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Chapter 1 - Snow White (Part 1)

Get ready for alot of fairy tales-- Epic Five style!

Characters belong to their original owners. :)

Chapter 1 - Snow White (Part 1)

Chapter 1 - Snow White (Part 1)
Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a king and queen who had a son, but the queen was expecting a second child soon. One day, when it was snowing, the queen was sewing near a window. She pricked her finger, and a drop of blood fell on the snow.

"If only I had a child who had snow-white skin and red lips. Maybe this next child will be the one," she whispered as she smiled.

And during early May, the queen had given birth to a baby girl with brown hair, pure, snow-white skin, and tiny, ruby-red lips. She had decided to call the child Snow White, yet she was usually referred to as Rachael. Shortly after, the queen sadly died due to an unknown reason...

A while later, though, the king remarried to a beautiful queen, but she was rather good at hiding her true personality-- she was often wicked and mean, especially to Snow White and her older brother, whose name was Andrew.

And the queen often asked her mirror- "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who in this land is fairest of them all?"

A very random face appeared on the mirror. "Why, you are the fairest of all, Queen Karley."

Karley smirked to herself and laughed the most evil laugh ever...


By the time Snow White had reached age seven, she was often allowed to play outside of the castle-- this meant she'd always help out animals that she saw, and she often answered people's questions as long as it dealed with hiw to get to a certain place in the castle. However, due to her autism, she didn't speak as much as her older brother, meaning she was rather quiet and peaceful, another good tribute she inherited from an ancient family member.

The queen once again asked her mirror the same question that I will not put again due to being lazy (fourth wall breakage count: one!).

The mirror said something different though-- "You are very fair. However, young Snow White is the fairest in the land."

"This is impossible!" the Queen shouted as she threw down a vase and broke it. "She MUST be stopped..."


That night, she had called a young huntswoman-in-training to the palace. The girl was about nine years old, and she had brown hair that reached to her waist (with black-and-yellow locks on the sides near her face), light-blue glasses, luminous brown eyes, and she often wore a purple-and-green uniform.

"Young Huntswoman-Trainee Rae Rodri! I have a request from you!" the queen boomed.

"Yes, ma'am?" Rae replied, trying to cover her ears. She too had a type of autism similar to Rachael's, only she could communicate more.

"I want you to... Kill Snow White."

"K-Kill her?!"

"Do you want food for you and your little brother or not?!"

"I do, ma'am, but why must I?"

The queen pulled out a dagger that sparkled, and then gave it to the nine-year-old. "You must prove that you have done your duty with this dagger. Then you'll get your reward."

Rae only nodded and left the room.

(If you know the story of Snow White, then you know where THIS is going.)


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RaeAshleyRodri on September 24, 2012, 1:42:13 PM

RaeAshleyRodri on
RaeAshleyRodriI know different versions of this story; the original, the Disney, the Hello Kitty (this one makes me laugh at times) and another version i have forgotten what it's called but still remember.

CreamandPoppufan166 on September 25, 2012, 10:58:34 AM

CreamandPoppufan166 on
CreamandPoppufan166Me too! :D
And I saw the Hello Kitty one when I was young (about seven years ago?) ^.^

Anime_Ellie on September 19, 2012, 1:49:51 PM

Anime_Ellie on
Anime_EllieOoooooooooh! Not good not good! Queen Karley is a b-word (if you know what I mean... ^_^;) forcing Rae to do that! But why are they so young?! (I never read the original Snow White, just the Disney version. Will this be taking that route? If so then crap...)
Um, yeah I'm going to be waiting for updates patiently now...

CreamandPoppufan166 on September 25, 2012, 10:57:26 AM

CreamandPoppufan166 on
CreamandPoppufan166I know what you mean >.>
And don't worry, the end's happy!