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Chapter 7 - Epic Day of Randomness!

Crappy title, but it has a somewhat epic story!

The strangest things just happen whenever you get a new sibling, especially if you're different from him/her. You know what I mean.

Klonoa fanfic, Sunny's POV
Disclaimers in Chapter 0

Chapter 7 - Epic Day of Randomness!

Chapter 7 - Epic Day of Randomness!
"First Art project is a collage?" I ask Kinjo-sensei.

"Yes, Watanabe," she responds.

"Can I draw the pictures or do I use photos?"

"You may use both!"


We're working on our first project-- a Collage book that everyone started in Kindergarten that ends in 8th grade. This is the first project EVERY YEAR, and it's cool. I remember the scribbles and dots I drew in Kindergarten, and those make me smile alot. Then I turn to the pages I did in 1st grade, and I slightly improved. 2nd and 3rd grade were improved a little bit, but I added photos those years. 4th grade was rather decent, 5th grade was pretty neat, and 6th grade had really great drawings. Now it's 7th grade, and my drawings are amazing as f^\*. I am not even kidding, because Sakura-san said I improved alot over the summer. I look through the photos I brought-- there's only one with me and Mamoru-sama in it, so I decide to save it for last. Then I see a sketch I drew of my Spiky-Eared Pichu plush, so I decide to put that in first. I cut it out, glue it, and stick it in the front left corner of the left page.

Sunny, is that Pichu?

I turn and see Hideaki, who looks really excited. Pichu is my favorite baby Pokémon.

"Oh, me too!" I chirp. "I like Spiky-Eared Pichu though, 'cuz she's a girl Pichu."

Can you draw me Pichu sometime?

"Okay. But I gotta find four more pictures for today."

What about that photo of you and that man?

I hate when people refer to Mamoru-sama as "that man".

"He's not just a man, he's my grandfather. And I'm saving the picture for last."

Oh, ok. He's still smiling though.


During PE on Fridays (it's during Seventh period, which I forgot to mention), I have Speech. I'm not sure if Hisakawa-sensei, the Speech teacher, has a telepathic mind or not, because she knows about Akihiro and when I get grounded from stuff.

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay. I just don't like getting pulled out of classes."

"Hey, we were originally going to pull you out during Art. We figured PE would be better for you to get pulled out of though."

"Better to get pulled out of that then Art."

The next fifteen minutes are just a long, long conversation about changes due to Akihiro. I know I'm used to his crying at night, he'd be getting more attention, and that I'll be lonely every once and a while. But I gotta deal with it.

Then I have to go to PE again, and I'm kinda upset because I missed the beginning of Capture the Flag, but luckily, I'm on the same team as Sakura-san, and we both stay incredibly close to each other.

Sakura-san has pink fur, crystal-blue eyes, and she always wears red-and-purple outfits, and she never wears skirts unless it's Picture Day. Red and purple are our favorite colors. She's often tomboyish and she knows about almost every kind of sword, especially the kinds from Legend of Zelda and Adventure Time. Oh, and she's the one who got me to like calamari when I stayed at her house one night!

"Sunny! Get the football and run like the wind!" Sakura shouts as she looks around.

I grab the football from the ground and start running. Kids from the other team don't hesitate-- they try to grab the blue flags from the belt I'm wearing (it's blue and red vs green and yellow today), but they all miss. Everyone says I'm fast, but I think it's because of my light weight, plus I'm shorter than alot of the kids in my class, including Sakura-san, who thinks I look sorta like a ten-year-old, which is actually rather small for a twelve-year-old. But my parents were a little short in height, but I'm actually two heads smaller than both my parents AND my grandparents as of now.

"Why's she so fast?!" a boy asks.

"You let her get it in for her team, stupid!" Hoshiko shouts to the boy.

But all my classmates were cheering for me because I'm helping them win the game. The tomboyish cabbit girl with ears similar to Mamoru-sama's even gives me a high-five.

