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Chapter 2 - WELCOME, RYAN!!!

This is a story about me going to cadiac school. AS i become friends with the Lyoko kids i join there group.
YOu have to read this. OH yeah my name really isn't Ryan, i just made up the name

Chapter 2 - WELCOME, RYAN!!!

Chapter 2 - WELCOME, RYAN!!!

Mrs. Hertz class sat quietly while listening to there teacher talk about base times height and that entire math stuff. Ulrich whispered to odd, “I wonder what the new student is going to be like.” Odd jumped up and said, “There's going to be a new student?” Odd didn't know because he wasn't paying attention to the teacher at that time.

“No duh Odd, you should pay attention more often,” Ulrich said. The teacher looked at Ulrich and said, “Ulrich tell me the answer to number three.” “Oh……UMM…..Yeah, isn't it California?” Ulrich replied. “Ulrich this is math not U.S. History,” the teacher yelled.

Everyone in the class started laughing, and then Mrs. Hertz started to giggle her self. “Oh sorry,” Ulrich said in embarrassment. The phone rang and Mrs. Hertz answered it. While she was talking so were Jeremie and Aelita.

“I wish XANA would stop attacking, everyone is getting tired of going to Lyoko,” Jeremie said. “I know, he is getting a little annoying,” Aelita said. “Alright class the new student is coming down.” Odd jumped up and said, “There's going to be a new student?” Ulrich sighed and so did Mrs. Hertz.

Odd sat down with a confused look. All of a sudden the door opened and a boy walked in. He was a little shorter than Ulrich, he had navy blue eyes, and he was wearing light blue pants with a sweater that said DJ University. All the girls jumped up in love.

When the new student would go past a girl the girl would say hi or hey or trying to get to know him. He sat in an empty seat in front of Ulrich and Odd. Right when he sat down the bell rang. The new student was walking in the school yard.

Ulrich and Odd caught up to him and welcomed him to there school. “Hey thanks, guys,” the new student said. “So where do you come from?” Ulrich asked. “I come from America, I'm here because of my parents business; even though now there company can't be moved until I graduate.”

“Oh cool, now you'll be hanging here for awhile,” Ulrich said. “Yeah….. and I'm happy about it to because I've been to almost the whole world, I've been to London, I've been to Japan, I've been to China, I've also been in all the Hispanic country's.” Odd looked at him and asked him what his name was. “My name is Ryan.” “Well Ryan welcome to our school!!!!” Odd said happily.


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