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Chapter 1 - Leaving the Home I knew

McKenna and her brother Collin are moving to a new house in Florida! But its not what they had wished for. Every morning, a disturbance will occur. Every 1:28am.
*plays evil music*

Chapter 1 - Leaving the Home I knew

Chapter 1 - Leaving the Home I knew
I stared at the deserted , gloomy house that used to be my home. We were driving to a new state, to a new house, to a new life.
        “I cant believe were moving”, my brother, Collin said as he looked out the window of the car.
        “I know. It really stinks”, I sighed. I leaned back and closed my eyes.
        “McKenna! C’mon”, my mom said to me. “Your really going to love it at our new house in Florida”. I knew that I would love the house, the area, and the beach. The main problem though, was letting go of my friends.
        “Also what I cant believe”, Collin said. “Is the day long ride to Florida!”
        “just go to sleep. Its al ready 10:34pm”, I yawned. I put my head down and closed my eyes. I woke up and looked around. I yawned and sat up. The digital clock said 1:28am. Collin was sleeping and so was mom. Then, all of the sudden, the car started rapidly turning and dad started panicking. The car flew off the railing and into a ditch. I cant believe it. I’m in one of those car crashes you see on the news. We continued falling until a bright light blinded me.
        I opened my eyes. I looked around. I was still in the car and it was driving smoothly. I looked at the time once again. The clock read 6:07. Then I looked outside to see the morning blue sky against the dark pine trees. I turned around to inspect Collin. He was playing his DS while listening to his I-pod. We soon stopped for breakfast, lunch and then dinner. It was growing dark as we entered the palm tree territory. I decided to sleep a little more. I woke up and saw lights on high hotels, restaurants and other attractions.
        “were getting close”, dad said. I looked a little more and saw…the beach! Yes! Were going to live on the beach! Then we continued driving. We drove through the city. Soon all the buildings were disappearing as we drove out of the city, and away from the beach. Collin started looking out the window.
        “why are we going away from the beach?”, he said. We drove for about 15 more minutes in to a more deserted. Place. We passed this palm tree forest and arrived at this old looking house.
        “don’t tell me that we are living there”, I mumbled. We parked the car. Collin got out first and I followed him. The air was hot and muggy, unlike in NJ, were our old home stays. I ran over to Collin.
        “I’m not so sure I want to live here”, I said.
        “that’s only because its night time”, mom said. “you cant see the house at night time.” I looked at mom and then back at Collin.
        “lets check it out”, Collin said. I nodded and then we walked up to the house.


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shadowbender on October 26, 2007, 8:48:28 AM

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shadowbenderhey is this the story your are writing in school

Boltbendergirl on October 27, 2007, 12:23:07 AM

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