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ONE SHOT. Sasuke pleeds for forgiveness the only way he can.



Sasuke stood up, against the unbearable pain. His eyes jittered madly as he looked at Sakura, wanting so bad to be sorry. Hesitantly, he repeated her name, “… Sakura, I…”
Naruto was lying on the floor at Sakura’s feet, his cold, lifeless body giving off a red smoke. Sakura fought to keep tears back as she got on her knees and held Naruto’s limp body. He had annoyed her a lot, she knew, but for all the times that he had protected her, she could not forgive herself for letting him… die…
Weakily, with her head down, Sakura said, “Who are you?… Where’s Sasuke?… What have you done to my FRIEND!” She looked sorrowfully down at Naruto as she stroked his cheek. Her lacerated fingers softly ran across his whiskers. She had never noticed…
A hard pulse hit Sasuke’s forehead. He fell to the floor and cringed. As he let out a grimacing howl, he grabbed his hair. The top of his yukata had fallen past his obi, revealing scars and the horrible black marks of the curse. Blood had splattered all over his body. Naruto’s blood.
Sasuke, this feels good! This is what you want, my boy! The power! Victory! You always wanted to beat that fool, Naruto. And with your power, you can. You can do anything you want. You can kill the girl, Sasuke. She always bothered you, that fool. Kill her, Sasuke. You can… Searing pain went through Sasuke’s head. It was as if a bomb was buzzing in his brain, waiting to go off. Each tick was more powerful and painful than the last.
Alas, the pain stopped and Sasuke saw a hazy figure standing in the spot in which Sakura had previously been with Naruto. He could make out spiky hair and black clothes. There were bandages on the arms and legs…
This is all your fault Sasuke. You killed him. He was your friend, and you killed him, just like you did our parents… “Get out of my head!” Sasuke bellowed. He vigorously shook his head and Sakura and Naruto appeared once again.
Sakura winced at the loudness, but she could not forgive him. She watched in fear as Sasuke wrestled himself, but she could not move. There was not an inch left of her that wanted to help him…
Sasuke tumbled and cried, blood pouring out his open wounds. He did not bother to care for them. He eyes opened and closed as pain seeped into his body from every angle. Please… “JUST KILL ME! KILL ME ALREADY!” He yelled out loud.
Sakura was taken aback.
There was a voice- androgynous, but slightly male. Oh no, Sasuke… That would be ruining my fun! I want to watch you suffer. Suffer like no other can. Suffer far worse than I have, Sasuke! I want you to beg for your life! BEG!
Sakura could not yet begin to understand. Naruto’s dead weight brought back realization that the blonde haired, blue-eyed boy was no longer alive. She concentrated hard not to pay attention to Sasuke, who she knew was going through excruciating pain.
He scraped at the floor towards Sakura and Naruto. “Sa- Sakura…” His tone brought chills down her back.
“Please, Sasuke. Please don’t do this…” Sakura whispered. She knew she must either let him go on in pain and suffer unexpectedly, or she could… she would have to ultimately… kill him. Sakura lifted Naruto’s heavy body, struggling under his weight, and tried to move away from Sasuke, who crawled towards her. She placed Naruto’s body on the grass. The vast field would allow no place to hide. Slowly, she got on her feet and walked to Sasuke, who managed to pull himself off the ground.
Sasuke could not bring himself to face her. He had betrayed her, not once, but many times, and each time it was harder for him to forgive himself and for anyone else to forgive him. He looked to the ground as he gritted his teeth and slowly said, “P-please, Sakura…” He didn’t know what he wanted anymore… He wanted her to forgive him, but in doing so, he wanted her to be the one to put an end to his pain. “Sakura, please forgive me…”
Sakura began to tear up. “Sasuke, I just… can’t… not for… all of the things… Sasuke…” She choked. She could not believe what she was saying. She had wanted so badly for things to work out between her and her two friends. But one had passed away and the other was begging for her forgiveness. Her mental stability slipped through her fingers.
Sasuke grabbed onto Sakura’s dress and pulled himself up to face her, his nose almost touched hers. The pain that had momentarily subsided found its way back into his body. Tears began to fall down his cheeks, pale red tears. “Sakura, kill me… I can’t stand this pain any longer… I give up… I’ve withstood this pain so long… but there is nothing worse than sullying my hands with my friend’s blood. And I’ve done it so many times… I can’t let it go… Please, Sakura, I’m asking you to put an end to me…” He breathed short and hard.
Sakura couldn’t hold back any longer. She held Sasuke tightly and cried. Tears and sweat rubbed into Sasuke’s hot skin. She knew he was burning up inside. The curse had grasped all of Sasuke’s will and power. “I’m so sorry, Sasuke. I couldn’t protect you when this first happened. I was so selfish and only worried that I wasn’t doing good as a kunoichi, I let myself forget about you and Naruto…” She sobbed and dug her nails into Sasuke, holding him tighter and tighter.
Sasuke knew that this could be the end. All he had to do was hug her back and they would find a way to settle things back together, but that was not how he wanted to live. He had done it too many times. He had Sakura’s forgiveness, but for Naruto’s, he could not let himself live.
Quickly, he pulled a kunai from his pouch.
“Sakura, I’m sorry…”
Sasuke broke free from Sakura’s grasp and shoved the kunai handle into her hand. He clenched his hand around hers and brought her arm up high, then swiftly brought it down into his heart. He spent his last working muscle to squeeze Sakura’s hand, and he fell to the floor.



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