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Chapter 1 - Giant Elephants of Doom

A monologue I made for Theatre Arts, I read it infront of the class and they were rolling, so why not share it with the world!

Chapter 1 - Giant Elephants of Doom

Chapter 1 - Giant Elephants of Doom
I once had a mushroom, his name was Fred. Anyway, Okay, I was at the movies right? And oh my god, people are so rude! These people infront of me just wouldn't shut up! First this dude was like, "Will you marry me?" -insert dorky voice- to this one chick, and she was like, "No." So this whole big arguement started, Gawd people are annoying! Then this giant elephant crashed into the theatre. I wished it would smoosh them, and it did! That was pretty cool, but then it tried to smoosh me, now that wasn't cool. So I called the Rescue Heroes and the elephant ate them. I knew this was no ordinary elephant, it had to have been an alien elephant of doom! Then it tried to smoosh me again so I jumped into my hot rod and took off with the elephant close behind me. Then this giant radioactive otter came out of the ocean, I musta been the 'giant monster magnet' that day. So the giant otter started fighting the evil elephant, it was pretty funny until I hit a tree, and conveniently catapulted into the air. I bounced off a blimp and started falling until I was rescued by Captain Planet. He was off to put out a forest fire, but I was like "Screw that, let's go get candy." and we did! Then the elephant ate him, he must have been a evil hungry alien elephant of doom. then the radioactive otter threw him back into space. The day was saved! Then I went vandalizing with bricks, cant go vandalizing without bricks, you know, the big red ones? They rawk. Now I'm just taking up space. I like the color yellow, it reminds me of taxi cabs. But I don't like yellow mushrooms, they suck. Now the days really saved because I've run out of paper!

The monologue had to be 2 pages long, that explains the 'taking of space' and 'ran out of paper'


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sasha_tekiyo on June 26, 2006, 6:28:43 AM

sasha_tekiyo on
sasha_tekiyoLol that was sooo funny!! I liked the part with the red bricks... You can't go wrong with bricks! :D

Lolanthe on March 3, 2006, 4:47:34 AM

Lolanthe on
LolantheOMG! roflmfao!!!!

Cloudywolf on January 18, 2006, 12:01:36 PM

Cloudywolf on


Kupo on November 6, 2005, 11:56:41 AM

Kupo on
Kupothats hilarious justlike everything you do! so random! you should draw a picture to go w/ it

Ruby_the_hedgehog on July 16, 2005, 1:26:45 AM

Ruby_the_hedgehog on
Ruby_the_hedgehogOMFG!!! ROFL! (no i really was x3) thats FUNNY! lol!!!!!!!!
*cant stop alughing* sweeeeeeeet

hipeople on July 8, 2005, 7:40:42 AM

hipeople on
hipeopleLOL!!Can't...write...laughing to...hard....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*choke*

soniks_girl on March 28, 2005, 5:11:43 AM

soniks_girl on
soniks_girl::laughing so hard im rolling:: THAT WAS FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!!! ::cant breathe:: XvX ::dies laughing:: +faves!