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Chapter 1 - Love and War

Just a short story about an Earth Bending City and the war with the Fire Nation. It's about a year before Sokka and Katara find Aang.

Chapter 1 - Love and War

Chapter 1 - Love and War
Day after day she waited to see his face again. Olivia still couldnt believe that her one true love left for the war against the Fire Nation. Being an earth bender, everyday she would practice with the techniques that Bryan had taught her. All alone in the world she would leave the city to practice where she and Bryan had first met, ten years ago. Then one day, just before she left to practice her bending, Olivia heard from her friend that several people from their city had been killed. Olivia went to see who was on the list of soldiers. Her heart throbbing inside her chest she ran her finger down the list. At the bottom was Bryans name. Her heart felt like it had been stabbed with a burning hot dagger. She was too devastated to even cry.
Days after, there was a memorial held for the fallen citizens of the city. After Olivia left, she looked at all the new recruits that were getting ready to move out. Suddenly, she couldnt stand to let them fight for Bryan and the others. She felt that she needed to be out there fighting the Fire Nation for all the fallen men including her lost love.

Two years later, Olivia and her fellow soldiers were called out to fight. They all suited up and began to slowly march through the city towards the ship that awaited them. As they marched away, tears rolled down Olivias cheeks. Once on the ship, Olivia held her photo of Bryan close as she remembered why she was on the Earth Bender ship awaiting to face the Fire Nation soldiers. As the ship grew closer to Fire Nation territory, Olivia felt fear grow close as well.

The Fire Benders attacked first, leaving several Earth and Water Benders to fall to the ground, burning. Olivia kicked the ground and a huge boulder came up in front of her. She punched the rock and it flew with great speed towards the Fire Nation Army. Fire Benders were flattened beneath it. Other Earth Benders copied this and left more of the Fire Nation soldiers underneath heavy boulders, no longer able to fight. For hours Olivia and her team fought the Fire Benders with all that they had. She no longer felt the screams of those around her as fire engulfed them. All she heard was Bryans soft, sweet words to her before he left her life on Earth forever.
Suddenly, fire came out of nowhere and flew across Olivias arm. She screamed and looked down at her burning arm. This was a mistake. A Fire Bender noticed this and saw his chance. Olivia was suddenly hit with a horrible burning sensation and fell to the ground. No longer able to scream, Olivia could only think of how she couldnt wait to see her dear Bryan again.


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dragon45 on November 17, 2006, 3:14:11 PM

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dragon45that really good!!!