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Kali Kitab is the book of black magic where we can get the all procedure of black magic. Kali Kitab has the collection of all black magic tactics whom we can use to complete our desire. 

Kali Kitab
A shopping mall boutique is taken over by aliens who abduct customers. (Characters very loosely drawn on Jill and Alexis from Resident Evil.
this is what happens when i'm board.
a story i wrote in 8th grade summer school
This is the first book of many. Young Alana Page Black and her four friends were outcasts. Then she meets a new kid, who changed there life. There sweeped to a great adventur that a person could only wish for.
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Nicolette is a beautiful orphan in Paris, France. She runs away to escape from her horrid owner when she tumbles off a bridge. What was on the other side will change her life forever.
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A remake of Jack and the Bean Stalk like never before! Imagine Jack being a nineteen-year-old punk rocker with a bad attitude. Now think of the giant being a gigantic alien queen...
Nev is starting a new school and he is already attracting attention; he has strange markings on his skin, he's very fit and he befriends a geeky girl called Senya. This is because, Nev is an alien!
I''ll try this one more thime..maybe this time I''ll get it right
Feraldo is Time chronicler from the VERY distant future. Though time is already foreseen and recorded in The Book of Future, it leaves the universe open to change, and details being missed. Feraldo's job is to record the details of the past and future not recorded in The Book. Though his secondary task is to preserve events destined to happen without making a large impression on history.
His current mission however, will lead to personal a personal loss, and a responsibility greater than any other Time Chronicler ever known.
It iz about a guy named Noe and how his whole day went at school when he was about to ask a person ,he liked ,out
This is my first story I posted here. This is kind of like an intro, and I'm currently working on the rest of the book, which should be about 6 chapters. Its about a military project. The purpose of the project was to create gentically enhanced Super Huma
ok, guys, i'm not done my story about the guys from my website yet, but i can't seem to get any ideas! this is an idea for one of ma animations.
parallels....those with the power to control all elements, but  only one who`s fate is sealed by the dark and light, lark Tenone, a girl who`s only wish is to make things right in her world, and bring back what was lost.......her solaced  life
A portion of a chapter from my Science Fiction Novel - called "Dreamland: Fortress Earth."

My first story. I felt like doing something totally out of the ordinary. And then this popped into my mind. Please comment!
Candace, wakes up, trapped in a cold, eerie, metal lab. Why is she here? Why does she have these memories? And most importantly, is she real?
a sci-fi story
A military commander James Sinclair, admist a world slowly spiralling out of control. PG-13.
"Tonight is a night where myths will be busted, hystory made, and the possible end of the world as we know it know.
It's just the beggining. I know it's not much, just alot of details.the '---' means I need/want to put more detail there.