welcome to comment on this work and any other work you'd like.

Chapter 6 - Credits and thanks toos

Chapter 6 - Credits and thanks toos
You if you came her must be wondering why in hell would i write something like this. There is a pure and simple reason for this.
#1 I love dogs it just ends up that among other ghosts one is a dog that had died on the property that I live on.
#2 I had a dream once were Seshomaru in dog demon form protected me from ghost/Zombies/skeletons.
#3 I also had a dream were i was in a truly hunted mansion and i had to find my way out.
#4 I like i writing. :P
#5 It's an interesting topic.
#6 I like seeing people reactions to stories.
#7 My mom pressured me into writing it down.
#9 My grandma made me write it.
#10 My family members like reading my stories.
Well i think thoose are the maid reasons.
Please tell me what you think.


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