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Chapter 2 - Chapter 1: Re-Assignment

Chapter 2 - Chapter 1: Re-Assignment

Chapter 2 - Chapter 1: Re-Assignment

Title: Re-Assignment

Brian ThunderEagle: Cole Thurston, 2nd Lieutenant

Stationed: Pluto Station 13x5, Operations Manager

Opened: June 17, 2004; 6:00pm GMT -5

Closed: June 18, 2004; 2:03am GMT -5

My name is Lieutenant Cole Thurston, I joined the UEM 4 years ago hoping to help push back the Galactic Authority that threatens our galaxy. I had planned on being on an attack vessel or a fighter craft at least. Instead I wake up every day on the same boring station floating just outside Pluto's orbit. I know perimeter observation is an important job, but I would rather be fighting...making a difference.

As I made my way to the command deck, I found my mind wandering. Not that this was uncommon lately, however this is the first time I have ended up on the wrong side of the station. “Lieutenant Cole, please report to the command deck” came suddenly over the intercom. Correcting myself I started heading in the correct direction and onto the command deck.

“Yes Julia, what is it?” I asked, expecting a typical report of no activity.

“We have been contacted by the UEM, they are requesting an immediate conference with you.” For a second I thought I was daydreaming, and then I realized she was waiting for my response.

“Thank you Julia, I will contact them now.”

“That won't be necessary sir, they are waiting for you in the conference room.”

Now this was surprising news, it's very rare that UEM requests a conference especially with a small little station like this. As I walked into the conference room, I couldn't help but be startled by 3 people sitting in the conference room. Not the fact that there were 3 of them…but the fact that they were here in person and not using video conference.

“Lieutenant Thurston, have a seat” said one of the men in a friendly tone. Then I noticed the ranks, one commander and 2 Majors. I snapped to attention and saluted, completely forgetting that the commander had even said anything to me.

“Lieutenant, that isn't necessary. Please sit down, we need to talk.” I sat down trying to smile but one can't help but be concerned when summoned in to a sudden live conference like this, among a commander a 2 majors no less.

Nervously and quickly I came up with something to say as they shuffled through a few papers. “Commander Ian Fletcher, it is an honor to meet you. I've heard about your recent progress against the GA.”

“Yes, we have had a little success. But I wouldn't give myself anymore credit than any other commander. My efforts rely as much on others as they do mine.”

“May I ask the commander why I have been summoned to this conference?” stuttering a little in my words.

“Take it easy Cole, you aren't in trouble or anything. I'm here to talk to you about a change of assignment.” Hearing this did put me at ease. Although I haven't done anything wrong to my knowledge, you never know. I continued to sit there and listen contently to the commander.

“I know you don't like working on this station and that you have put in multiple requests for a change in assignment. Lucky for you Captain Isaac Malone has requested an in person conference with you. Have you heard of the Verethragna?”

“Not much sir, last I heard the Thragna wasn't going to be finished for several more months. Other than that all I know is that it's a brand new ship.” I replied struggling to remember anything else about the ship. I had only briefly overlooked information about the Thragna.

“The ship will actually be finished a less than 2 weeks. Isaac Malone has been assigned captain of the Verethragna, or Thragna as you call it. He happened to overlook your request for re-assignment and I guess he admires your eagerness to get out there on the battlefield. He informed me that he will find a position for you on the Thragna once he conducts his interview. Of course the choice is yours, is this what you want?” I was still in disbelief that this had happened, it felt like a dream but I knew it wasn't.

I stood up and saluted, “Yes Sir, it would be an honor to join the crew of the Verethragna.” The Commander stood up and executed a salute in return.

“Excellent, we are scheduled to leave in 2 days. In the meantime, I would like a tour of the station and status reports on everything. The station will be transferred to Lieutenant Commander Olivia Norwich when we leave.”

“Certainly sir, right this way.” I escorted the Commander and the two Lt. Commanders out of the conference room.


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