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Chapter 6 - She May Be a Jerk But She Doesn't Deserve That

I just thought about writing this fic about a few weeks ago.And I finally wrote it.
No one thought of the idea so I made everything up! It's kind of like my own anime! All the characters are mines.


Chapter 6 - She May Be a Jerk But She Doesn't Deserve That

Chapter 6 - She May Be a Jerk But She Doesn't Deserve That

Reiko's hands was ontop of her blanket, while she was wrapped into the blanket. She moved a little and then her alarm clock started making a blatant noise over and over again. The clock was shaking like crazy and Reiko's eyes grew widen from hearing this loud sound through her ears. [br]
Reiko knocked it down on accident, suddenly after a few minutes the clock stopped making the noise. Reiko briefly ran into the closet and grabbed her school uniform. She changed into the uniform and told her mother that she had to go.[br]
Rosemary got into the car and so did Reiko, they both put their seatbelts on. Rosemary started the car and was driving slowly and carefully to not run into anything. [br]
"I cannot wait for school today! Squee!" Reiko smiled from joy and looked at Rosemary,strecthing her arms out. [br]
"Oh really? Well school sounds very exciting for you. Are you going to hang out with Kazumi after school?" She glanced at her for a second and turned around,keeping her eyes on the road while talking to Reiko.[br]
"Hmm..maybe! I don't know. Because I feel like hanging out with her. She's been kind of busy with homework though." She shrugged, grinning. Like everyday she couldn't wait to see and talk to Sora. [br]
Halloween was coming soon and there were skeletons,ghosts,witches,jack-o laterns everywhere. Reiko didn't celebrate Halloween but most of her classmates did. In Reiko's option, it is really silly for her. She was expecting to see Kazumi in a Witch outfit running everywhere around her house. [br]
Rosemary stopped the car once she got to the school. (The school's name is Tokyo Galaxy Academy. I forgot to write the name of the school. )[br]
She walked into the school and everywhere seemed to be very talkative. They were so many different voices she heard. Reiko walked to her locker. [br]
She took out her books briefly, and looked at the small mirror she had on. She notice she had pink bubble gum into her hair,she started trying to take it out and she turned around.[br]
And she saw Olivia, Olivia smirked happily,looking at Reiko. She took the gum out of her mouth and stuck it on Reiko's hair. Before Reiko could notice it. [br]
" gosh! Are you okay Reiko?" Olivia bended over and spoke in a sarcastic manner. Her friend Katsu stood beside Olivia, giggling as well. Olivia had placed her hand ontop of her right hip.[br]
Reiko tried pulling it off, but thought they she should just do it later. She would have to put baby oil on it but of course she didn't bring that with her to school.[br]
"..I didn't do anything wrong to you.." Reiko pouted and looked down,feeling very dismal from this. Olivia and Katsu would love to cause trouble with Reiko. Reiko just took her books out of her locker and just walked away.[br]
Olivia and Katsu continued giggling about what Olivia just did. And everyone else started laughing at Reiko, accept for Kazumi and Sora.[br]
"Sorry about that! I took it out of my mouth and accidently stuck it on your hair!" Olivia spoke out while Reiko continued walking away. Reiko just sighed sadly because of this. She just really wanted avoid both of them. [br]
Reiko walked into the class, and sat down. Placing her books onto the table, all of the students did the same. [br]
But there were so many people talking about so much stuff. It was just like eariler. Hana hit her papers down ontop of her desk,looking at all of the students.[br]
"Everyone please settle down!" Ms.Sorano fixed her glasses after she stated that sentence,she said it loud but you could barely hear it from the crowd of people talking.[br]
"EVERYONE! PLEASE SETTLE DOWN!!" Ms. Sorano spoke out even louder than eariler to get their attention. She sounded very furious, after everyone heard that. Everyone settled down, and they stopped talking.[br]
"Now..did you finish your homework Reiko-chan?" She raised her eyebrow, and looked at the young girl,Reiko. Reiko walked up to her and handed the Teacher the homework she got done.[br]
She looked through all of the papers happily, since Reiko's work was professinal. She was one of the smartest girls at school. That made Reiko feel good about that. [br]
Ms. Sorano smiled and looked back at Reiko. [br]
"A+!" She said, and was still smiling. She never had any doubts about Reiko, she always knew that she would do a good job no matter what. Reiko was Ms. Sorano's favorite student out of all the classmates. Alot of people noticed that too.[br]
The classes seemed to get harder though, but Reiko could still get her work done no matter what. [br]
After school, Kazumi ran up to Reiko. [br]
"Hi Reiko-chan!" Kazumi jumped into Reiko's face, Reiko's eyes were widen and screamed. And was scared from Kazumi's actions.[br]
"I am sorry did I scare you?" She looked at Reiko,frowning. Poking her on the shoulder.[br]
"Yeah you did!" Reiko giggled, she was okay now. She just got scared by something like that when it comes out of nowhere.[br]
"Yeah, I know I'm silly like that sometimes, oh! Olivia was saying something like you and Sora went on a date is that true?" Kazumi was happy for Reiko and kind of upset at the same time because Reiko didn't tell her about it.[br]
