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This is a continuation of my short story "Peace". Fierosa likes to cause chaos and destruction where ever  she goes but perhaps someone can come along to stop her.
A scientist has created an artificial being, an experiment that she has been working on for fifteen years. The girl has finally awakened.
I have had this story laying around for a REALLY long time and decided to redo it and I am finally happy with it.

There are parts that are probably confusing but it will be explained later.
I wrote this awhile ago before I created Kyriean. This is the first stage of her developement and the developement of the story line.
I have been working on this for quite some time but my computer crashed and I had to start over. I wrote this while half asleep so please bear with me.
read and you'll find out.
My random life with my epic friends and rivals. XD
I finally got this up after trying to work on it for what feels like forever. As with most of my stories, it starts off slowly but gets better.
Remember, if you have any more questions, just leave a comment and I'll add it right away.

For questions about specific characters, stay tuned. Those FAQ's will be coming out soon.

Here''''s the written version of the picture I submitted. 83 A little preview for a story idea I''''m currently working on.
It seems like it''''s a little all over the place but tell me what you think ^_^
The world of Lunisia is at war and the guardians try to end it but things don''''t always turn out as planned.
A girl''''s life is changed when an accident leads to more than she realized. (I suck at summaries...)
I finally got this up after so long!! I have posted a blog about it and there is more info there if you''''d like to know.
This starts a bit strangely but gets better.
A group known as Angel Wings encounters strange beings who threaten their homes and city. They must fight and deal with the trials they cause.
A young girl is found unconscious in a cave. People''''s lives are rearranged as she tries to remember her past.
A girl crash lands into another dimension after being discarded by the ones who created her.
Listen up!
The Racoon Brigade Needs You!
Or Your OCs!
please copy and paste the bio into the comments and your characters will be drawn along side the current members of the Racoon Brigade.
Thanks a bunch!!!
Joshua Scarlet
When four strangers meet, their journey begins.
xD I just felt liek Writing a storeh
about Hikari and my other characers!

Also Some naruto characters will
be in there.. and yeah I dont
own thoes! ^^
Izzy-Chan and Taylour lived a fairly normal life....until strange thngs started happening, and they got transported to an alternate dimension. Now they must run from a vengeful villan!
My first FAN FIC
this is a story i've been working on and wanted to put it up here
Die Brutal Fighters Stories :)