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It`s the beginning of high school for Sakura Haruno. At her new school,Konoha High, she will meet many people, friends. foes and pedo`s.Read as she begins the crazy Konoha High.
Second story so please be nice! The majority of it is with Naruto characters and an OC character that I made up. It basically consists of the guys being forced to wear dresses. Read for more details!
Funny ways to annoy the characters in the world of Naruto!
I was already making a Christmas story and I got an idea to make a Naruto Christmas story and I thought ''''I''''d love to see how Mikura and Ryu would survive a first Christmas with their kids, Anako and Jiro.'''' Enjoy.
hehe i got board and will ecept some people
In this exilerating story of Ino Naruto Sasuke Sakura and Hinata, they finally find out some of them are not who they say they are. Everyone has a secret. Violence Warning
Lol for shadow117's contest!
Yeah This is a list of stuff that remind me
that im naruto Obsessed! xD
Its a love story between my oc ,Kyi, and Itachi.
When a girl with a mysterious past and the sand symbol burned into her right forearm appears just outside Sunagakure, seeming an Akatsuki dump-off, how does the Kazekage handle it?
The first chapter, or prolog if you will of the brginning of the story "Light and Shadows"

During the stories, more to come, it will be a story of a ninja called Zayashi, struggling up the ninja road, with the challenges, etc that come his way.
This time I got it! It took for ever....My story kept messing up so i got it this time..any how...
this is about me and my friends trying to kill sakura...
What happens in a Series of Random Events? Nobody knows XD.
Well, somehow Sasuke and Naruto got sent to King's Island, the greatest roller coaster park of all time.(probably an anime world portal) Now they are going to take a comedic journey through it and meet some other familiar faces on the way. :D
A fun little fanfiction in which a group of not so friendly friends get sucked into the world of Naruto. Lucky them.
La la la , Caroline asked me to write this for her birthday . :D
being the good friend I am , I did .
This is my Naruto timeskip fanfiction that you have all been waiting for. I can't give away the story but Nia and Itachi are threatened and have to go incagnito. Hope you like it!
Tenten is sick with a deadly disease that must be treated right away but the herbs needed to curer her is in a village far away they only have three days to find it...... Leeten reference
This is just a little poem i wrote...Naruto and Sasuke, and their relationship (platonic, not romantic). Inspired by Leonard Cohen, please comment. Also about change/growing up/apart. Enjoy!
Sakura is new to school, but she''s already found herself a great a group of friends and the oppurtunity to sing in the beloved boy band consisting of the school rebels.
I just deleted 'It's All About THe Music' on accident ='[ and i didnt plan on retypeing it. so this is just wat the band would have sang and which parts go to whom.
What would happen if everyone from Naruto world lost their powers? What would they be willing to say about eachother? How would they react? These are the questions that haunt me.
sorry about the last story...i had too start over...
My friends tell me I have a talent for making parodies of song. I decided to start making parodies for Naruto and this is how it turned out.
The story of Gonan Fairchild. The secrets of how he survived death are here. Warning! If you are scared easily, you may not want to read this!