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Chapter 1 - The beggining

My fav. Romance characters eva

This is my Character Charlotta and Cid Pairing

Chapter 1 - The beggining

Chapter 1 - The beggining
Scene 1

'Run!!' shouted cloud as the gang was being chased by a big boulder.
'Look there's a hole big enough for us to get in!' shouted Aeris pointing to a gap in a wall. Everyone began running at top speed to the hole. Suddenly Charlotta slipped and fell over. Now the boulder was close.
'Quickly, get up! come on Charlotta! Quick it's right behind you!' everyone was shouting.
'I can't, I think I twisted my ankle!' said Charlotta struggling to get to her feet. Suddenly,
without thinking twice, Cid ran and picked up Charlotta. The boulder was so close Cid had to jump into the hole before it was too late.
'Thank you, Thank you very much Cid' said Charlotta with tears in her eyes 'Thank you for saving my life!'
'Err, no... No problem!' said Cid struggling to give her a good answer
'Can you walk?' asked Yuffie
'I... i think so' said Charlotta getting up with the help of Yuffie
'wow i didn't realize how much he cared for me!' thought Charlotta while staring at Cid for a few seconds 'But wow is he strong'
'Charlotta are you okay?' asked Yuffie
'Err yeah... yeah of course i am! Why?' Charlotta asked
'You appear to be staring at Cid! Mmmm... you fancy him don't you? Come don't deny it, you've been staring at him since we first met him!' said Yuffie smiling
'Err' Charlotta said shyly 'yes' she said as she bowed her head down as if ashamed for liking
someone she's banned to see.
'I knew it!' she said triumphantly 'Why won't you tell him you love him?'
'Because he's in love with somebody else remember!' said Charlotta 'That girl he lives with'
'Oh, right, Shera!... but he might not love her!' said Yuffie 'Maybe she's just someone who helps him with his planes!'
'maybe' said Charlotta sadly
'I know! i could ask Cid out for you!' said Yuffie
'no! please don't, i beg you! please don't ask him?' said Charlotta
'fine!' said Yuffie sadly 'I will still ask him for her, but maybe secretly' she thought to herself 'Okay I won't ask him'
'Thank you!' Said Charlotta as she hugged Yuffie
'come on guys we've been waiting ages for you!' said Barrett ' we've got to get to Neibleheim before Shinra does!'


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