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Chapter 1 - Clay

Once upon a time there was a kingdom made of clay. There was no violence or hatred. Everyone was happy. Everyone is, except a young girl named Avani.

Chapter 1 - Clay

Chapter 1 - Clay
Once upon a time, long ago before history was recorded, there was a kingdom made out of clay. It was a magical kingdom, full of magical creatures that only a child could dare to imagine. There was no violence or hatred, everyone was happy. Everyone, except for a young girl named Avani.
Avani was always sad, no one knew why and no one asked why. It was just accepted and forgotten. At dinner, she would stand alone in the corner, shrouded by dark while the others ate, laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. There she would stay until she was alone once more when everyone had long left the table and went off to bed.
Then came a day, Avani's birthday, a day where even Avani herself would have to be happy. But she wasn't.
She stomped on the beautifully wrapped boxes, ripped up the decorations, and threw all the presents into the fire, watching them burn until they were nothing but ash. Then she cried and cried, and soon she began to melt. Chunks of clay dropped to the floor, her family and guests shrieked at the hideousness of it all. Underneath was a disgusting layer of flesh and hair.
Appalled by what she had become, Avani’s parents locked her in her room and there she stayed. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. For a hundred long years, there Avani stayed in her room, locked away from the world where no one could see what she had become.
Her family had forgotten her within two years. But unbeknownst to them, the damage had already been done. For there all alone in her room, Avani cursed them and all who opposed her with a great sadness.
After three years, they had tried to form a new family, a happy family with a happy child. They had a beautiful baby girl. They hoped that she would be happy like them, not like her sister. But she wasn't happy. Her clay also melted away, and so did the babies after that. Like Avani, her parents locked away all of their children. Soon the once happy couple found themselves unable to stand the sight of each other. The sadness had affected them also.
Over the next century, the sadness spread, far and wide across the plain. All of the newborn children's clay had melted away from their salty tears. A reminder of the girl who was locked away so long ago. The happiness soon vanished and the kingdom fell into ruin. The land once known as the happiest and most prosperous was now a barren wasteland, forgotten by all.


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Slippingthroughreality on March 5, 2005, 10:35:09 PM

Slippingthroughreality on
SlippingthroughrealityWow I can't begin to describe what I'm feeling right now after reading this story... it's so beautful yet eternally sad. I'm adding this to my favs.