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Chapter 1 - 50 reasons why video games are better than real li

This is just basically some of my ideas (or soon to be ideas) and small stuff I've been working on in my spare time. It has mini-stories, small poems, and other cool writing that I did!

Chapter 1 - 50 reasons why video games are better than real li

Chapter 1 - 50 reasons why video games are better than real li
50 reasons why video games are better than real life:

1. Everything that makes you mad can be solved by blasting it away
2. If you get destroyed by your enemy, you always have a few more lives left
3. If you have a bad day, press the reset button to restart your day
4. There is a book on how to improve your life using cheat codes
5. You'll have fun while doing your job
6. On certain games, you get to choose who you will be
7. You will also get to choose what you will look like and how your life will be
8. On most games, you don't need to have any money to get power-ups
9. You get no school and even if you do, you spend your time in school defeating the bad guy
10. You get high rewards and scores just by destroying everything you hate and is blocking your way
11. Defying the laws of physics by flying and shooting stuff from your hands is the only way you live
12. By pausing and restarting the game, you have the power to control time
13. If you beat a level or destory something, you get something in return
14. You are not successful by how hard you work, but by how high your score is
15. Under almost everything that has a door or looks like it can be opened (door, box, etc.) a surprise comes out
16. Your job is to practically destroy everything in your path and save the day
17. Parents don't ground you if you're out doing curfew trying to save the world
18. Girls don't have to be the damsels in distress anymore
19. You can start, continue, and end your journey anytime
20. Whether you win, lose, still living, or about to die- your life will never end
21. There are many games for each age group, interests, and other categories that I should list here
22. You might get physical injury but remember that there are potions to heal you, extra lives, and more that can cure you
23. When you get hurt, you don't feel the pain
24. If you're lucky, you'll get to choose to continue your journey from where you left off or start over
25. Anything that you eat or drink that dosen't reduce your life points won't go to your hips and produce fat
26. You have your own theme song
27. No matter how many friends you make, you're still the star of your game
28. Your friends are either people you meet along the way or a creature that mostly dosen't have any effect on you but is still loyal
29. If you have an advanced gaming system, you get to see yourself in 3-D
30. Sometimes, if you don't like the way you look, you can always change yourself by morphing into something else
31. You can choose how bright you want your environment to be or how loud sound effects are
32. You get to be friends with as many people as you want
33. You can tell your cheat codes to anyone and they'll appreciate you no matter how mean they are
34. Special equipment to use for your game like a cheat codes book or another game controller might help increase your chances of winning
35. If you can't afford that stuff, at least you can practice all day and night to get better without anyone disturbing you.
36. Before the game, you get to see what you have to do in a story and no matter how confusing it gets, you still can understand it.
37. If you get obliterated by the foe and all of your lives are lost, press the reset button to reincarnate yourself.
38. Your hard work won't go to waste if you learn how to save
39. If you complete the mission and everyone (or at least yourself) is happy, then you can "play again" to relive your memories (if you want...)
40. If you play the good guy in the game you'll always win no matter what!
41. Now, the most unsuccessful people that don't do well in real life can do well in the video game life!
42. You always look the same no matter how old you are in video game life
43. You can choose in the game if you want to be a star or the sidekick
44. If you're like a master in the game, you can change the story or outcome of your current situation
45. The only thing it takes to be successful is fast reflexes, a decent memory, and you know what you are doing
46. 95% instincts and 5% intelligence can help you win a game
47. If you're a good game designer, you can change your life into what you want it to be!
48. If you want to learn something new but you can't afford to buy a cheat codes book, then press random buttons until you get it (at your own risk)
49. Reliving your glorious moments and repeating something in your life in a different way is easy- just pick a level then finish it in the way that you want (if your game will let you do that)
50. Even if your game (aka life) may not be an adventure or quest, you can still have the benefits of reasons 1-49 on this list


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