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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 1 - Introduction

UESA - United Earth Space Administration

This story is a special kind of story. The idea to create this whole thing was inspired by many different things. Science Fiction in general is one inspiration. Writing a truly unique story based on the ideas and creativity of several individuals provides a new kind of story that even the original author can't control.

The first inspiration came from the Avenger Mission Logs. The idea of having multiple writers contribute to the story came from there.

Another inspiration was the many science fiction movies and series out there. Some of the primary ones would be Stargate SG-1, StarWars, Star Trek, Aliens Trilogy, Titan A.E., Pitch Black, and Final Fantasy. All of these movies have great examples of good science fiction and are an inspiration to create more science fiction.

Another inspiration is the old “Choose your own adventure” books. If someone was to write a section of story, but at the end include a question for someone else to answer or introduce a problem for another person, that person will have to make choices based on the other author's options. The author could then change the results of the story based on another characters choices.

UESA/UEM: Short History

UESA stands for the United Earth Space Administration. It is a combination of world powers into a space program based off of NASA except geared completely towards space travel and exploration. UESA is pronounced “Ye-Sah” (similar to slang for yes sir, although unintentional.) UESA has been operational for over the past 500 years, and only the past 50 years have been engaged in space combat with the Galactic Authority.

During the first 300 years UESA developed a hyperspace gravitational drive capable of creating short term wormholes. Because they are only short term, UESA still has been unable to travel beyond the borders of the Milky Way galaxy. Within the galaxy, no intelligent life exists other than the Human race. Although other forms of life have been found, it is mostly plant and bacterial life, mostly because of a lack of atmosphere and natural necessities such as water.

When the Galactic Authority (GA) entered the galaxy 100 years ago UESA had only been an exploration program and had no defense against the GA. The first combat crafts were developed by UESA and the UEM (United Earth Military). The UEM was developed in response to the GA. The first successful ships were developed 56 years ago although ineffective against the GA. For the next 38 years UESA/UEM developed many small crafts for defense as well as many crafts to flee the solar system should the need arise.

Eighteen years ago UESA/UEM started development of a new ship effectively capable of engaging the GA with a much higher possibility of success (See next section for details about the GA that help explain this.) The SAC-66, standing simply for Space Attack Craft model 66, was code named Verethragna after the Persian god. Verethragna was the Persian god of victory and aggressive triumph; he punishes evil done by man and demon.

GA: Short History

The Galactic Authority (GA) comes from far beyond our known universe. The GA cares only about domination of the universe with no regard for life. Since the GA has a very large fleet, they constantly require new sites for resources. This seems to be constantly slowing down their progression, as they spend months building defenses for each new site. However, the more sites they have, the faster they progress.

When the GA entered the Milky Way galaxy about 100 years, UESA sent a small craft to attempt to make contact with the GA. Upon arrival to the vicinity of the GA vessels, a single message was transmitted and then the GA decimated the UESA craft. The message had been transferred back to UESA and has yet to be translated. UESA sent one more unmanned craft to investigate and again the craft was destroyed on sight. UESA recommended issuing a state of emergency.

Around this time the UEM was founded, and ever since they have been trying to push back the GA threat. However the GA continues to take control over more of the galaxy every day. The Earth responds with the Verethragna.


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