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this story will be about new yugioh drak singers
This story is about Tenshi Yuki A.K.A. Jaden Yuki''s Daughter and how she meet Yusei.
Tengoku-twin brother
Kaida-Godmother(also Yusei sponsor ^_^)
Sora-Jesse''s son
Hikari-Jesse''s daughter
I was watching Yu-Gi-Oh on TV the other day and started writing about Duelist Kingdom with Hakura in it... Enjoy.
Jenny has just moved form america and left all her friends behide and as she arives at the airport and get into the lobby she meets yami and (no they don''''t share a body why cuz I didn''''t want them to)
Takes place in the middle of Season Five- right after the Grand Prix tournament, and before they go on the memory journey to Egypt. I hope you guys like it! I'm not used to writing fanfictions! X]
Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Cards! I just love thinking up new cards!!
Now if I can only use them. *long evil laugh*
There is a new girl in Domino High. Crushes develope and secrets unvailed. Lets just say its a must read.
Yugi's grandpa passed away, will the return of an old relative make things better, or for the worse?
I'm interviewing some characters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series in a funny way. It's my first time to try out this type of writing, so please don't be rude.
I will start as a summary since everyone were eager to know how my story goes, then, I will start my true long story which entitled : "Secrets Untold"

Enjoy my whole Yugioh story summary ! ^^ tell me if you don't understand..:)
Another Yugioh and Family guy crossover I think this one Is the best
This is another Yugioh and Family Guy crossover
Here is where you will read the descriptions of the characters in my Yugioh fanfic Jini!X3
What can i say . It is a scrapbook
Chelsea she hated me but no one expected her to do something like this no one except me YamixTea
Thus is a sad little story that I wrote because I was bored. Its about Yami dating another girl and Tea is heartbroken and she decides to end her suffering. YamixTea slight YamixOC
it's special for all yu-gi-oh lovers ... i hope you like it
OMG this is what happens when I watch Yugioh at a slumber Party!! Hahahahaaa!!

Iv'e had the ideas for this for a year or so, And now I'm finally turning into a story!! Yaaaaaay!!
Ever wondered what would happen if Joey visited Kaiba while he was working? Well, read to find out! And it is NOT A YAOI! So don't ask!
My first ever romance story! ^___^

It's rated to be safe, I'm not sure if it really qualifies for the rating or not. ^^;
Arisa and her friends, family and enemies.
This is a story I made up. Dameon is new at dueling but already has a pretty good deck. She is with her friends on adventures. But, what happens when an evil is unleashed?
Ok I know this is from Yugioh capsul mosnters but I could see Yami Bakura and Marik doing this to this is for Uriko and Kuzai^^
When Tea becomes ill Yami has to do all of her chores.the list is endless so when he reccruits some..well...'help' things go a little hectic!

It's m,y First Time So Spare And Don't Kill Me ^^;

Atemu And I Playing Chess (I Now That Is Boring) That's When He Winn And I'm Going To Treat Him So I Can Became Pharaoh (A Dream That Came True x3)