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This is really similar to the real series. The only difference is that it's got my own charaters and Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph... well every one accept Mai. Oh, and the episodes are different.
This is just a little cute SokkaXToph oneshot about how Toph feels the need to be pretty for Sokka, but Sokka loves her just how she is. A bit fluffy.
No one believes Gero when he tells people he saw something potentially life threatening, so he takes it upon himself to find out the truth. But as his findings unravel deeper secrets, he wonders if anything he knows will ever be the same.
What happens when a girl whit a strange power escapes from the lake laogai prison with Jet and his friends? She has a strange fire nation band around her arm, and grows a fish tale when she touches water. Will Jet and his friends ever trust her?
ok I know sucky title but this is an avatar fan fic ok
After the seige of Ba Seng Se, Zuko is faced with many tormenting feelings, including a not-so-clear conscience. As he sets out of the large capitol for a break away from the chaos, he finds more than just a bit of fresh air.
The upper aristocracy of the Fire Nation isn't something you live with, it’s something you survive. It soon becomes necessary to learn what you can with out letting any one know what you know, and occasionally, tiptoe around those who wish to rule.
Ti- a 17 year old fire bender girl saves a 7 year old waterbender (Ami)... (full summary 1st chapter)
After days of traveling in the desert, Iroh and Zuko wander into an earth kingdom village. It is then Zuko starts having the same dream about a girl, and he must find out what his dreams are trying to tell him.
She watched the reflections ripple gently across the water. Her tears fell for a darkend soul filld with hate and sadness.
Okay. One day I was bored so I made up an Avatar OC. Her name is Amber (oooh.... creative) and she's a firebending EarthNation rebel. Read. It's interesting.
yay this is an old story so sue me at will
Just a short story about an Earth Bending City and the war with the Fire Nation. It's about a year before Sokka and Katara find Aang.
zuko for some reason can't get any sleep in the palace and his family is going to keep that alive
An earthbender girl they meet is pretty interesting; but will she help them or destroy them?
For anybody whos seen the last 3 episodes of Avatar, there might be the Dai Lee, but what if there is people who know more than whats on the outside.
the charecters and there theme songs
evryone who waches or reads avatar last air bender can see that there is a air bender a water bender a non bender and a earth bender. but what if a fire bender joined there little group of friends? would Aang, katara, saka, and togh change the way they
Fire Nation........
"How can A fire bender live among the Earth Nation?' they say, but Nikalia Azure Garngia think she can. Thinking that she is just abnormal until she finds out she is one of the fire Nation -explaining
What happens when the Code: Lyoko team gets trapped in the Avatar world?
ZukoxSokka. Zuko longing for Sokka. Based off a Zutara image.
Her a mermaid, him a human. both from two different worlds but their paths will soon merge into one. Zutara
Please review.
A teenaged girl finds a boy who had saved her as a child. She thinks he's cute, then finds out that his father was one of the firebenders that killed her mom and ruined her home. Does her opinion change?
This is an Avatar Fanfic that I originally wrote for but then they like stopped posting so oh well. Enjoy it! Ps: i wrote it before episode 10 came out
Fire is deadly, Rain knows this from experience. Follow her as she becomes a Rebel Of The Fire