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Chapter 1 - Untitled

oh yeah put this for the discription for it " alright heres the deal, me and lonely always thought damn our rp would make an awesome anime, sadly we havent had any takers. so i didthe next best thing, after lonelys copy got deleted anyway, i made it

Chapter 1 - Untitled

Chapter 1 - Untitled

“The Chronicles of Vincent and Amy”

(Or the Idiot and the Angel)

This story doesn't take place in our world; it takes place in a world where demons and dragons are everywhere, where magic and technology kind of coexist, where not many things are what they seem. It's a world filled with strange and wonderful beings, but our sights are set upon to unlikely friends. This is, in truth, where their story began…

On a moonlit night in a very cense forest a figure could be seen trudging through the maze of trees. He was a tall man, looked like he was in his late teens 18 or 19, he had long messy dark blue hair, he was slightly muscular and wore regular baggy pants and boots and he was wearing a gray coat on which seemed to show signs of past struggles with a dark purple shirt under it. Two things stood out about the boy, one was his eyes, which were both a different color, one red one blue. The second thing was the two swords he kept at his sides, they never touched, and they're handles were different, one was pure white the other pitched black. One look at this figure and you'd shake in fear, as his eyes seemed like they peered right through you. His grunts echoed through the trees as he jumped over logs, rocks, and sometimes animals, though he made sure not to crush them. He stopped in front of a large tree, and looked at his surroundings, and only these words escaped his mouth, echoing through the forest, “ IM SO FREAKING LOST!”

He paced back and forth muttering to himself, “ I knew I should've brought a light but oh no Vincent you had to pack lightly!” His stomach gave off a very large growl as if a lion was roaring, “ and I'm hungry as hell, man why'd I eat all my supplies in one night!? IM GONNA STARVE!” Vincent continued his ranting, in his mind he thought no one was around for miles and that no one would hear his cries for help, or so he thought anyway. He gazed up at the tall tree in front of him, “ maybe I can see a way out from up there…” And he climbed up the tree as fast as any starved lost guy would. Standing on top of the highest branch he surveyed his surroundings, but to his dismay all he saw were trees, “ Does this place have to be so big!” He sat down on the branch deep in thought not prepared for what was going happen next.

“Are you lost?” said a voice from behind him, it was a woman's voice, though even with that fact he couldn't help but jump…….and plummet straight to the ground. “ AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” he cried, until he felt a tug at his leg. He looked up to see the girl hanging on to his leg, “ I got ya!” she said with some strain, of course he was to freaked out to see how she was able to grab him or to even say thank u, the first things that came from his mouth were “ LET GO OF ME!” “Alright” she said with a grin as she let go and let him plummet. “ NO WAIT DON'T LET GO DON'T LET GO!!!” he felt another tug and in a few minutes he was being pulled back up to the branch. “ Jeez make up your mind already.” She said as he struggled to balance himself back on the branch. He shook off his fright, and turned to her “thanks for not letting me fall” She laughed at the remark and said ” No problem, it was my pleasure.”

Now is when he got a good look at the girl. She looked around his age, with straight black hair, though the hairs at the front were a bright blonde. She was wearing a strange gown, mostly seen on people who use magic, its seemed however it was tattered at the bottom and on some parts of the sleeves, indicating she had been in a few fights. She had a beautiful pair of eyes, a very light purple shined from them and had a very well figured body. She did have one more thing to show that would almost send Vincent plummeting in shock again. She held out her hand “ The names Amy and you are?” shakes her hand “Vincent”. “ I like your name” she said and he blushed a bit, but his face soon changed into astonishment when a pair of silvery white angels wings appeared on her back. Amy stared at him with a weird look he looked dumbfounded, “You've never seen an angel before?” “ Oooooo shiny……” he seemed to be entranced with how the move shined of her wings. She felt akward, and smiled nervously. He snapped back into reality and answered her question, “ Huh oh, no I haven't are you really an angel? Wait did I die? Am I in heaven right now!?” She couldn't help but laugh at his paranoid looks, “ LOL, no no your not dead, and I'm more of a half angel, my mother was angel, my father a necromancer.” He smiled at her, “strange mix but I like seeing strange things.” “I'm strange to you?” she said a bit hurt. “ What no NO I don't think your strange I uh geuss I worded it wrong, sorry.” She smiled at him and shook it off, “ its alright I know what you meant, so what are you doing here anyway?” She asked curiously. “ Well I'm lost,” his stomach growls and he looks at the ground, “ and I'm hungry.” “well I think I can help you with your problems, but first…” she digs into her bag and finds a wrapped up sandwich and holds it out to him. “ you can have this I already ate” and without a second to spare he snatched out of her hands and devoured the sandwich. Amy stared at him, scared at the fact it reminded her of one of those nature shows she's seen before. With a loud burp he finishes, “ oh god that hit the spot…” She smiled “ and now to help you with your lost situation.” He looked hopefully at her “ you can get me out of here?” he said desperately. She giggled and held out her hand. Vincent grabbed it and with a loud flap of wings they were air born. Of course our dear friend Vincent was freaking out and tightly gripping her arm. “ I can't feel my arm you know” Amy said looking down at him. “Oops sorry” and he loosened his grip.

As Amy flew through the air the forest below them began to open up a bit revealing a small lake. Vincent stared at it, the moon shining off its rippling waters, “ That's a nice view”. She looked down at the water “ Yes it is”. This however lead her to miss a sudden change in the wind currents so she hit some turbulence. “ Woah are you alright Vincent?” she looked down at him. He looked up at her “ I'm fine” he said not noticing one of his swords slip out of its holster and head for the lake. It was a black sword and it was sinister looking beyond belief, with a curved tip and jagged edges on the back. He looked down and his face quickly changed from happy to dread, “ Quick we cant let that sword touch the water!” She looked at him confused, “ Why can't it hit the water?” “Its to long to explain” he yelled and at that she began to nose dive towards the sword. “Don't worry I got it!” she reached for the handle but the minute she did it began to burn her hand and she let go in pain. “OW!” Amy yelled as she stopped suddenly in mid air. Luckily, Vincent was able to grab the sword and stick back in it's holster.

