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Chapter 1 - Plans

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 1 - Plans

Chapter 1 - Plans
It's the evening and it's raining again. In Breezegale, it always rains alot this month, which is July. Yet  I was born when it was raining and thundering in May of 2021. The sixth to be exact.

But another person in my family will be born soon. But my parents never told me if it was a boy or a girl. I don't know if it will like me. Will the baby pull on my ears or be really loud? Or will it be quiet and just hug my ears? Dad already told me that he (he thinks I'm getting a brother) wouldn't watch those crappy kids films Sakura was forced to sit through when her sister, Candi, was born. He'd get to watch Studio Ghibli and Pixar films, so I'll probably hear one of those amazing films sometimes when I get home from school. And Mom said she (she thinks I'm getting a sister) probably will look up to me and ask for advice, even for math, which I suck at.


Thunder booms again, causing me to start screaming. Dad comes in and hugs me.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" he asks, trying to stay as calm as possible.

I stayed silent and listen to his heartbeat. Do-ki. Do-ki. Do-ki. Do-ki It beats with a steady rhythm, like it has since I was a baby and he tried to calm me down if I got scared or upset. He probably knows I'm afraid of the thunder.

"Your mom's downstairs. Do you want to come see her?"

"I guess so..." I whimpered. I can't hug Mom alot anymore because of the baby inside of her, but I'm still fine 'cuz Dad can still hug me and I'll be calm.

Lately, I've always seen Mom slowly rubbing her bulging stomach, whispering prayers to the Goddess Claire, and saying she hopes my sibling will be alright.

"Klonoa, could you bring her over here? We need to explain what we'll be doing once we have to go to the hospital," I heard Mom ask my Dad.

"Sure thing, Lolo!"


Now Mom and I are looking at each other. Her orange hair stays still near her light-peach-colored skin and pink dress. My lemon-yellow hair is in two ponytails, so they only touch the air around me. But my bangs tickle the fur on my forehead.

"Sunny-chan, you know in a few days I'll be having your sibling, right?" Mom asks me.

"Riiiight," I reply as I reach for a tiny, little bracelet which used to fit my hand when I was a little, chibi-sized baby.

"We'll be going to the hospital--"

I jumped, panicking a little. "You don't trust Mamoru-sama anymore?!! But he helped me get born!"

"No, Sweetie. We still trust your grandfather. It's just that... Everyone gets old at a certain time, and he's reaching that time. He's getting old, like... Like... A goat," Dad explains.

Now whenever I imagine a random old man (except for Mamoru-sama), I think the random old man bleats just like a goat. Thanks, Dad.

But I am lucky to be delivered by one of my favorite family members! Now THAT is something!

"Anyway, Kazu and Ko will probably be staying with you while your father and I are at the hospital," Mom concludes.

"Is the rest of our family going to be there?" I ask with a curious look on my face.

"Dad and Kisho, definitely, but I don't know about everyone else yet," my Dad answers.

"I thought you said Mamoru-sama can't go 'cuz he's like a goat. I don't think he's a goat."

My parents just start laughing, thinking it was a joke.

"I'm SERIOUS!" I shouted, causing the snickering to stop.

"I know, Sunny. But he usually comes to give support."

I stay silent and nod. So he can't actually help, but he can give support. Reasonable. But still...

"Why can't I come?" I finally ask.

Both of my parents flinch and become silent again.

"We... Don't want you to go through what Guntz went through when you were a baby," Dad simply answers.

"Why? What did Guntz--"

"Let's just say he saw something beautiful but painful at the same time for the  first time. It creeped him out, leaving him traumatized until Gin was born."

It was my turn to flinch and cower.

"Guntz-san didn't... Like me when I was a baby?" I quietly asked.

"He liked you, he still does. He just was nervous around you due to what happened," Mom replied. "Also, it will be REALLY loud when your brother or sister is born, so I don't want you crying as well."

"Oh." I turned to the other side and fell asleep. But I was really trying to make sure I could hear the next conversation they'd have.

"But what if, Klonoa...?" Mom whimpered.

"The chances are incredibly slim, Lo. We just need to think positive," Dad replied calmly as he was softly rubbing my back.

"It's my fault," she mumbled softly. "It's because of me."

My long ears slightly perked up with worry.

"Lolo, don't think like that!"

"It's my fault Sunny has autism! It was my job to bring her safely into the world, but I messed up since it took a long time for me to give birth to her. Because of that, she doesn't have as much oxygen and her head and she's socially impaired!"

"She's alright, Lolo, and the baby's going to be alright too."

"I'm scared that this baby will somehow have something similar to Sunny's as well!" She was now crying.

Dad gently put me down on the couch and started to hug Mom and help calm her down. I think they kissed too, but I wasn't sure.

I wanted to tell Mom that it wasn't her fault. It's because the Goddess Claire wanted True Descendant to be different. She wants to prove that everyone's different.

Dad then turned to me. "Sunny... You tired?"

I nodded, trying to get up. But then I fell asleep again.

"She must be really worn out from all the shopping that went on today," I heard Mom say. "She was playing that new anime RPG she got for her 3DS today too."


I could feel Dad getting ahold of my hands, and I opened my eyes a little. "I can go upstairs by myself, Daddy," I said, unaware of why I even called him that.

"You were trying to get to sleep, Sweetie..."

I yawned again, causing Dad to pick me up and hold me incredibly close. Even though I'm twelve, I actually only weigh about fifty pounds due to the wings hidden in my body that come out every now and then. So I actually weigh pretty light still for Dad. Mom can't carry me because she's pregnant, but I don't mind.

I finally fell asleep after thinking about fluffy, white clouds.


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Anime_Ellie on August 24, 2012, 2:19:15 PM

Anime_Ellie on
Anime_EllieAw, it's so cute! And descirpitive. That's new, I think. (sorry if it's not)

CreamandPoppufan166 on August 25, 2012, 2:31:04 PM

CreamandPoppufan166 on
CreamandPoppufan166It's KINDA descripted... That's my opinion though XD