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Chapter 4 - The truth is revealed Ch4

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 4 - The truth is revealed Ch4

Chapter 4 - The truth is revealed Ch4
On the way to the door she make a mimic of her zipping her mouth. Five minutes later...

-Oh Kaname. I'm sorry I'm late. I forgot about the time and...
-It's alright. Where were you' I went to search for you at the library, but you weren't there.
-I was at the Headmaster's office.
-Hmm... I thought you might be there. I heard from Zero you were there.
-Yes, I was having a conversation with him.
-What was it about'
-Nothing important that you're interested of.
-If you say so.

'I'm so nervous. Should I tell him the trought. Even thought Kaien told me not to. After all I do trust Kaname more than any one else here. I can't tell Ichijo,he just won't believe me. Hanabusa would just laugh at me. Akatsuki will starre at me in disbelieve and Zero will start hating me even more.' Yuki thought to herself.

-Umm, Kaname. Can I tell you something important later in my room, but don't tell anyone.
-Of course Yuki. When'
-After breakfast.

Fifteen minutes later at Yuki's room. Yuki was locking up the door in case someone comes in.

-Yuki. Why are you locking up the door'
-Because Kaname, what I'm about to tell you really imoprtant and it's no lie it's the truth. I even have proof.
-Yuki. What are you talking about'
-Kaname...I...I...I want to tell you something that I want you to keep it in a deep secret.
-I will Yuki. Just what is it' are related to...Hanabusa, Akatsuki, Takuma, Senri and Zero.

Hearing those names almost stopped Kaname's breathing.

-I know. It's hard to believe. But I can even prove it to you.-she said.

Yuki got up and took the book from the shelf where she secretly put it. Then she got back to Kaname. She opened the book on the page where it says about the Vampire Family Tree.

-Here. This is where it's written that you are related to them.

Kaname looks in the book and he can not believe his eyes.

-This is impossible. How can it be' Even I don't remember from before so long that I even had any relatives, even less them. How can Kiryuu, Aidou and Kain be related to me I can't understand' And how did you find out it's really them'
-The Headmaster told me. He even mentioned that he's your ancient uncle and that your original father from thousands of years ago is reborn under the name Redlord Bradnias. He also mentioned that Zero, Hanabusa, Akatsuki, Senri and Takuma are your ancient brothers.

That last sentence made Kaname feel as if someone just cut his heart with a really sharp knife.

-Kaname don't worry. I'm sure everything will be fine. However, he told me one other thing.
-I hope it's not another very shocking news.
-This one I promise it won't be like the previous, but it isn't a very relaxing one either. You also had two other brothers about who he didn't want to tell me about and a little sister sister, who as the Headmaster told me, that she is the youngest child in the ancient family. She's younger than everyone I've mentioned by now. As far as I heard you are the oldest child in the ancient family. However, he also mentioned that there are three other siblings who unfortunetly did not make it to continue their existance.
-Why' What happened to them'
-The first one died during the First World War in Europe, the other one died during the Chicago Fire in the United States and the third one was killed by vampire hunters by accident.
-I see. What did he mentioned about you'
-I'm a regular vampire.

Kaname got up and walked to the door.

-Where are you going'-Yuki asked.
-On a little walk outside, Yuki.
-Are you sure you're fine'
-Of course.

And with that last said Kaname got out of the room and began walking throught the hallway. On his way out he heard a noise. Not too far away was the man he hated so much and at the same time he still can't believe that Zero is actually his


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