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Chapter 5 - The truth is revealed Ch5

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 5 - The truth is revealed Ch5

Chapter 5 - The truth is revealed Ch5
-Hey get back here! I'm not done with you yet!-Zero yelled at the Night Class students who secretly got out of the Academy 'unspotted'.

Kaname just stayed there watching at the white-haired teen chasing with his 'Bloody Rose' after those aweful trouble-makers. Suddenly Kaname decided to go to Zero.

-Zero, what's going on'
-Those brats bitten about 17 Day Class girls. They are not gonna get away from me that easy.
-Zero, would you like me to help you out'

Zero is shocked from Kaname's words. His began questioning himself wheather that's really Kaname he's talking to or someone hipnotised him to think of helping Zero, but since those Night Class students were getting away the only thing that appared in his mind was to stop them.

-Fine, you can help me. But try to do anything nasty or you...
-Zero, I've been fighting more vampires than you so for me it's no problem.

Then Kaname and Zero teamed up to stop the 21 Night Class students from getting away.

-Stop! Don't move!-Zero yelled.

The boys got the vampires surrounded. Three of them got out their swords. While the rest of them got out their guns and sharpened their nails.

-Move out of the way or else you'll be the one who ends up killed. And we warn you, we are a gang of 20 people. You can't stop us.-said the leader of the vampire gang. He's a Level B vampire, with long orange hair and a fashionable ripped blue t-shirt and fashionable ripped black geans wearing long silver boots, and the boss of the biggest gang at the Academy.
-Kevin, if you don't stop you'll end up hurt.-said Kaname angrily.
-Huh, why if it isn't the 'school's pureblood'. Trying to take on us. Well, you won't make it.
-I've already taken your father down once. You'll be easy.
-Try us then.

Then five of the gang began running at the two boys. Zero was shootting at them, but without any result. Then he took out he's metallic stick and began fighting them. Kaname on the other hand was lifting them in the air with his telekinetic powers and the hitting them as hard as he can in the ground. But more kept coming. Now they were surrounded. Takuma heard something coming out in the yard of the school. There was a 'blood-thirsty' fight. He jumped out the window and began running towards the fight. Hanabusa and Akatsuki heard something as well and rushed to see what's going on. Senri Shiki was busy getting prepared for the photoshoots, but when he heard Kaname and Zero's yell he hurried up to what has happened. This is the biggest fight from since Rido returned from the dead. The four boys got just on time to help their two schoolmates. Akatsuki quickly threw a wave of fire ar the the gang so it can 'burn' their eyes from seeing anithing, Senri used his blood to rope them all on one place, then Aidou tirned them into ice scultures and finally Takuma used his sword to eliminate them all, leaving only the gang's boss, Kevin Fukushiro.

-Well, well, well what do we have here' A 'gangster' I see. Guess you're not so tough now, huh.-said Hanabusa, which after that gets a smack through the face from Kaname.- What was that all about'-he asked.
-You're just making it worse.-answered Akatsuki to Aidou.
-Kaname, why were they after Zero and you and why didn't you stopped them in the first place'-asked Takuma.
-Because they are students of the Cross Academy and I had to take it easy on them, but I wasn't the one they were after, they wanted to attack Zero the most. So I helped Zero.
-So you finally decided to help him. Are you becoming best friends with him, because of Yuki'

After that Aidou recieved another smack through the face. Again.

-Sorry I ask.
-It wasn't because of that. It's different.

The four boys were glarring at Kaname suspiciously. Now what could be the reason that Kaname decided to want to help Zero' And for the first time it has nothing to do with Yuki.


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