After a few more minutes, Amy landed outside of the forest, she hadn't said anything after she grabbed the sword, but she held her hand in pain, the burning sensation lingered. “Let me see you hand,” she allowed him to take her hand, its palm was burnt to a crisps, “ I'm really sorry” he said sadly, as he pulled out the other sword form its holster. It was a brilliant white, with feathers adorning its hilt and it had a thing body with a round pointed tip. He looked at her then back at her hand as he pressed the tip of the white sword onto her palm, “Hold still.” He said as her wounds began to heal instantaneously. Amy stared in amazement and was at lost for words when her hand was back to its regular self. She looked at him “ Thank you, but why did that other sword burn me?” He looked at the ground as he put the sword back and answered her, “Cause I'm the only one who can hold it with out getting hurt, that's all I can say.” He lifted his head back up and smiled at her, “ I should be the one thanking you, you got me out of the forest and fed me I have to pay you back for this.” She blushed a bit but said, “ You don't have to, I'm glad I could help you.” She looked towards an old dirt road and pointed to it. “ If you follow that road you'll eventually come up on a town, there's an Inn there where you can spend the night.” He looked at the road then back at her “ thanks Amy and I promise ill pay you back!” he waved to her as he started for the road. “ It was nice meeting you Vincent!” she yelled waving to him. “ Nice meeting you too!” he yelled back.

Amy stared as Vincent's figure faded into the night, she turned back towards the woods, and chuckled, “ He's a strange one, though he was the only person that's been nice to me for awhile now.” She sighed and looked back at the road, “ I doubt ill see him again…” She walked back into the woods, and settled herself against a tree in front of the small lake they passed by earlier. A couple of hours pass by, Amy had made herself comfortable on a bed of leaves while Vincent paid for a room and slept in the Inn. There was dead silence until the sound of a window breaking slightly could be heard, it didn't rile Vincent, even though moonlight was now pouring through the little hole In his rooms window and the fact his white sword had vanished.

Amy slept soundly until a bright glowing light hit here eyes. She opened her eyes groggily and stared at the lake from where the light was coming from. “ Isn't that the sword Vincent used to heal my hand?” she said confused and a bit intimidated as the now glowing sword floated over the water then sank in. She stands up, “ No he said those things cant get into the water!” she runs to the edge of the lake but she stops suddenly as a water figure began to appear from where the sword sank. It was a figure of a very thin looking man, its eyes glowed blued and the sword was imbedded within its chest. It began to walk slowly towards her, giving off a fainter glow. Amy took a step back not knowing whether to attack it or to run, but as she thought these actions over in her mind it was already staring at her only a foot away from her. She froze awaiting what was going to happen next. The being stretched out its cupped hands and placed them on top of Amy's. She looked down at them and saw that it had placed in her hands a dragon shaped necklace a ruby was inside the dragon's mouth. She stared at it confused and then back at the glowing being. It stared back at her but it closed its eyes and faded back into the water, the sword flying back to the Inn window. Amy stood there even more confused then she was before. She hesitantly put the necklace on, “ I wonder what was that about…” she fell asleep on the pile of leaves again asking that same question over and over again in her mind.

Morning came, and Amy was greeted by the sun's rays landing on her face. She moaned as she sat up, “ that was a nice night….” She said sarcastically. She decided to take a stroll towards a field that was nearby. “Least it's a good day for a walk” she said smiling and walking across the field. The ground began to shake a bit and she turned around and saw a stampede of animals, mainly dear and elk running scared towards her. “ AIIIEEE!!!” she screamed as she narrowly got out of the way of them. Amy looked around to see what was causing them to go wild, and then she saw it. It was a wingless dark green dragon only the size of a very large horse at its shoulders and was as long as three horses length wise. It lumbered after the stampeding animals snapping its toothy jaw at them. “ DRAGON YOU IDIOT WHEN I SAID FIND BREAKFAST I DIDN'T MEAN CHASE THE DEAR INTO A FRENZY!” a familiar voiced yelled out at it, even though it gave him a smirk and continued. She looked up to where the voice was coming from, “ Vincent?” pops his head over a rock and sees her and waves, ”Hey Amy!”. Thanks to his clumsiness he slipped on the rock and fell right on top of her, and the blushed a bright red as his hand landed on her chest “ So big and soft….uh I mean ah sorry!” jumps off of her. Amy blushed a deep crimson at the comment and changes the subject fast, “ You won that dragon?”. “Supposedly I do, even though he doesn't like to admit it.” She smiled at him, “ want me to help you catch him? “If its isn't any trouble…” he said, “None at all” she replied. And for a good portion of the afternoon they chased down the rampaging dragon.

Right when then sun was hanging over their heads, was when they were able to catch Dragon and make him relax. The three of them fell asleep tired from all the running. Dragon laid his head o the ground while Amy and Vincent used him as a pillow. And unknown to our two little friends, they had just started a long lasting relationship that'll span years, but those stories will have to wait to be told another day…..


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ermangel on June 20, 2006, 10:42:22 AM

ermangel on
ermangelThat's awsome. I finally understand a little more about Amy...Well, Vincent, too. :) Keep writing!

Lonely_Girl on August 13, 2005, 8:32:59 AM

Lonely_Girl on
Lonely_Girlyay! It's up! Although there are sooo many typos in it. I love it! Absolutely awesome.. dare I say it..MORE! *faves of course*