"Sun, you're really fast," she compliments me as she plays with my twin ponytails. "Your hair's cute too."

"Thanks, Emiko," I reply to her.

"It's time to get out of uniforms and pack up, so Red and Blue Team wins since they have five of the footballs!" the boys' PE teacher tells us.

Everyone on my team starts cheering and screaming with joy. I helped them win something a game we all like to play, so I cheer with them and I don't cover my ears, because it's the good kind of loud noise.


On the bus, Sakura and I are playing Battle Mode from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver on our DS's.

"My Bayleef will defeat your Quilava!" I predict.

"Fire is Grass' weakness," Sakura reminds me.

"But Bayleef's level 19 now."

"Quilava's level 17! I gotta train!"

We both start laughing, but then the bus stops near our neighborhood, so we both turn off our DS handhelds and get off the bus.

Mom said I couldn't bring anyone over because I might have homework (but I don't), so we both said goodbye and I headed off to my house. My Mom and Dad told me Akihiro will be home, but that means someone else would be home too. And did I freak out of happiness.

"Mamoru-sama! I never knew you were here!" I shout with joy as I drop my backpack, run over to Mamoru-sama, and hug him.

"I somehow knew you'd get excited over seeing me. But we need to be quiet since Aki's asleep," Mamoru-sama explains as he rubs my head.

I only nod and get out my iPod Touch and put the earbuds in my ears. It's a video game theme from Wonder Momo that's playing, and it's the kind that doesn't hurt my head or my ears. I want to play Wonder Momo now, even though it's at the arcade near the place that comic book shop. Maybe I can go there with Sakura-san tomorrow if she doesn't have homework.

"I can tell you like the music very much. Sachi used to play that game in the arcade alot..."

I then flinch and turn to see Mamoru-sama. "She did? Did she like the game with the ghosts too[1]?" I ask him.

"I think so, but I'm not sure. I know we played Pac-Man alot too, and that's what inspired her to make that hat for Klonoa before he was born."

"The blue one with Pac-Man! I have it in my room!"

"Maybe you could show me later, Sunny."

Oh yeah, Akihiro's still asleep. So that means I gotta be quiet and watch videos or play a game or do homework if I have any. Or I could see if my favorite webcomic was updated today since it's Friday, but I choose not to so that I could play cards with Mamoru-sama.


"Uno?!" I shout, panicking a little.

"Yes, you have only one card," Mamoru-sama says as he puts down a Red 5.

I put down my Blue 5. "I won!"

Then we both hear Akihiro crying. 

"You want to come with me, Chibi?" he asks me.

I shake my head "no", so now I wait a little bit for him and Akihiro.


"What's for dinner, Mamoru-sama?"

"Tortellini. I can start making it once Akihiro's done with his milk."

"I don't mind waiting for a while."

"It's going to be awhile, so you can go upstairs and watch an anime."

"Yay! And I didn't have to earn any stars on the chart![2]

I ran upstairs to my room.

What do I watch? All of these animes are great! I mean, they're all Maho-Shoujo or comedy animes, and I love those. Oh, we have Studio Ghibli too! But I wanna watch the best one. What film is best? In order to decide, I write the names of every single anime DVD in the large container. I put all thirty pieces of paper in a shoebox and shake it for about five minutes.

When I decide to take the random piece of paper out, my eyes sparkled with excitement of what I saw. I'm going to watch Kiki's Delivery Service.



[1]- The game Sunny is referring to is Golly! Ghost!, an arcade game made by Namco in 1990.

[2]- Stars on a chart. Many autistic children (including myself, I have Asperger's) usually get rewarded for doing a certain task a certain number of times. This happened alot when I was little, and I decided since Sunny still struggles with this, that "Star Charts" would help motivate her to do homework and stuff. I remember these from when I went to school in Massachussetts before I was actually diagnosed with Asperger's (I was diagnosed at age 8, but I was misdiagnosed with something else before then).


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