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Chapter 2 - My Grandparents are Good... But One of Them is Bad

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 2 - My Grandparents are Good... But One of Them is Bad

Chapter 2 - My Grandparents are Good... But One of Them is Bad
"Sunny, dear, how do you feel?" my Grandfather from my mom's side, Kiyoshi, asks me.

"About what?" I reply.

"Getting a baby brother or sister."

"It's so-so," I conclude, waving my hand a little. "Why are you and Grandma here?"

"We're staying for a few days. Didn't your mom tell you?"

"WHAT?!" I shouted that so loud that my voice cracked

My Grandmother from my mom's side always tries to make me "behave better". This means she even tries to force me to wear PINK instead of PURPLE AND BLUE. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I like pink! Did she ever think of THAT?

I instantly bolted downstairs and looked at my Grandmother without making eye contact. My speech teacher says eye contact means you're listening to the person, but I tend to ignore Leiko. By the way, Leiko is my Grandmother's name.

"Sunnita Faith, why did--"

"You're NOT forcing me to wear pink again!" I shouted. "And my name is SUNNY!"

"It was just an adorable outfit for Valentine's Day," Grandma insisted. "Plus if you have a baby sister, that outfit would be perfect for when you meet her!"

Please, Goddess Claire, PLEASE give me a brother! I thought, trying not to get stressed out.

"I don't wanna stay with Grandma," I finally admit, "she's mean."

"Yet you want to stay with Grandpa?" my dad asks me.

"Yes. He's nice."

I could tell Grandma was getting rather pissed, because she then said, "Oh, she is TOTALLY like her grandfather!" with an angry tone.

"My dad?" Dad asks, pointing to himself.

"Exactly! He just had to come along and make my life miserable! I tried to ask my mom to put me in a different school, but--"

"Stop it, stop it, STOP IT!! I HATE you, Grandma!!" I finally shouted. I do not care if my vocal chords are slightly ruined, but I actually admitted the truth. I began crying and running upstairs.

"It's because of Mamoru Watanabe, that autistic, childish man... This is all HIS fault!" I heard Grandma shout again.


"Sunny? May I come in?" I hear someone ask me.

"Fine," I respond as I write down "GO AWAY GRANDMA (from mom's side)" on a piece of paper with a pink colored pencil.

The door opened, and my grandpa from my Dad's side was there. You know what? I'll just refer to him as...

"MAMORU-SAMA!" I shout with joy as I get up and hug him. 


"Found out that your sibling's coming either tomorrow or the day after that, so I decided to drop by--" he then looked over at the sign I made. "Did Leiko cause you trouble again?"

"Yes. She thinks I'm getting a sister so she's trying to force me to wear pink. But I only wear it in October."

"Ah, I see... She somehow wants you to act alot like Lolo."


"Look, I'll actually admit Leiko and I had a rivalry since high school. Sort of like you and that Hoshiko girl currently have a rivalry. But we had a rivalry--"

"Because of Sachi-sama or something?"

Mamoru-sama looks at me and then around him to make sure Grandma-from-Mom's-side isn't here. "You're partially correct, Chibi-chan," he answers as he rubs my head.

I spit out the water I was drinking, and it gets all over my bed and on a small part of Mamoru-sama's clothing, but he somehow ignores the fact that his clothes are wet.

"But it's all overwith now. We just try to stay away from each other."

"Ohh. But tell her to stop trying to hurt Dad's feelings!"

"I will. By the way..."

I stay silent for a second.

"You want a sister or brother?"

"Brother, so I don't have to wear pink alot."

Mamoru-sama suddenly starts laughing, causing me to cover my ears and groan.

"Sorry, Sunny-chan... But still!" he stops laughing. "But seriously, why do you not like it as much?"

"Too bright. Reminds me of that medicine Mom gave me when I was chibi-sized."

"Oh, yeah... The kind that tasted funny?"


Mamoru-sama looks at me, so it seems like he understand, but then he holds me incredibly close.

"I know how you feel, Chibi."

"Same here, Mamoru-sama."


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