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When a new student come's to cadic acdemy for the first time in month's xana rear's his ugly head and things definetly get ugly will the gang be able to win once and for all and what will they lose along the way
Xana has switched the genders of the Lyoko gang. It's a quite pointless attack, but it annoys the Lyoko gang past the point of no return.
DD: Inspired by a drawing that Dana-sama saw.
(Don't read the other 2, they broke) Just so you know, I am Hakuyasha, a female half-dragon, half-vampire. Snow is an imaginary catgirl with white ears and tail, white hair, and blue eyes. We both live in the factory and go to school at Kadic Academy.
Sping Break in Lyoko
Another XANA situation and this time it's Odd and Sissi that find themselves in quiet a dire position.
READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok its like the diary of some person who wakes up on lyoko and if you want to no what she looks like tommarow i  should have a pic
````on the lyoko them thing..
US students come to Kadic Academy and a new enemy shows its face on Lyoko. I don't own Code LYOKO.
This story is basically gonna retell code:lyoko from season 1 but with a new character.Enjoy.
This story kinda takes place during the third season in which xana tries to destroy the sectors but uses the scyphozoa to posses aletia to do it but will sometimes try himself.
If you love the drama in code lyoko and you want more NOW read this!! It is about a huuuge attack of XANA and the lyoko gang try to stop it before people are killed. This story also is about Yumi and Ulrich's crush.
This is a sequel to my other story. Alex gets a scholarship to Caddoc Academy in France, (you'll know him from my other story) and when Alex sees that Jerome's up to something and tries to find out, weird things start happening with the super-computer and
This is a story about my friends and I switching places with the Code Lyoko characters. And, how we must try to stop X.A.N.A. from killing us and the Lyoko Team.
What happens when the Code: Lyoko team gets trapped in the Avatar world?
People don't act a certain way without a reason, and Sissi is no exception. She has felt wronged for a very long time, and now she's ready to apologize for her own wrongs.
By the Delanie half of the account. A new girl comes to Kadic Academy.
Some new kids come to Kadic.Will they turn things upside down? Find out in, New School? New Rules!
see original description
The guild
This is a story about me going to cadiac school. AS i become friends with the Lyoko kids i join there group.
YOu have to read this. OH yeah my name really isn't Ryan, i just made up the name
when ulricks cousin comes to town things get a little more exiting. He becomes part of the crew but when this happens Xana gets a bit stronger.
Xana mixes codes the gang found from sector 5 to become even stronger.
AU of Season Two. It´s been one week since Aelita has first been brought to Earth and Jeremie will try to make his move. But, he doesn´t know what Aelita´s past and Lyoko´s origin could lead to ... First fic ever. Read&Review PLEASE !
This is a one-shot, but it is really good please read. i wrote this the day after valentines day so i hope it is good!
Ulrich and Jeremy have a surpirse for the girls. It threatens to go terribly wrong. Can the guys save the day or will cupids arrow strike somewhere else.