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EssayCreator  deserves a shoutout! It's a total game-changer for students. The fact that you can plug in your topic and get a full essay ready to roll is insane. And it's not some generic stuff either. The essays feel tailored and thoughtful. I've used it for history, psych, you name it. Saved my bacon more than once.
Rising need to increase learning between organizations and devices is a key factor driving federated learning market revenue growth
The market for surgical retractors was valued at USD 1.79 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a 6.7% CAGR in terms of revenue during the projection period.
place to put info on any OC's that don't fall into BloodHolm,Grinning Doll or Scáileanna categories
This is the background story of one of my characters. My friend wanted me to type it up in some way so I chose book form. Sort of.

This is my first real story ever so try to be nice since it''s not very good.
Dustin. When he is found and taken in by a farm-family in California, everything in his life changes. He gets friends, meets new people, starts having a normal life. Untill he finds out a secret about himself, and a few people around him. characters(c)me
All/Most of my OC's from the Anime's I watch.


-Background =']]
This is my Doctor Who/Torchwood/Neopets/Club Penguin/Barbie: Mariposa/Barbie: Mermadia Cross-over, and this is NOT a oneshot. Expect many chapters. Maybe over ten, if I don't get writers block halfway through writing it like with all my other stories!
The bios of some of my famous rp bosses. who where taken from games and inhanced
I'm bored... :D
This book is all about a bratty thirteen-year-old named Kayla Miller. Kayla has it all, popularity, a popular boyfriend, beauty, and money. Kayla is full of herself, but she ends up breaking up with her bf...
This is the place to go if you want to read any of my character's bios...
its a new show I've been creating along with Nightmare on relm street. This one has different, more detailed drawn people
Some of the quotes from the episodes
Here's EVERYTHING you need to know about Mago Magros! Here's a picture of their anatomy illustrated, by the way:
bios and descriptions of some of my OCs
Here's my friends in real life.
Yep, just a bunch of bios. Nothing all that special, I'm just bored.
Just some info on my characters so you can get to know them better. By the way, this is all officially copyrighted!
Stuck on a island no place to go, hey whats with that builing. BANG BANG BANG
Do you know what you blood type is. If you dont find out if you A, AB, B or O.
A mysterious figure watches over crocodile city planning it's demise. people have claimed they seen the figure but only glimpses. it's spread around the school and gets to croc and destiny.the people ask croc if he could check it out. he does. but what's he gonna do about that cold of his?
The Legendary Curse of Imori is based on Avatar but in animal form. They come from four of six regions to fill out their destiny. But what they find out is that they are re-carnations of the original Imori Curse holders, now they have to find out how to defeat the evil that only the Holy One knows about. What Will the four new Imori curse holders do?
Raoul has a meeting with the Council and Mars in the morning, so he deals with it the only way possible: Getting high.
this is the fairy/horror tale feeling beginning of the Demented Dollz story. very short and not very discriptive. course its not sopposed to be!

...warning I have horrible spelling and grammer :(