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Chapter 1 - Guide To League Bosses

A guide to all Gym Leaders plus tips on the Elite 4 and Steven!

Chapter 1 - Guide To League Bosses

Chapter 1 - Guide To League Bosses

Guide to Bosses

If there isn't one already. Note: All Pokemon are catchable at the time rather than in general. GYM LEADERS Roxanne This trainer uses Rock Pokemon. This Trainer will be a breeze with any of the recommended Pokemon: Treecko (Absorb and/or Bullet Seed) Mudkip (Water Gun) Makuhita (trade Slakoth for it) (Arm Thrust) Lotad, Shroomish, Beautifly and, for patient people, Marill, are also recommended Moves: Do not use any starter moves (e.g. Pound, Scratch, Tackle) or you will be S.O.L. Suggestably, use Bullet Seed if you have a Treecko. Most consider themselves down on their luck if they chose Torchic. Torchics, however, increase chances of balanced teams. People will catch and level-up Lotads, Wingulls or even Slakoths to trade for a Makuhita, which can arm-thrust Roxanne back to the Stone Age. Another way, if you are willing to take the effort, is to level uup your Torchic so that it evolves and learns Double Kick. Brawly This brawny boss uses an array of Fighting. With the recommended Pokemon, it will be a breeze. Taillow (Peck, Wing Attack) Wingull (Wing Attack) Sableye (Astonish) A Dustox is also recommended. A Psychic-type is good against Brawly's but not against his Trainers, who use Meditite. Do not use Fire on his Makuhita, due to its abilities, which halve the damage of Fire and Ice (fat chance!) Sableye is the best choice, as no move used by Brawly can hit it. Wattson The leader in question is a master of Electric with a smattering of Steel for good measure. Use your Mudkip or another Pokemon of Ground arrays. Marshtomp (Mud Shot) A Combusken may help against the Magnemite/ton. There is little strategy. Just ground your way through! Keep Shock Wave, for it may help you later. (hint, hint) Flannery Flannery uses pure Fire. Here is the ideal Pokemon. Swampert/Marshtomp (Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Dig) Marill is also recommended. Swampert with Muddy Water will work better, although it is more difficult. Its bad news Bulbasaurs if you chose Treecko and have no logical sense. A good Rock-type will work as well, but are harder to find than Marill or Marshtomp. Bugs and Steel will not do well either, so save your Skarmory for Mossdeep if the Solrock doesn't knock it out first. Prepare for a tough battle. Dad Dad (Norman) uses Normal-types and emphasizes HP and ATK. You need a Pokemon with matching HP and ATK as his two Slakings. A Pokemon like... Hariyama (Vital Throw) A Machoke with Revenge, Vital Throw, Karate Chop and Low Kick to finish off the Slaking is also good. The thing that gets me about Dad is not battling, but about Dad himself. You should be able to choose a sprite and name for Dad instead of just sticking with a pubescent-looking father with a sexy Christian name. My dad, on the contrary, is so madly hairy he makes King Kong look like a frickin' Electrode. With a Hariyama, plow through it. Use Accuracy-lowering or Sleep-inducing moves due to Focus Punch. The Hariyama's HP and ATK match Slaking's, so use Vital Throw on them. If you can take on the Slaking, the Vigoroth[, Linoone and Spinda] will be a breeze. Winona The Pokemon Winona uses are all Dual-types, so ensure you use Rock. Suggested are: Solrock (Rock Throw) Lunatone (Rock Throw) Pretty much any Rock Pokemon other than Lileep (part Grass). The traps are harder than the leader. I've never lost to the Aviator. Just use a Rock Pokemon. Electric is better in R/S. If you are playing R/S, use an Electrode. Tate/Liza The only Double Battling leader yet, these duo count as one. They use Rock/Psychic types. Suggested are: Swampert (Muddy Water, Surf) Sceptile (Leaf Blade) Skarmory (Steel Wing) Beautifly (Silver Wind) Dustox (Silver Wind) Volbeat (Signal Beam) Sableye (Shadow Ball, Faint Attack) Gardevoir (Psychic, Imprison) Most people say this is a very easy battle, but in reality it is the most difficult gym battle, even if you chose a Mudkip or a Treecko. If you have a Blaziken, beware. Even Double Kick won't save you now. A Blaziken would be better if you raised a Gardevoir that Imprisoned both Pokemon ( start with the slightly