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Chapter 1 - A Boring Day in the Country

Chapter 1 - A Boring Day in the Country

Chapter 1 - A Boring Day in the Country

A Boring Day in the Country (Well…maybe not)

Okay before I begin I just want to say that this is part of a comic that I and Thunderhead began working on. Thunderhead and I will have some pictures to go along with bits and pieces of the stories here soon.


*Vroom* *Vroom* Goes Krackle's scooter as he is on his way to visit his uncle Joe out in the country. Krackle: “Man this is going to be so boring.” he thinks to himself. “But, maybe it'll even do me some good to get away from the city and the fights and the excitement and the….. “Man I don't want to go”, he says aloud as he reaches the outside of the country town limits. He ends up going because Krackle promised his uncle a visit seeing that he hasn't been there in a long time.

When he arrives at the farm his uncle comes out and greets him warmly. “Well hello there Krackle.” “How've you been boy”? “Okay I guess.” replies Krackle. Uncle Joe: “Well sonny let me show you around seeing that you haven't been here in a long time.” He takes him for a tour of the farm showing him the barn, the cornfield, where the horses are. When they reached the horse pen his uncle asked Krackle if he would like to ride one “Are you kidding?” Krackle says “I'm not a horse-rider.” When they reached the porch his uncle turns around and says: “You wait here sonny while I go get us some tea to drink.” “Alright”, says Krackle. But Krackle for some reason doesn't want to stay in that spot but decides that he wants to go explore the farm by himself. Krackle: “Never mind the tea uncle. I'm going to go exploring.” Uncle Joe: “Okay don't be gone long.” Krackle hops off the porch and heads out towards the horses to go scope them out when suddenly he hears a scream. His ears bend back as he listens to the sound of galloping footsteps. He runs to the road to go check out where the scream came from. The footsteps get louder and louder and then he hears a lady say, “Get out of the way you fool.” He turns to see that he is about to be trampled by a horse and he leaps out of the way. “Phew”, he thought to himself. “Sorry” yelled the young lady. He just smiles and waves all the while he didn't notice that he was about to be trampled by more horses he rolls out of the way in the nick of time. He looks at the men on the horses but he couldn't see their faces because they were wearing cloaks to hide them. He knew right away that something wasn't right and he ran to the horse pen, opened it, and hopped on one of the horses (he completely forgot he didn't know how to ride one) and started riding after them. “YEAH”, he thought to himself “finally some excitement”.

Men shouting: “Get her!” “Argh!” Girl's P.O.V.: “Man I can't shake them off me.” “But I better do something fast or I'm done for.” Krackle's P.O.V.: “Come on, come on, just a little closer.” he races the horse into the middle of the pack of men who are chasing the young lady and starts kicking them off their horses. Krackle: “Gentlemen I'd like to introduce you to the bottom of my foot.” he says while kicking them off one by one. The leader of the ride looks back and sees all his men on the ground and Krackle closing in on him. Krackle: *Smirk* “I saved the best for last.” Man in Cloak: “Damn” he thought “that kid had to ruin everything.” And with that he pulled something out of his cloak and threw it on the ground there was smoke and with that he was gone. “Come back here you coward!” yelled Krackle. But it was too late he was already gone. “Man that was fun” said Krackle as he jumps off the horse.

“But I wonder where that young lady had gone off too and who was that chasing her”? “And where am I?” said Krackle as he noticed that he had followed them out into the middle of nowhere. He takes the horses reins and leads the horse into a clearing by where there was a river so the horse could get something to drink. While he is standing there with the horse replaying what had happened in his mind he didn't even notice the young lady sneaking up on him. Young Ladies P.O.V.: “Who is this guy and why did he save me?” “Oh well, only one way to find out.”

“Ahem…” she says. This brings Krackle back from his daydream as he looks at the young lady up on the horse. “Man she's pretty he thought.” Young Lady: “Thank you stranger for helping me”. “No, problem ma'am that's what I do” said Krackle with a big grin on his face. Young Lady: “If you don't mind me asking what's your name?” “Krackle”, he says. *Giggle* “That's a cute name”, she says. This automatically makes Krackle blush because no one had ever thought that the name Krackle was a cute name and he never thought of his name as (Cute). “Well…” he says as he gains his composure, “What's your name”? Young lady: “My name is Serena”. “Serena”, says Krackle to himself. “That's a nice name”. Serena: “So are you from around these parts”? Krackle: “I'm from the town next over”. *Krackle thinking to himself* “Man, why did I say that?” “I sound nothing like I'm from the country”. “Oh, really?” says Serena. *Thinking to herself* “Oh man you can not be serious.” “I just met the guy and he is already lying to me”. “So,” she said “Should we start heading back”? “Yeah”, he says realizing that it was getting kind of late. He got his horse and in an effort to try and impress her he tries to be a pro and jump up on the horse in one jump. He jumps on the horse but falls off the other side landing in the mud. Serena rolls her eyes and makes an attempt to try and contain her laughter but it was no use. *Krackle thinking to himself* “Great there goes my chance”. “Oh well maybe she thought the stunt was cute”.

*Serena's thoughts* “He is such a goof-ball but a good lookin' one at that” “The mud and the look on his face is priceless” “Hmm… but how did this guy manage to ride the horse like a pro before but now he can't even get on the right way?” She narrowed her eyes at this thought trying to figure it out but the only conclusion she came up with is that maybe his concern for her and the fact the she was in danger made him forgot that he didn't know how to ride. This still puzzled her but she decided to let it go for now. “Let's start heading back”, Serena cheerfully says. “Allrighty”, Krackle says. When he tried mounting the horse he fell off again. “Here ride with me, it will be easier this way”, says Serena. “Okay”, said Krackle with a blush and a small grin. He climbs up on the horse with Serena's help and grabs the reins of his horse and they slowly trot back to the farm.


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Mad_person200 on November 12, 2004, 12:50:11 PM

Mad_person200 on
Mad_person200wo thats totally kool! keep it up! we want more *grins*

starry on October 13, 2004, 7:28:09 AM

starry on
starryawesome sissy out of those 2 serena is my fav *glomp* and there a awesome couple u and thunderhead r great writers great job *hugs both o u* cant wait till next chapter^^