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Inspired by a story by Lady_Nightmare; this is amusing ways to mess with the FF7 gang.
A series of Genesis oneshots featuring reader inserts. They tie in with each other, so feel free to read them all! Romance abounds~!
when Vincent and arecene with friends are rumging through old experements,one goes crazy and turns them into fifteen year will be admited and a nightmare will continue,SCHOOL.
Myess, I know, you're wondering why there isn't a second one. Well, that's because that Advent Children and I wanted to start on my own storyline: Recognition. In this one Sun realizes her past. Tell me if u likey!!!
This is funny-ish. Not too funny, but I think anyone who likes FF7 will like it.
Just a little story object thing I thought up in my spare time. Nothing that extravagant.
Cloud and Rufus Disapper, but a unexspeted guest makes a very special apperence that no one realizes. Will they find out and stop his madness from takeing over or will it be too late.......
What happens when you take two PSYCHIK best friends and put them up against an evil, psychotic maniac who manages to escape them in the battle and, following him, somehow end up in the FF7 world? Pure, unadulterated chaos is what!!!
This is a yaoi/Shonen ai (I don't know which yet...) fanfic about Cloud and Sephiroth. On, I got good reviews, so I decided to put it on another site. No kissing or more yet, but eventually... Anyways, I hope you like it. ^.^
Yay angst!!! SephyXCloud, they're the best!!!Takes place before the final battle... sorta. Cloud's POV, pure angst cause I cant write anything else!!!
It's a good fic. Read it you'll like it.
Mmmmmyes...I am. Are you? I need to know. REALLY I DO!
Vincent's daughter discovers she has a special power on her sixteenth birthday...
When Cloud goes into a coma for 20 years, he wakes up in a strange, new world, unknown to him. Sephiroth comes along to try and quell the fear welling up inside Cloud. (not finished)
This story will drive Cloud it!
This is one of the many soon-to-come comedies about Cloud and his'll like it. Setting is a High school.
What would happen if Sephiroth survived after the final battle? What would happen if the planet forsaw it and unleashed the Master Weapon? This is my take on Sephiroth's past.
Poor Tifa has been left by herself and everyone seems to be ignoring her. She needs a break, so what does she do? Read and see. I may continue.