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Chapter 6 - School Starts?!

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 6 - School Starts?!

Chapter 6 - School Starts?!
A/N: Find the Ojamajo Doremi reference and you get a request! :3

School starts again today. My parents made me get school supplies and stuff 'cuz I'm going to Seventh Grade at the new Middle School that was built here in Breezegale.

As I leave for the door, I then turn to Dad, who flashes a smile with what I think is a small sparkle!

"Dad! Your teeth!" I exclaim.

"I got something in them?" he asks me.

"No, they're just shiny," I compliment as I hug him.

"Thanks, Sweetie, I appreciate it."
I then open the door, turn to Dad, say "See you later!", and close the door.


First hour is Art for me (along with some other kids) since I don't have Band or Choir. Kinjo-sensei, the Art teacher, is REALLY nice. I met her at the Open House last week and she told me she has a son who's a year older than me who has Asperger's, so she knows how to deal with me (I'm autistic) and how to make sure I'm alright.

"Today, we will be introducing ourselves and having a pretest," Kinjo-sensei tells us.

About half of the kids groan, but I do my best to look excited. I love Art with a passion and I always will.

We each get a packet with alot of questions on it. Easy-peasy, Sunny-chan. You know alot about this subject, I thought.

When I get to question 50, the final question, I get a little stumped and look carefully at the question and answer. Is it B or C? After about five minutes, I choose B. I was the third student to finish the pretest, so Kinjo-sensei gave me a Milky Way (I usually hate pretests, so I pretty got rewarded for not panicking. Either that or the first five students get a candy.) that I'm going to save for lunch, along with a piece of paper.

I know what to draw to introduce myself. I grab a blue marker and draw a giant puzzle piece and fill it in with good adjectives written in purple colored pencil.

Just focus on the good things, Mamoru-sama would always tell me. Focus on those and nobody will try to make fun of you.

But half of the kids in my class know me and they make fun of me. Except for Sakura-san, because we've been best friends since Preschool, maybe before then too.

But half of the kids in my Art class who came from the other elementary school don't know me. I look around and see who they are. There's a wolf boy with purple-and-silver fur that looks interesting. A cabbit boy with orange-and-red fur, who looks similar to Sakura-san, who looks rather calm due to her wearing cool colors. I then see a green-and-blue-furred cabbit girl with ears sorta similar to Mamoru-sama's, but she looks tomboyish. There's more people, but I don't know if they're interesting or not.

But then I turn and see a brown-and-gray cabbit boy in a wheelchair. If I recall correctly, he's in Special Education, but I haven't met him because he started going to my school when we were in 3rd grade. Is he good at drawing too? Can he talk, or does he use a special device to communicate? I'll probably know his name and stuff when we do introductions.


"We will now start introductions. Say your name, what school you came from, and the last animation you watched," Kinjo-sensei instructs us. She looks over at the boy in the wheelchair and asks him if he wants to go first.

Hello. My name is Hideaki Honda. I came from Harukaze[1] Elementary. The last anime I watched was Pokémon. This is what I drew. He holds up a piece of paper with a very detailed self-portait of himself with lots of words around it.

I hear kids whispering about how great his drawing his, how his communication device is cool, and other good stuff.

"Could you go next?" Kinjo-sensei asks me.

I slowly nod and get up. "My name is Sunny-chan. I came from Harukaze Elementary as well. The last anime I watched was Lucky Star. Uhm... I drew this..." I hold up my piece of paper, shivering a little.

"You get to watch Lucky Star?!" the tomboyish cabbit girl asks me.


"Lucky you. I have a young sis, so my mom won't let me."

"I have a baby brother, but I actually can watch anime on my PS2 if the volume's kinda down."


Some people are now whispering about the fact that I watch Lucky Star.


Second hour is Japanese class. The teacher looks nice, but strict, which is okay for me as long as he doesn't yell. 

"My name is Mizushima-sensei," he introduces himself as he writes his name in Kanji on the whiteboard. Does he know we haven't learn Kanji yet? "We will start with introductions of everyone."

