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Chapter 8 - The truth is revealed Ch8

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 8 - The truth is revealed Ch8

Chapter 8 - The truth is revealed Ch8
Next day at exactly 5:55a.m. in the morning.

-Ah I'm so tired. After all those samurai movies and 2 bottles of Cola, I feel like I haven't slept in 10 days. Huh'-the Headmaster was surprised.

In front of him were all the boys from last night-Kaname, Zero, Hanabusa, Takuma, Akatsuki and Shiki.

-What are you all doing here' And at this time of the nigh...
-...It's morning. We can take it.-Zero interrupted the Headmaster.
-Yeah, we want you to give us the coordinates for the Bradnias family.-said Shiki, for the first time so serious.
-But why now' Wouldn't you consider I to give them to you next time, like say may be in 20 years or so or even late...
-Now!!!-all the boys said to Kaien at once.
-Well alright. But I warn you that it's not very safe for me to do this.
-Why not'-asked Kaname curious.
-Oh, never mind. Come with me in the office.

'Redlord is going to be furious once he finds out what I have done. But since he's my ancient brother I guess he won't do anything bad. At least I hope so. I knew I should have built that secret library in Australia when I had the chance.' Kaien said in his mind. They all were walking towards the Principal's office, until Hanabusa asked:

-Hey, Headmaster. I've got a question to ask about...well...our ancient sister. What I mean is that we didn't even get to hear her name. All we know is that she's been the ancestor of the...what you called it' Oh yeah, the Erix family and that she's reborn.
-Her name is Orivia. Very soon she must be awaken.
-What do you mean by 'awaken''-asked Ichijo.
-Soon there is going to be a war. She must be awaken, because she will be very needed in the war.
-But what is the war about'-once again Mr Blond-hair-and-green-eyes asked.
-Between the good vampires and the....evil vampires. The Black Hell was from the evil vampires and soon it'll return. Other strong vampire gangs are the Blood Beasts, Jarana, Tokyo Bats and others. She's strong enough to take all those gangs down. Can you imagine that if she was still alive at the time of the Black Hell, she could have turned them all into a midnight snack. She's a killer, but at the same time the nicest child our family has ever had. As I said before-there is not a vampire that can take a Level X down.....even a pureblood Level A vampire can't. Level X can't be stopped. And X is the only level that can really kill a pureblood and an original vampire. If you marry a X vampire, your child will be born as either a pureblood or original vampire. If she/he marries a pureblood, another Level X or original vampire - you'll have a Level X child.
-I've got a question, too. If a Level X bites a human, what happenes'-asked Akatsuki.
-Nothing. It drinks all your blood. Only purebloods and original vampires can turn people into vampires. As I said it before, Level X is a rare vampire. They've got other powers. The last X vampires died at the same time in Chicago when the Great Chicago Fire began and in the same area of the fire, which is a little suspicious. I suppose you've heard about the story about the 'cow kicking over a lantern in a barn' story that some person made up, because no one knew how the fire began. The secret is that the Erix family sacrificed themselves with toxic gass of the rarest radioactive element in the world. I think that gass stopped existing from 1902. They drank that gass and began to burn from the inside and actually burned part of the city. There wasn't even a trace from their mantion after the fire.
-By the way, how was Orivia able to have children after you said that she was killed' And with what was she killed'-asked Akatsuki.
-Yeah, and is that rare chamical element they drank'-asked Hanabusa.
-No one knows how she was able to have children. It's a mistery. And she was killed with the same radioactive element, which the last Erixes used. The atomic number of the element was 211. It might sound crazy since you know that the last element in the periodic table for now is 118. But back then 211 existed, but it was extremely rare. But enough for now. You'll find out more, once you meet your father. He'll tell you everything.

The boys arrived in the principal's office and got in. Kaien took out an old map that seemed as if it was a parchment like the one the Egyptians used. Only it was not made out of animal skin only ordinary paper.

-Alright. This is the map of the place you must visit first. There you'll recieve the other pieces of the map. This is one of the 5 pieces. The rest you must find them. Once you do, when you put the map together, you'll find where your father is. And now for your first destination. You must visit Bunkyo, Tokyo. There's a school there called Ouran High School. There you'll find 3 people. Their names are...Tamaki Suoh and the twins Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru. They must take you to their parents and and then you have to say to their mothers that you all are from Cross Academy. The mothers have cousins that have been in our Academy a long time ago. A little more I can tell you is that their cousins are Level D vampires. Nothing to worry about.
-Great. One thing though. Where is Bunkyo, Tokyo'-asked Takuma.
-You'll find out.-answered Kaien.-Good luck!


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