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Chapter 2 - Snow White (Part 2)

Get ready for alot of fairy tales-- Epic Five style!

Characters belong to their original owners. :)

Chapter 2 - Snow White (Part 2)

Chapter 2 - Snow White (Part 2)
"I came because someone's waiting for you in the forest."

Rachael only cocked her head in confusion, but when her friend led her towards the forest, she couldn't help but follow her.

"Flowers!" the princess shouted as she ran towards the purple flowers as the huntswoman apprentice began to take aim. "Rabbit, ladybug, squirrel, birdie..."

Rae couldn't help but scream, as Rachael quickly turned to her.

"I don't want to kill you, sis! The queen's trying to make me!"

"She wants to...?!"

"Listen here and listen good, Chibi-Rae. Take my advice and run as far as you can into the forest until it's safe to come back, alright?"

The younger girl nodded as she waved goodbye and ran deeper into the forest. But it got a little too much for her, as she could of sworn the trees had creepy faces on them, and she didn't notice the small bow from her hair fell off.

Eventually, she reached a small house, and luckily, she was able to get in.

"Seven chairs, seven plates, seven forks and knives," she counted, "seven beds upstairs. Seven people live here. That's alot."


Rachael's stomach growled, and she realized that she had forgotten about lunch! The princess then noticed some bread and cheese on each of the seven plates, and she was about to take one.

'Wait a minute. This isn't my food so I shouldn't take it. Maybe I should wait for them to come back.'

But Rachael immediately got a thought about seven people trying to attack her for the queen's sake--

"I'll just take a little from each plate!" she shouted as she started to rip off small pieces from each piece of bread and eat them. "It's yummy...."

The little girl then yawned loudly, deciding that now she should get some rest. She climbed up the steps and layed down in one of the beds, proceeding to go to sleep.


"....It's off to home we go~!"

An hour later, seven five-and/or-six-year-olds were walking into what seemed to be the same cottage Rachael was currently asleep in.

"Look, you guys!" a girl wearing blue with glasses shouted as she pointed at the cottage, "The front door is open!"

The other kids screamed as they ran towards the house. When they got there, they slowly walked in, a little scared as they did.

"Look, someone nibbled on our bread," a boy wearing purple clarified as he pointed at the table.

"Very good, Noah," the girl wearing blue replied to him.

"Someone's upstairs, Reimu!" a girl wearing green notified.

"Seriously, Ellie?" the girl in blue, Reimu, asked.


The seven children then ran upstairs, only to see Rachael sleeping in a bed with purple covers on it.

"She's in your bed, Noah," a boy wearing red told the boy wearing purple.

"I can see that, Aaron," Noah told him.

Rachael then woke up to see the seven children. "Who are you all?"

The girl wearing blue stepped forward. "My name is Reimu, and these are my friends. Well, the girl in green is my twin sister."

"I'm Noah," Noah greeted.

"I'm Ellie, I'm Reimu's sister," Ellie said as she smiled.

"My name's Josh, my older sister's a huntswoman-trainee," a boy wearing glasses and a yellow outfit said as he bowed.

"I'm Janetta," the girl wearing orange shyly admitted.

"I'm Aaron," Aaron introduced himself.

"And my name is Hana!" the girl wearing curly-cue pigtails and pink squeaked.

"You're all so cute!" Rachael admitted, "My name is Snow White--"

"THE PRINCESS?!" the children shouted in glee.

"--Yeah. But you all can call me Rachael."

"Rachael! Can you cook?" Reimu asked. "My older sister can, but she didn't come back yet. That's why I ask you."

"I can cook," Rachael answered.

"Are you good at games?" Aaron asked. "I love games."

"I like games too! Maybe we could play sometime."

"How about drawing? Do you like drawing?" Ellie asked.

"I LOVE drawing!"

"Ooh! Ooh! I got one!" Hana squealed. "Can you be my mommy?"

Rachael nodded as Hana jumped into her arms, screaming happily as she did.

"Not too loud, Hana-chan."

"Okay, mommy."

(About the dwarves/kids, they're supposed to be based off friends. Josh is Rae's brother and Aaron is my brother. I was too lazy to come up with silly names. XD
And I won't be able to write as much due to school, so I'll only have little time to update TT^TT)


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