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Chapter 1 - The Death Of Luke

Laura's borther Luke dies mysteriously two days before Lauras birthday.
Read on to find out more.

Chapter 1 - The Death Of Luke

Chapter 1 - The Death Of Luke


What was that? It sounded like Luke. Dad came running past my room with mum at his heals. I followed them up the stairs to the forbidden room.

It had been a month since we left America. Ted our friend, gave us this house to live in untill we found a new one. He said the room opposite the hall at the end of the coridoor, up the stairs was forbidden. Luke and me were always cousie of the room. At night you coul hear a creapy creaking noise then a bang! Like a door opening then banging shut. Then about a hour later you would hear it again.

Dad had opened the door by the time I had cached up with them. Mum was crying, maybe something in the room had disturbed her? As I looked in I saw someone liying in the middle of the room in a awkward position, it was Luke. I rushed forward but dad pushed me back, “call 999 Laura” dad shouted at me.

“But why can't you go?”

“Just - just go.”

I ran past my sobbing mum, down the stairs, past Luke's room, then past mine, thought the hall door and dived at the phone. As I dialled 999 my tears trickled down my cheeks and dropped onto the phone.

“Hello. How may I help?” an electronic voice asked her.

Breathlessly I replided “Can - can I have a - ambulance?” I gave my address and told someone what had happened. I can hear sirens.

They took Luke and us to the hospital. The doctors say that Luke is in a coma and he may never wake up.


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