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Chapter 9 - The truth is revealed Ch9

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 9 - The truth is revealed Ch9

Chapter 9 - The truth is revealed Ch9
At Hanabusa's room at 9:23a.m.

-Wow, can you believe it' For the first time I ever get to go somewhere with all of you and Class President Kaname. Isn't this exciting.-said Hanabusa.
-If you say so. What is this school 'Ouran''-asked Akatsuki.
-I've did some research and I've found out that there is a club there also known as the Ouran High School Host Club. It has a few members in it, of which Suoh and Hitachiin. The people we need can be found in that specific club.-said Takuma.
-In that case, we're going to make a visit to the club.-said Kaname.
-I hope there aren't many vampires there.-said Zero.
-Alright then, lets move.-said Hanabusa cheered.
-Hey wait! Where are going'-asked Yuki.
-Yeah, you all are in a hurry. Are you being chased or somethin''-asked Rima Toya.
-Rima, I have to tell you something.-said Senri.
-I..I...well Kaname, Zero, Takuma, Hanabusa, Kain and me..well...we are blood related and we're brothers.
-Yuki will explain you everything.
-What so you knew about this. Why didn't you tell me'
-I'm sorry Rima. It was a little complicated. Senri and the others are really brothers. It's a little funny, isn't it'
-Funny! FUNNY!!! Does it look like I'm laughing right now. I can't believe you all kept such a secret from me. Why'
-Relax Rima. You're not the only one who doesn't know. Ruka also doesn't know anything about this.-said Takuma.
-Well now, I wouldn't say that.-admitted Akatsuki Kain.
-What do you mean'
-Hello everybody. Are you all ready to go'-Ruka just entered the room.
-AKATSUKI!!!!-all the boys in the room yelled at Akatsuki, his face almost didn't turn red like a shrimp.
-Sorry. I thought I could bring company with us.
-You know, he's right. You would need someone who can help guide you to your destination.-Yuki exclaimed.
-Yeah, why not. After all there could be something that you boys might not be able to handle by yourselves.-Rima added.
-I guess. Then you're coming with us.-said happily Takuma.

And the trip begins. Once apon a time there were vampires who were looking for their father. They went on a trip around Japan to find them. Then they reached Bunkyo, Tokyo. Then they found Ouran High School:

-This must be the place'-said Rima.
-I guess. It says so on the map.-said Ichijo.
-Then lets go in.-said Hanabusa.

The boys and girls entered the school. All the girls and boys looked up at the vampires. They looked so beatuful and so different at the same time.

-Who are those guys' They all look so adorable.-said one of the female students of Ouran.
-I don't know, but I like the blondies.-said another student.
-So now what do we do'-asked Shiki.
-Allow me.-Takuma went to one of the female girls and asked her-Good afternoon ladies. Do you happen to know about a club here called...
-...Ouran Host Club'-continued the girls.
-Why yes. Do you happen to know where it is'
-Oh, why of course. Anything for a charming and wonderful guy like you.
-Thank you. Oh and one last thing. Are the people Tamaki Suoh and the Hitachiin brothers, happen to be in that club'
-Yes. They are one of the most wonderful host club members, this town has ever known.
-I see. Thank you for your generosity.-Ichijo then walks up to Kaname.-So far so good, we know that they are really members and study here.
-Perfect. Now if we can only find them where they ar....
-Hanabusa, what are you doing'-Takuma yelled with a big anime drop on his head.
-So girls, what blood type are you'-Hanabusa asked one of the girls.
-Um..0 I think.-the girls asked.
-Just what do you think you're doing' This is no time to be fooling around you know'-Zero said angrily.
-So what' What do you care'-Aidou asked.
-Actually the question is: What are you gentelman doing at our school'-asked the one and only President of the Ouran High School Host Club. The very famous Tamaki Suoh.
-Yeah, who are you guys'-asked the Hitachiin twins.
-Check it out. Yo Zero! Look familiar'-Aidou is annoying Zero.
-So what' They're twins.-Zero replyed.
-Didn't you had a twin, too'-Aidou continued to annoy Zero.
-What' You mean that ugly has a twin' Do duh having two uglys in one family.-said Hikaru.

