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I wrote this awhile ago before I created Kyriean. This is the first stage of her developement and the developement of the story line.
read and you'll find out.
My random life with my epic friends and rivals. XD
Remember, if you have any more questions, just leave a comment and I'll add it right away.

For questions about specific characters, stay tuned. Those FAQ's will be coming out soon.

Here''''s the written version of the picture I submitted. 83 A little preview for a story idea I''''m currently working on.
Listen up!
The Racoon Brigade Needs You!
Or Your OCs!
please copy and paste the bio into the comments and your characters will be drawn along side the current members of the Racoon Brigade.
Thanks a bunch!!!
Joshua Scarlet
When four strangers meet, their journey begins.
xD I just felt liek Writing a storeh
about Hikari and my other characers!

Also Some naruto characters will
be in there.. and yeah I dont
own thoes! ^^
Izzy-Chan and Taylour lived a fairly normal life....until strange thngs started happening, and they got transported to an alternate dimension. Now they must run from a vengeful villan!
My first FAN FIC
this is a story i've been working on and wanted to put it up here
Die Brutal Fighters Stories :)
Destiny beholds what destinty has has to show

but destiny is not easely understood

so lets see what destiny gives to a young pair of teens

john them in the adventure of a life time an see who concurs the power of destiny
Elvarian Legends drabble.
Kami Pineal visits his deceased sempai, Rayaku's grave.
Just a poem I wrote today while I was stuck at home sick...again...=(

Its and <3
The heroine has an agile, an electric chemist, an innate insight, and an ability in jitsu, but does she really have powers of her own to fight in a real battle? Her name remains a mystery.
Just a poem I wrote about Jt...^///^
Imagine.....your closest friends that know you inside, and out....that aren't supposed to be real....that you can't feel....can't hear.....can't see....coming to life. How would your world change? Mild violence cursing sex and might have yaoi
hehe =] i'm hoping i can rewrite my friend's manga style into a story XD for now only the profiles.... still working on it!
just a poem I wrote about a girl and a guy, and yes it is based off my own problems ^^''''''
Cassie was a normal 16 year old...untill she met Matt, a ignorate teenager with a horrid secret, he was a vampire. Not ur "everyday" vampire though....
Just something I wrote on my way to Colorado...
This is just to describe some of mine and Lane's characters (well, everyone I draw that original that I'll be adding in myself and Lane) ^^
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
Just a poem I had to do for English, yes it is based on a true story (not me). I dont exactly remember all the details but it happened about 15 years ago.....