Some kids cheer, a couple kids groan, and I stay silent. More introductions. Yay.

"You will first write your name on the whiteboard in Katakana or Kanji, and then say a few things about yourself," Mizushima-sensei instructs us. "May we start with the girl in the first seat of the rightmost row?"

"Yes, sensei."

I look at the girl and notice who she is. Hoshiko Yukimura, my rival since Kindergarten?! No, seriously. She's a big snob and she picks on alot of people, and she's one of the main reasons why half of the people in this school already hate on me.

"My name is Hoshiko Yukimura. I'm a straight-A student and Japanese is my best subject. Onion rings are my favorite food and I often like going to French restaurants. Thank you."

Some of the kids clap as she returns to her seat.

Fifteen students later, I have to come up to the board. I write my name in Japanese (with a purple whiteboard marker to be exact) and turn to everyone. "My name is Sunny Watanabe. I love drawing, and that's why Art is my favorite and best subject..."

"Sunny, you have a favorite food?" Mizushima-sensei asks me.

"Oh, yeah, my favorite food's pasta!"

"ME TOO!" someone shouts. "PASTA IS WIN!"

Everyone except Hoshiko starts clapping. I cover my ears, even though I have the biggest smile on my face right now.

"Looks like we have a very interesting girl in this class!" Mizushima-sensei says, complementing me.

"Interesting?! How can she be interesting?! She has autism and she's weird!!" Hoshiko shouts.

"I'm not weird. You're weirder because you have OCD," I reply, smiling a little wider.

"Oooh, Watanabe-chan pwned you, Yukimura!" Takehiko announces.

"Oh, shut up!"

"Yukimura, you do NOT say that in this classroom. Understand?" Mizushima-sensei asks Hoshiko with an angry tone.

"Yes," she sighs.

I'm in this class on the first day and the teacher already doesn't like Hoshiko? This is the best Japanese class teacher ever!


Third hour was Science. Turns out our old preschool teacher decided to become a Science teacher, and it feels like she matured too! She even remembered me, Naoki, and Sakura-san. Seems like yesterday we were messing with fingerpaint and it got in my Onpu doll's hair (but Mom washed it out). Good times indeed.

Now it's lunch, and I'm eating the lunch Dad and I made-- three-cheese pasta, an apple, and a small cookie that I made myself. But Mom put in a bag of carrots by mistake. And I ate everything else already.

"I don't want carrots. I like sweet things..."

I then notice Hoshiko and a friend of hers were about to eat tiny, green mints. I then got an idea. I grab onto the leaf of my necklace, and two carrots disappear from the bag, and the two green mints appeared. I quickly popped them into my mouth, but they saw me.

"Sensei! Watanabe was bein' bad!" I heard Hoshiko cry to a nearby teacher.

"Were you doing anything bad, Watanabe?" the teacher asks me.

I shook my head no.

"She somehow used magic and stole their mints," a boy tells the teacher.

"SUNNITA FAITH!" Hoshiko and her friend shout.

"Buu!!" I shout as I cross my arms and look away.


Fourth hour was English, which I liked, Fifth hour was Pre-Algebra (this is for 7th AND 8th grade), which I don't like, and Sixth hour was History, which has the greatest History teacher EVER! But now I'm at home, drawing random things as I listen to a news report on TV about cancer and how doctors are trying to cure it. I turn the TV off because it's starting to get boring, plus the next report was going to be about something even more boring.

I then run upstairs to see if Akihiro's alright, and I see him looking around. He doesn't do much since he's still a newborn, but I pick him up and gently hug him. I put him back and then put his blue kitty plush next to him so he won't be lonely and bored, but he falls asleep with a content look on his face.

I leave the room so he can get some sleep.

[1]Harukaze- means "Spring Wind" in Japanese. I decided to use this name for Sunny and Hideaki's elementary school since Breezegale IS the Wind Village in Phantomile. This is not the Ojamajo Doremi scene reference, even though it is also Doremi's last name.


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