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Chapter 7 - The truth is revealed Ch7

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 7 - The truth is revealed Ch7

Chapter 7 - The truth is revealed Ch7
That night at exactly 10p.m. in the Headmaster's office. So quiet in the corridor , that you can't even hear an ant. Except for...

-What'!!! I'm related to these blood-thursty clowns'!!-yelled an angry Zero.
-That's not all Zero, you're a vampire yourself. A pureblood or level B, I think'-the Headmaster explained.
-What''''-Zero was almost ready to shrink to the size of a hamster from imbarrisement, because he's a vampire hidden in a human's body and that drives him insane.
-Yes, hundrets of years ago one of your relatives got transformed from vampire to human.
-But how is this possible'
-Let me explain. 650 years ago your great, great, great, great grandfather was turned into human, because when his ex-wife, who's a pureblood vampire, turned him into a vampire. The reason is because back then the vampire hunters very chasing after some of the most powerful pureblood vampires. Her family was killed by a brutal gang of vampires. Your relative from back then wanted to protect her, the people and other vampires from that gang. One day he decided to go after the gang. When he met with them they almost didn't turned him into pieces. He was saved by an unknown vampire hunter who ususally is nice towards vampired like your relative for example. Your great, great, great, great granduncle was really anxious to stop that gang, because they have killed about over 1300 people back then. It was horrible. He than ran away, because he thought he was useless and will never kill the gang. His wife-vampire then began searching for him whole 6 months until she found him. He was very sad and kept underestimating himself that there is no point for him to exist since he can't stop vampires such as himself. He told her that he was even ready to become a vampire hunter to do it, but he couldn't because he wasn't human. She then replyed to him that there is a way to do it. She called over the vampire hunter, who saved him, with a gift in his hand. It was the "Bloody Rose". She said that she'll turn him into human, which she did, and recieve the "Bloody Rose"-a powerful anti-vampire gun, strong enough to take every kind of vampire level down. She sacrificed her life for him and took away the memory away from him so that he won't remember he was ever a vampire and was married to a vampire woman. He then took the "Bloody Rose" and gone to the gang. When he met with them for their second and final time, there was no escape for them. He took down every each of the blood-thirsty killers and saved all the vampires, people and animals from their rath. That's why the Kiryuus are so famous. Because your relative destroied the most powerful vampire gang in Japan back then. That's why I thank you and your family for doing something so brave.
-Wow Kiryuu, you have some quite a family there.-said amazed Aidou.
-Who was that gang'-asked Takuma.
-The Black Hell.-answered the Headmaster.
-I've heard about them. No body survives if they fall into Black Hell's hands.-mentioned Senri.
-Exactly, but luckily - they were defeted.
-Umm, Headmaster sir. I know we all are related, but who were the other three-four families you've mentioned earlier'-asked Ichijo.
-The Yamamotos, Ichijins, the van Envurio family and the Erix family. Three of them did not survive unfortunetly. Only the van Envurio family. And also a little blood from the Erix family, who are the biggest blood-thirsty vampires of the history of Earth and the vampires.
-Who were that dangerous'-asked Aidou.
-The Erix family. They are more dangerous than Black Hell and all of our families. You real sister is the ancestor of the Erix family. Another interesting, but shocking, fact is that the Erix family are the first to develop the extremely rare Level XE level. The Erix family were Level X vampires and Level XE is from where Level E comes from.
-Really'''How'-asked Zero.
-I was just getting to that. Your sister was a very nice person. As far as I heard, Aidou back then liked her.
-Huh''''-Aidou was surprised and an anime tear appeared on his head.
-You wanted to marry her back then after the divorce with her husband, but she was killed a while before you even had the chance to ask her. You do liked her how she looked, talked and took care of you. She really cared about you...
-Really' For the first time I get to hear someone actually cared about me.-Hanabusa said proud.
-...and you were ready to give her your blood.
-Wait' What' My blood'

Everybody in the room including Kaname and Zero began to laugh at Hanabusa.

-Hey, what's so funny' HEY!!! WHY ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING'!!!!! Knock it off!
-Hehe, Kaname and Zero...I wouldn't laugh, if I were you, because you two also wanted to be engaged to her.
-What'''-Kaname and Zero said together
-She was one of the most beautiful vampire females who ever lived, so don't worry. And as I was saying Level X is the rarest vampire and now extinct. Level X is the most dangerous level out there. They mostly feed on the blood of their lovers, relatives and siblings and the males from Level X. The male Level X vampires don't drink the blood from female Level X, nor female Level X from female Level X. Only female Level X from male Level X. Level XE happens after a Level X vampire eats the blood of someone he/she hates. Oh yes and how Level E began to exist. It started again from your sister, which isn't really her fault, when she was a Level XE, she bitten her husband in the day of her devorce. She was first a normal Level X and bite her ex-husband's neck as a goodbye, but then it started. That was when Level XE first appeared. She turned into XE and bite her husband again, who was a pureblood, which somehow like a virus from his blood appeared into every other pureblood vampire in the world. The virus caused the effect of Level Ds to transform into Level Es. And how' A pureblood bites a human being. The human being transforms into Level D and if possible it could get to Level E if the organism of the Level D is strong enough. And that's all.
-How can we stop a Level XE'-asked Kaname.
-You must let he/she drink the blood of the person he/she really loves.
-What about our ancestor Bradnias'-asked Ichijo.
-I'll show you tomorrow the coordinates, but for now you must go to your class. The lessons are starting and as for you Zero, you must go guard outside.

And then the boys left the office, except for one exact person-Kaname.

-How is it possible you caould be my uncle'-asked Kaname.
-In due time you'll find out more and more about it Kaname...-said Kaien.
-Of course...uncle.

And then Kaname left for his lessons.

-...once you meet your father, Kaname.-continued the Headmaster's sentance.


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