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Chapter 1 - Damn long conversation 0_o

Conversation From Marik pic

Chapter 1 - Damn long conversation 0_o

Chapter 1 - Damn long conversation 0_o
What was it you said to me about Marik? He is probably the coolest character off of yugioh and me WANT MARIK!!!Gub
you are way too abused with this character

Abused.... Don't you mean obsessed? Me want marik me want marik!


Gub DL, you can only have a copy, not the original.

DevilsLady •
@#$% you gub... ME WANT MARIK!! He's MINE Sixtosangel....I can steal him from Gub at school.... hehehehehe... Math class is going to be HELL gub....

Gub •
Will you both stop ARGUING over the picture! Send me a pic you want drawn of him and I'll draw it for you, and post it here for you to take

claws-da-virus • dont you feel loved gub. you have 2 people arguing over it.

DevilsLady Hi Claws... MARIK IS MINE AND NUNY'ALL ARE GONNA STEAL HIM FROM ME!!! YOU HEAR? O.K. done shouting... Hey gub-gub- shrunken head wufei-----Its all your fault... hehehehehehe...

GAHHHH! So cute! YOU CANT HAVE HIM HE'S mine~!!!!!!!!!!!!

you ppl make it so you can never feel hated here, only stuck in the middle of a sandwick

Gub one else want to try to claim marik as his?? somebody send me a pic of marik (a really good, cool looking one)

You asked for it.... ME WANT MARIK!!! oh, and i found that really cute marik pic on my computer, i'll get it to you eventually, and did you recieve link on dragon request from dear sweet math aid over here?

By: MeZergy
Heh heh... Me love Yami Marik... And Yami Bakura... Yes, I'm obsessed... But 4th Gauge (website) ruined it a bit for me... CURSE YOU YAOI! CURSE YOOOOOOOU!

Devilslady, Sixtosangel, and YamiAnubis shall all know that there is no Malik or Marik that exists!!!! Well, other than pictures...

• Gub
oh come on, this was funny to read...dont reak their game yet...wait tell i get another marik pic done

I don't care if he's not real! He's mine!! :P and up yours purple otter-it seems you have it in for me, so if you are going to insult me I'd rather you do it where it ain't hidden.

purple_otter I not tryin' to be mean, but it's so hard not to!!! not too ... natu ... AHH!!! NOT THAT POKEMON!

oh gub don't worry... I'll just make them fight lots more!!!

Wait... there probably is sum1 in the world that looks exactly like that... !

By: Gub •
I'M NOT A POKEMON!!!, I'M A DIGIMON!!! evil ppl... and to what you said about someone looking like that, highly unlikely unless they were to use about a pund of gel or something a day

purple_otter • I never said you were a pokemon, cause you are SOOO not!!!!!

Gub •
i feel better now...then what where you calling a pokemon?

Natu is a psychic type little green bird with a feather on it's head that evolves into Xatu.
Does the word "Natu" look anything like the word "Gub"?
Random info:
In japan:
water = mizu, sui
fire = kaji
earth = chikyuu
wind = kaze
nature = shizen
ice = shabu
thunder = rai
ki = psychic
reiki = "universal life force"

blahBy: purple_otter ID: 20979
also, for anyone's hair to stick straight up, they can use static electricity... but that would be highly un-possible... non-y malik's hair would be easier to get...

Gub •
you would still have to use a lot of gel to make it stand up and off to the site

purple_otter •
what is your favorite color?

• By: Gub •
blue and red...why??
and yours?

: purple_otter
My favorite color is clear ^-^
I don't know why i asked... I'm a psycho lunatic who wants to destroy every single Barbie in the world... that's why.

Gub •
I'll help you with that... if i can rip off there heads

Pop purple_otter •
I like Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Diet Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Diet Cherry Coke, Sprite, Sierra Mist, 7-Up,Diet Sprite,
and ... oh well. I like pop :)

>- purple_otter • the title of yamianubis's comment says maik. does anybody check their spelling anymore?

Gub • ??? no

By: purple_otter • I'm listening to michelle brach's "are you happy now", it is one of the best songs eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linkinpark's song reminds me of ryou bakura from yugioh, i don't know why though.
when y.bakura smirks he reminds me of a cat, ain't that weird?????

DG-sama • *hums* The picture is pretty. And reading all the comments was quite amusing as well. Tho personally I do prefer Bakura. ^^

: Gub • marik kills him later though
Eri_Hieis_Gurl: WHAAAAAT BAKURA DIES?!?!?!?
Me:umm fav yugioh villan
Me:dunn worry u my one in only^___^

By: purple_otter • I am a bum
So I'll go hum
Just for some rum
'Cause I am dumb.
Since I'm a dummy,
I'll get my mummy
To buy me some le-mon-ade

It is my poem! Do you like it?

I had a dream that the 3 Yami's and me were sitting in the audience of an empty hockey ring.
I was sitting near Y. Marik.
He suddenly got up and told me to hold his M-rod and gave me it to hold and I put it in a box. He then went to play hockey and that's all I remember.
My friend said she's scared of piles of rice in the dark. There's this picture of a motercycle in her brother's room and it has a picture of a bike above it, she's scared of that too!

• By: Gub scare me
Eri_Hieis_Gurl:me too...........................

purple_otter My friend Evelyn would scare you more if you met her! She had this dream:

Evelyn and her brother were in Egypt. She went up into a pyramind and saw some mummies knitting with some grannies. She then walked over a border line to China. There were little red restaurants with windows all the way around it with nothing in in and no doors for miles and miles and miles.

Isn't that scary? I scare everyone at the mall on my way to the toilet room :)

Gub •
didnt want to know that~!

purple_otter •
did not want to know what?

: Gub •
the toilet thing!......

purple_otter • not people going to the toilet room, people on the way to the toilet room!

DevilsLady •
U guys are EVIL!! *runs away screaming,and laughing her head off at the same time*
Eri_Hieis_Gurl:ur still here^____^

>:( • purple_otter • OnU R EVIL TOO! I AM NOT A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rips a Barbie head off*

purple_otter • On
And why am I evil?

AnimeRikku *watches* has this become the chat room or what? *shakes head* this is nuts..

purple_otter hav mot been on fora long time! I have been playing WarCraft 3! want me ta draw sum
peeps from it? and i be swimmin with sum new fwends!

purple_otter • marik's hair needs a lot of gel to stand up like it does. But if you try to get Vash the Stampede(from Trigun)'s hair, you need to use about a million pounds a day.

• purple_otter •
and I made Gub a pic! look up "Blue wolf for Gub" and you see it!

purple_otter •
oh gosh, this pic has the most comments.

• By: DarkAssassin53
wow nice pic its very detailed

• purple_otter • hi darkassassin wow like 54 comments wow gosh dat is alot

• By: Blushock_Sonic_Shadow • On: 2003-07-30 23:35:38 Comment ID: 30261
Damn thats good keep up the good work

U scare me but can i help with the barbie thing ^____^can Hiei help too^____^we hate barbies cause theirs tooo many & Hiei jus hates evrything CEPT ME!!!!!!!!!!!I like this pic & conversation
Hiei:everyone making comments GO TO HELL
Me: nicley put Hiei............

Eri_Hieis_Gurl •
im savin this conversation & makin it a fan fic^__________^


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