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Chapter 3 - Waiting and Crying

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 3 - Waiting and Crying

Chapter 3 - Waiting and Crying
I'm at Rei and Ozi's house, and we're waiting to get cheeseburgers and cheese fries. Rei-san's talking on the phone, and I'm trying to stay quiet.

"No, stop saying that!" she shouts to the person she's talking to.

Moment of silence.

"Fffffine, I'll bring her over... Adios!" she ends the call. "It's your mom, she wants me to bring you home."

"I thought we were getting cheeseburgers and cheese fries!!" Ozi complained, his floppy ears move around like crazy.

"Yeah!" I cried.

"Want to get some on the way?" Rei asks, going over to the door.

I follow her. "Can we?"

"Why not? I'm getting hungry anyways! Let's get going!"


Rei-san explained that I might be going through hormones and crap once I become a freshman, which isn't until two years.

And we're FINALLY getting our cheeseburgers and cheese fries! Ozi only got cheese fries though because he's a cute Ring Spirit that looks like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but as he eats the cheese fries, he flies around them like a whirlwind, which is amazing!

My ears perk up since I hear something.

"...What was that?" Ozi asks as he sits on the empty bag which contained his cheese fries.

I stay silent.

"What do you hear, beba?" Rei questions.

"Make the vibrating stooooop," I moan, clutching my long, yellow-and-gold ears and faceplanting on the table.

"What vibrating?"

"It's from a phooone!"

"It's not mine, is it yours?"

"I left mine at home."

Rei-san gets up and looks around, ignoring the crazy looks a few people are giving her. "Who's phone is that?!" she asks angrily.

I then look in my bag (it's a purse, but I call it a bag) and notice I DID bring my phone and that I missed a call from Dad. "...I did bring it. But I missed a call."

"Oh my gosh- FAIL!" Ozi teases me, causing Rei to slap him up-side the head.

"Call him back, beba," she tells me.

I nod, run outside, get out my phone and call Dad.

"...SUNNY!!" I heard him shout.

"What do you want?" I ask him.

"We need you to come home right now!"

"Why do I--"

I hear mom screaming in pain on the other end. I knew what it meant.

"Just get home when you can! We'll probably be gone, but Ko and Kazu are here to keep you company!" Dad informs me.

"Okay, bye!!"

I hang up the phone as Rei and Ozi come outside.

"So, what did he have to say?" she asks me.

"He said that he and mom'll be gone..."

"Oooh, let me guess, the baby's coming?"

I slowly nod. Why is this happening to me?

"We need to hurry then!!" Rei shouts. She quickly finishes her cheeseburger, picked me up, and runs to my house as quickly as she could.

Ozi was flailing around due to hanging onto one of Rei-san's floppy ears, which I found kinda funny.

"Are things gonna change?" I ask Rei.

"Only a little, you're just getting a sibling. It means more work to care for them and make sure they grow up big and strong," Rei answers.

"But I start school in a few weeks."

"It doesn't matter! You just need to make sure you give loving support for your new sibling. And I'm sure he/she will like you! I'm sure of it!"

"What if they don't like me?"

"Then don't mind them!"

"What if they love him more than me?"

Rei stops at my house. "...Him?"

"I want a brother, so I'm referring to him as him for now."

"Alright then!"


"Wait, how can you make cupcakes when you're PREGNANT?" I ask Ko -onee.

"I don't know," she responds. "I guess she just wanted to make some and--" she punches the air "--WHAM! Baby wants to come to this world!"

"...That makes sense."

Ko, Kazu, and I are at my house on account my parents are at the hospital to have my sibling.

"Should we even eat these?" Kazu asks.

"I already ate mine," I admit as Ko puts her half-eaten cupcake on a tray.

"Screw this, I'm finishing my cupcake!" he shouts as he gobbles down on the cupcake with blue frosting. "Lolo making a dessert and not burning is like... A miracle!"


"What in-- It's been twenty minutes already?!" Ko asks herself as Kazu gets on the couch and stretches.

I suddenly have an urge to find my music box, so I run up to my room, Ko following me.

"Where's the music box?" I ask.

"Which one do you mean?" Ko replies.

"The one I got when I was born!"

"Oh, I'll help look!"

After an hour and a half of searching, we never found it.

"I hope Grandma didn't take it," I mumble.

"Grandma? You mean Lolo's mom?" Ko asks me.

"Yeah. I hate her."


"'Cuz she thinks she can make me similar to Mom. She even teases me sometimes."

"Aye, she's the same with Dad! Telling him stuff like Oh, why couldn't you get a daughter? (A/N: that was before Kazu and Ko were born) or Stop acting like such a child!" she pauses for a moment. "I think they've been rivals since they were our age... I wonder if all our parents were actually friends when they were kids!"

"But Mamoru-sama told me he met Sachi in college."

"He told me he's known Sachi longer than anyone, even Butz or Pango!"


"I know, right?!"

The phone rings downstairs, and Kazu answers it.

"Hello? ... Oh, hi, Nii-san!"

I rush downstairs. "Is it Dad?!"

Kazu covers the phone, the end where you speak from. "He says everyone's freaking out a bit, it's taking ALOT longer for the baby to come out."

"Are you serious?!!"

"I know, right?" he goes back to the conversation with my Dad. "Uh-huh... Yeah she's still here," he turns to me. "He's making sure you're here, even though Rei-san told him she dropped you off."


Then, from the phone, we heard a baby's cry. I get REALLY nervous. From this moment on, I'm an older sister. I'm a freaking older sister, and I heard it's a great feeling. I just feel extremely nervous.

"Is that them?" Kazu asks.

I start crying VERY loudly.

I also heard Dad shouting "Sunny! Sunny, it's okay!"

I then run upstairs and SLAM the door to my room.


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