"Oh..yeah we did! But..Olivia and Katsu was with all the whole time, we had a picnic, I am not sure if Sora wanted Olivia to come or Olivia just got there before me because when I arrived at the Park she was already there. And she was flirting with him.." Reiko frowned slightly,while looking down at her books that she was holding. [br]
"And then her friend came along..but after they left. Sora walked me home..and well we hugged! That was the best part." Reiko blushed heavily, the red pecks were on her cheeks while she was speaking to her friend,Kazumi. She repeated the moment over and over again in her head and she couldn't stop thinking about it.[br]
"Aww that's so sweet! But..we have to get Olivia back for what she did. We have to go visit her house,make trouble,ruin her clothes,embrass her! Or something we can't just let her get away with all of this crap, hey! What's that gum on your hair?" Kazumi really wanted to get revenge on Olivia, but while she was speaking she saw some gum on Reiko's hair.[br]
"Oh..yeah. That might be a good idea,well..but. Oh! Yeah Olivia did that one too." A small sweatdrop appeared ontop of Reiko's forehead,and was kind of annoyed and embrassed.[br]
"You better fix that one you get home!" Kazumi really started disliking Olivia even more, well Kazumi grabbed Reiko's arm.[br]
"We're going to do something bad to Olivia right now! She deserves it! And I don't care if you disagree with me." Kazumi was really furious about the troublesome with Olivia so she wanted to settle this and finally do something to get her back.[br]
"But..umm..I am not sure about this!" Reiko closed her eyes, and her arm was started to get hurt from Kazumi's grip. [br]
Kazumi ignored Reiko's comment, and she just wanted Olivia to stop harassing others, and most of all Reiko. They looked around the hall and she wasn't there.[br]
They went into the bathroom and they saw Olivia in the bathroom, she was looking in the mirror. And her friend Katsu was there as well. Olivia was Applying her lipstick on, Olivia was making sure there wasn't a thing wrong with her face.[br]
Kazumi walked up beside Olivia and Katsu, and they were both addressing lipstick onto her lips. Reiko just walked in one of the bathrooms so nobody saw her, really Kazumi didn't even know she was in there. Kazumi just wanted Reiko to be with her in the same place so she atleast knows what's going on.[br]
"Oh my gosh it's time for me to go home! Bye Olivia, I guess we can hang out later on today. Mom wants me home a little early today! I think she wants me to help her cook or something!Bye!" Katsu ran out of the door, trying to make a excuse. She didn't like Kazumi and she was afraid that she might hurt her from the things she did. She made some trouble yesterday.[br]
"Okay talk to you later!" Olivia smiled at her, and then after she was done putting on her lipstick,she left as well. She didn't trust Kazumi she knew she would do something to bother her, since they both didn't like each and other.[br]
Kazumi told Reiko to get out of the bathroom. And they both followed Olivia,Kazumi handed her a marker and Kazumi told Reiko to write something on her. For everyone to see.[br]
Kazumi reached into her backpack and took out her small jars of paint. She was going to use them at school, to paint something for Ms. Sorano. She had seven different kinds of paint. And she had two dark blue ones.[br]
Kazumi and Reiko both ran up behind Olivia. Kazumi opened up the cap for the paint and poured it down onto her hair, and the dark blue paint was pouring down Olivia's face.[br]
Reiko wrote something down on the back of her neck. It said. "AIN'T I PRETTY WITH THIS DARK BLUE PAINT ON MY FACE?!" After they did that they both ran quickly. And Olivia felt the dark blue paint that was falling down on her face and started screaming.[br]
People were walking down the hall and started laughing at Olivia. This was Olivia's most embrassing moment of her life. She was screaming nonstop and ran out of the school,crying. She had a feeling that Reiko and Kazumi had something to do with it because they weren't there at all. And they both don't like her. She knew that, and she was going to do something that would upset the two of them.[br]
"Umm..what did we just do?" Reiko felt bad about what she did, even though Olivia is a jerk, Reiko felt like she shouldn't have been there with Kazumi. It wasn't like Reiko, she felt like she was being a jerk.[br]
Kazumi didn't regret it, she wanted to do something that would make her embrassed. She felt like if Olivia did something else wrong to them, Kazumi would be angry.[br]
"You know what...I can't believe you did something like that! That's wrong.. I knew we should'nt have done that...She may be a jerk but she doesn't deserve that!" Reiko ran out of the school, Reiko is kind hearted. And she saw that Olivia was gone already. She wanted to apolgize. Reiko felt like crying, since Reiko is not like that. Even if she just wrote something on her neck, she should've forced Kazumi to not do that. [br]
Kazumi was frowning that Reiko was so angry about it, and she felt kind of regretful that she did that.[br]


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kath on October 18, 2008, 6:16:08 AM

kath on
kathwoot! finnaly some justice! although i have to agree with Reiko, that was a little over the top. lol! nice chapter.

nextguardian on October 12, 2008, 3:59:54 PM

nextguardian on
nextguardianOlivia is one irritating character. Seriously evil creature! Nice work again Ten-chan!