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Chapter 1 - MY character profile!!

This is a story about me going to cadiac school. AS i become friends with the Lyoko kids i join there group.
YOu have to read this. OH yeah my name really isn't Ryan, i just made up the name

Chapter 1 - MY character profile!!

Chapter 1 - MY character profile!!

My Characters Profile

Name: Ryan Ginsberg

Age: 14

Birthday: March 29, 1992

Gender: Male

Who he likes: Aelita

Pets: Two hamsters and a baby fox

What Dorm: One person dorm.

Dorm Description: On the corner of it is a closet made out of wood, and next to it is a computer desk, with a small lap top. The carpet is a white fluffy carpet. The walls are painted navy blue. And on the wall on top of my computer desk is a small window. On the right wall there's a bath room. And my closet is right next to my bed. My bed is attached to the floor, and has blue sheets.

Talents, Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Jam skating, skate boarding, and track.

Favorite food: Ramen and pizza

Favorite beverage: JOLT!!!!

Least favorite food: Green beans

Personality: Ryan is a person who would make really good friends at his new school. Ulrich likes Ryan because Sissy is over Ulrich and is now after Ryan. Most girls would say that he's cuter than Ulrich. He cares about the environment. He I is a very smart kid. Around he B range. He's mean to who ever is mean to some one else.

Appearance: Ryan has short brown hair, with Navy Blue eyes. Ryan where's baggy light blue pants, with a long blue sweater that says DJ University, and under that sweater is a black avirex shirt. He has Phat farm shoes. And is kind of short. A little shorter than Ulrich. And in Lyoko he has a warrior suit on with a karate stick and numb chucks. His suit is a blue metal. And there no metal to the neck to the head. And has a black cape.

Lyoko skills: Ryan is fast and has a really good skill. He can beat monsters quick.


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