more powerful Lunatone). Their most powerful move is Psychic. Juan/Wallace Juan and "the other Wally" use Water Pokemon. This is the final Gym battle but is surprisingly easy and is a trifle if you use these. Sceptile (Leaf Blade) An Altaria is also recommended for those fighting Juan. Juan Juan's lineup is the same as Wallace's except he has a Kingdra. Pack along an Altaria with Dragonbreath, which can totally hammer Kingdra and is resistant against Water. Wallace A Grass type with high SPD is recommended. Say.......Sceptile? Plow through with a Sceptile, which will work wonders, especially against Whiscash. Congratulations. You have collected the badges. Can you survive the League? ELITE 4 AND CHAMP Sidney Sidney uses Dark with a little bit of Grass for balance. I recommend: Blaziken (Brick Break, Flamethrower) There are other Pokemon for the job such as Hariyama and Machamp, but with Blaziken, you can conserve PP by using an efficient Fire attack against Shiftry, Cacturne or even Mightyena (due to its Intimidate, you might be better off with a Fire move.) Use Fighting against the Absol and definitely Sharpedo, whose Surf will burn your blazer out in a second. You'll need Brick Break later. Phoebe Phoebe uses the Ghosts she bonded with during her Mt. Pyre training. (I wonder how she got Sableye?) Here are Pokemon that will send her ghosts screaming back to purgatory. Sableye (Shadow Ball, Faint Attack) Any Pokemon with Mimic, preferably a Normal type In this battle, in Emerald, a Normal type might help you. Teach it Mimic (tutor in Lavaridge, little redheaded boy, big building near the herb shop) , mimic Shadow Ball and use it against her 2 Dusclops and her 2 Banettes. Attach Spell Tag to your Pokemon and use the Shadow Ball you mimicked against Sableye as well. A Sableye is the best due to its dual-typing and lack of weaknesses. Glacia Glacia uses Ice-types with a drop of Water mixed in for good measure. Counter her icy skills with these Pokemon: Golem (easy to get if you have friends who like Pokemon) (Rock Blast) Blaziken (Brick Break, Flamethrower) For conservative diversity, I suggest you open fire on her pure Ice Pokemon and use Rock or Fighting against her hybrids such as her 2 Sealeo and Walrein. A Machamp or Hariyama will be almost as good, but Blaziken is especially good thanks to its move diversity. You can save a lot of PP with its Fire moves. Ensure you knock the Walrein out in one blow. All of its moves are bad news (if they hit.) Watch out for the Hail summoned by her weaker Pokemon. If this is a financial rematch challenge in Emerald, bring a Smeargle to sketch an Ice move to use against Drake. Drake Drake uses Dragons (mainly dual-types). Drake emphasizes SPD and ATK (just like me!) Recommended are: Glalie (Ice Beam) Walrein (Ice Beam) Smeargle (Ice Beam from prev. battle if you are rematching) A good Water-type is also recommended due to their ability to learn Ice TMS such as Ice Beam. If you're going to teach a Water-type an Ice move, teach it Ice Beam, which has much higher accuracy than Blizzard. During a boss battle, even the smallest crack can flood the boat. Dragon works too, but it is riskier, as Ice does x4 on every Pokemon except the pure Dragon Shelgon. (I wonder if there will be a Dragon/Ice in Diamond and Pearl? I could make one, but my math is too poor to figure out the weaknesses--someone help?) Congratulations. You have defeated the E4. Use some Revives and Full Restores, then meet your fate in the last room. Steven Steven uses Pokemon of the 3 Mineral types--Rock, Ground and Steel. Here are the things that will steal his steely power. Blaziken (Flamethrower, Brick Break) Swampert (Surf, Muddy Water, Earthquake) Electrode (Spark, Thunder, Rain Dance) You heard the rumors about Steven Stone's Pokemon during your journey. Now you get to see them up close. Amid the nails-down-a-chalkboard roar of the Armaldo and the clap of Aggron's Thunder, you have little in your brain to plan strategies. Luckily, I have these tips. Electrode can use Rain Dance, then Thunder. The Rain Dance effect will linger from before, helping you against the Armaldo. If you have a Ground, Water, Electric or Fighting Pokemon on your team, the battle will be easier (unless Skarmory scattered spikes.)


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