Those last words almost didn't make Zero jump on them and cook them for dinner.

-Well you're one to talk. I bet a little shorty like you can't even tie up your shoes fine.-now it was Zero's turn for revenge.
-It's true. He makes me tie them up every morning.-agrees Kaoru.
-Knock it off Kaoru. Who told you to mess around' And as for you. If you say one more word about me and I'll...
-..You'll do what' You don't realise of what things I'm capable of, I probably am new to you, but you don't even know one bit about me.
-Alright that's enough. We're here to talk, not to fight. We came here to ask you if something about the cousins of both you and yours' mothers.-said Kaname.
-And what would that be'-asked curious Tamaki.
-I'm afraid it's a secret. It's about something that's hard to be explained and it's important.
-Well then. In that case There is no way we could ask the cousins of our mothers about it. So if you would be kind enough, perhaps you might leave.

At the back of the room, way backs on the couch is sitting a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. 'My my, what yummy vampires we have. Guess this evening I'll finaly be able to have myself real food. After all. After that vampire bite me a while ago I started to develop...fangs. I feel so thirsty. I want those vampires.' the brown-hair-and-blue-eyed girl said in her thoughts. At the same time near the Cross and Ouran Academy students a young male with black hair and glasses, the boy Kyoya Ootori was listening with anticipation towards the pureblood Kaname.

-Wait! Don't make them leave Tamaki. I'll deal with them.-Kyoya interfierred.
-Alright, but ouside. I don't have any nerves to go on much further. Just who do you men think you are' Just because you're from another school, that doesn't mean that you can come in here and do what you want.
-We're not. We just came here to talk about something. You are the one who's being rude. You're not listenning of what's going on either. You only saw us and you already want us to leave.-Yuki entered the conversation.
-She's right Tamaki-senpai. You are rude.-Haruhi agrees.
-Ha..Haruhi'-Tamaki was surprised.
-They are our guests. You must show them a little appreciation. What you're doing isn't right.-Haruhi told Tamaki.
-I agree. By the way, where is this school Cross Academy.-Kyoya asked.
-Cross Academy' That's where our uncle Hiromasa studied.-the Hitachinn twins said.
-My uncle Kamenosuke studied there too.-Tamaki added.
-Precicely. And I'm the Head President of the Night Class there. My name is Kaname Kuran.
-I'm Hanabusa Aidou. But you can call me 'Hanabusa' or 'Aidou'.
-I'm Akatsuki Kain. Cousin of Hanabusa Aidou and Rima Toya.
-I'm Takuma Ichijo. It's a pleaser for me to meet you.
-I'm Shiki Senri. Cousin of Kaname Kuran and Yuki Kuran.
-My name's Zero Kiryuu. I'm the adopted brother of Yuki Kuran.
-I'm Rima Toya. Cousin of Hanbusa Aidou and Akatsuki Kain.
-I'm Yuki Cross. Sister of Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryuu.
-And I'm Ruka Souen. I'm one of the members of the Night Class.
-Hmmm. Well in that case.-Tamaki shakes hands with Kaname.-I'm Tamaki Suoh the President of the Ouran High School Host Club and from the famous residence Suoh.
-My name's Hikaru.
-And I'm Kaoru. And we are...-they both say at once.-the Hitachiin twins.
-I'm Haruhi Fujioka. Member of the Host Club.
-I'm Kyoya Ootori. I'm the youngest of the Ootori family.
-I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka. But you can call me Honey.
-And I'm Takashi Morinozuka. You can call me Mori.
-And welcome to the Ouran High School. Make yourselves at home.-Tamiki said.

'My those vampires just came in and they have already became friends with the Host Club. How fascinating. Now it's my turn.' the girl from the couch thought.


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