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Chapter 5 - Strange Nightmare and a Normal Morning

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 5 - Strange Nightmare and a Normal Morning

Chapter 5 - Strange Nightmare and a Normal Morning
Kazu, Ko, and I are eating candy (Kazu and I had Twix while Ko had Skittles), but we kinda ate quickly so we could go back to see everyone again.

And we were arguing if pasta was called macaroni... Again.

"Hi, Nii-san!" Kazu greets as he sees my Dad.

"Dad!" I shouted as I hugged him.

He then rubbed my head, causing me to get away from him.


Half an hour later, I'm in my room again. I woke up from a nightmare. But I remember what happened. It just takes a while to explain. (A/N: If you want me to PM Sunny's nightmare to you, I will, but be warned that there's a crapload of violence in it!) I look over and notice Ko and Kazu asleep in sleeping bags next to my bed. The door opens lightly and I perk up and look over to see who it is. It's Dad.

"Where's Mom and Aki--"

"In our room, sleeping," Dad responds.

Tears flow down from my cheeks.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" he asks as he walks over and sits on the edge of the bed.

I hug my Dad. "Thank Claire you're alright!"

"What are you talking about, Sunny? Were you scared about staying alone with the twins?"

I shake my head no.

"Okay, did you eat Lolo's cupcakes last night?"

"I only ate the one with purple frosting. Kazu had the one with blue," I respond.

Dad facepalms and sighs. "Oh my Goddess... You weren't supposed to eat them! They were for our parents!"

"I-I'm sorry!"

"It's alright, Sweetie. We found you and the twins kinda 'gone from the world', but we figured the three of you were tired."

"So Dark Klonoa hurting you was just a bad nightmare I had?"

I hear Akihiro crying, meaning he's awake.

"Dark Klonoa is gone, Sunny. He's been gone," Dad confirms as he gets up and walks out of the room.

I decide to get out of bed, put on my purple slippers, and quietly follow Dad to see my new brother. Maybe being an older sister isn't as bad as I thought. Even if his crying gets really loud for me, I'd just have to help make him happy.

"Hey, buddy, good morning," I heard Dad say to Akihiro.

I stop right near Dad and Mom's room.

"Sunny, say good morning to Aki," Dad tells me as he kneels down to show me my brother.

He has short, black hair like Dad's and bright, light-blue eyes that are a little brighter than Mom's. He's wrapped in a green blanket with small teddy bears on it, the same one that I think was used when Kazu-onii was born, but I'm not sure.

"Ohayou gozaimasu!" I greet.

"You like your little brother?"

"Yeah. He has your hair and Mom's eye color."

"And it amazes me that you look like me and have your mother's hairstyle, yet you don't have Lolo's or my kind of fur and hair..."

"I inherited that from Grandma. But my fur's brighter than her hair."

"Oh yeah. I remember now."

I observe what Akihiro is doing-- he's only trying to kick with one of his legs and he's looking around. It makes me wonder what goes on in his tiny, little brain.

"You want some chocolate-chip waffles for breakfast?" Dad asks me.

"Sure!" I respond.

They tasted really good, even if they took a while for Dad to make.


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