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yacht tourism
After playing an hour+ of Plants vs. Zombies, I took a break and began 'attempting' to write out a decent poem, knowing that one way or the other, it'll spoil and turn out to be really 'ugly'. The title, as you can read, was inspired by the graves that popped up in several levels of PvZ.

Note that this poem wasn't intentionally written due to the horror holiday comin' up around the corner.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
This is about a character I made named Miss Chloe. I'm not gonna say much, just read! BTW this is a creepypasta, (if anyone knows what that is) and I can't really submit it now because the submission time is over, so I'm posting it here!
This was for a school project last year in my English class. We read Five People You Meet in Heaven. After we read it we had to pick from a list on what we wanted to do.

Sorry it's not properly indented. I don't know how to submit stories on here.
She finds the Unexpected Nightmare
Its the end of the world and he is all alone.
A Poem By Me
this is MY poem! lol! i hope you like! it really took me a long time to complete. lol naw...XD i made it up when i was on the bus going to school! '3' i hopes ya like! lol. i luv writing stuff like this! please, tell me what you think!
a poem....
a script i amde for my senior one act.
A story a wrote very slightly based off a friends dream mien mine and mine not your mine

read and comment please!
Everyone has heard of the imaginary monster under the bed, the boo men that constantly stalk us in the back of our minds. but we cannot comprehend whats really behind the blinds of mortal eyes, that is, until now.......
In my Advance writing class, we had to write an "letter" to our body. I decided that I didn't really enjoy the idea of writing a real letter to my body, so I was allowed to change it to a fictional characters body, put into 1st person format. Enjoy!
McKenna and her brother Collin are moving to a new house in Florida! But its not what they had wished for. Every morning, a disturbance will occur. Every 1:28am.
*plays evil music*
Charlotte is very angry about being left with her grandparents but an unexpected visitor and his gift excites the vacation more than wanted.

Please comment!
This is a unique circus: it deals with horror, sacrifices, S&M, insanity, sex, even Death and many bizarre things beyond your mind. This is a tale of how a young, mortal girl entwines with the circus and secretive circus-member by mere bad luck.
you have to read it! im not spoiling anything!
this happened to me along time ago... it was scary because i dunno what happened really.
about a doll who comes to life.and no this story is not about Chuckie
there is a whole philosophy behind this poem but i will not tell you. mostly because i believe you should find your own meaning in it, and partly 'cause i'm too lazy
Not sure why I wrote it, maybe because I take pleasure in other people's pain.
well, one late night, I was watching Lilo and Stich with my brother and his friend. Since they say that i'm the devil, I decided to creep them out. So I looked at my brother with an emotionless look, and I said, "There are dead children in the walls."
It's a story about a girl who get killed in a park.
The first chapter is Dutch and the second chapter will be English if I ever come to it.
So, if you can't read it, because it's it's Dutch, then don't be sad, the English version is comming up.
But i
Okay this is a Horror type story. Sorry for any spelling mistakes by the way! Not much else to say about this story, you'll see what happens as you read on :) Hope you will like it^^
A girl has a special realationship with her dad...until she finds out his secret...
A couple finds the perfect house...until they discover who lived in it...
A television remote makes lots of trouble for one boy...

Creepy, twisted mini tales for the