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Chapter 10 - The truth is revealed Ch10

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 10 - The truth is revealed Ch10

Chapter 10 - The truth is revealed Ch10
4pm in the evening. Ouran High School-a place for some of the smartest(and richest) kids in Japan. The whole place looks just like you're inside a palace. Everything you see inside of Ouran probably costs more than a whole cave full to top with gold and diamonds. Yup, even a little tea cup with the size of your little finger probably costs more than a golden bracelet. But enough to here about this lets check what the new guests are up to with our Host Club idols:

-So you say that you have came all the way to here from the other end of Japan.-said Tamaki impressed.
-Yeah, how did you get to here for such a little time to Tokyo' What transport did you for such a short period of time' A super fast speed car, an army plane an underground train or something'-asked Kaoru.
-Well we arrived here by an ordinary plane and then we walked on foot.-answered Ichijo.
-Really' We usually travel to school with a limosine have private jet planes.-said Hikaru.

'Damn rich people.' said Zero and Haruhi in their minds.

-That's nice. What about your uncles' Could you tell us something more about them'-asked Hanabusa.
-Well I do know that my uncle usually used to learn there to become an actor and as far as I heard he was...Night Class I think. But I'm not sure since I've never heard of a 'Night Class' before in any school at all.-explained Tamaki.
-So have I. There are only 7 schools in the world, which have 'Night Class' in them. But's really odd, because why would students want to learn through the night' Why not the day like everyone else'-asked Kyoya.
-Yes, it is a difficult question. The reason is...
-...the reason why there is a Night Class is because there are a lot of people with skin allergies towards the Sun. Like all of us for example. We all are Night Class.-Hanabusa continued Kaname's speach.
-All..of you''''-Honey was confused.
-Oh my god that is the most saddest story I've ever heard. Oh you poor people. Mori, Honey.
-Yes sir.-Mori and Honey said.
-Go find our guests rooms. And make sure they are cleaned perfectly.
-Sir yes sir.
-Kyoya. Call the chef to cook the best meals this school likes.
-Sure. Why not'-then Kyoya pick up the Nokia N97 phone to call the chef.
-All rooms are ready and clean, sir.-said Honey-chan.
-You may go to your rooms now. Honey-chan! Take our guests to their rooms.-Tamaki ordered Honey.
-Sir yes sir.-said Honey and went to take the Cross Academy students to their rooms.

10 minutes later.

-And this is your room boys.-Honey told to Akatsuki and Aido.-The number of your room is 483198567. Make sure you don't forget it.
-Sure'' We'll try not to''-said Hanabusa confussed after he heard how long the number of he's cousin and his room is.
-Great and your room Zero is 46646696.
-Sure. I'll write down the name of the room in my pocket notebook.
-Great. Don't forget dinner at 8 p.m. exact.

And with that Honey left. Later in room 483198567:

-I've just mentined the number of our room for half an hour and I still forget what it was.-said Akatsuki a little impatient.
-Kain. What are worrying about' Just remember that our room is at the other end of the corridor.-told Hanabusa.
-Yeah. You're right. Haven't thought of that.

Then Kaname Kuran enters their room a bit nervously.

-Hanabusa. Just what were you thinking back then with that 'skin allergies' story of yours.-the pureblood asked Hanabusa.
-Just trying to help out. Good idea, huh.
-I don't think so.
-Why' What were you trying to say back then'
-I was going to say that our school has a 'Night Class', because it's for students are busy throw the day , because the either work to pay the school their education or important parental issues, but instead you blurted out with your 'allergy' idea.
-At least it worked at one point.
-And what if suddenly they find out it's a lie. What's your plan for then'
-Uhhh...I've got no idea.

And then Kaname smaked Hanabusa through the face. 8 p.m. in the dining room of the Ouran Academy.

-Well ladies and gentalmen I'm glad you joined us for dinner.-said Tamaki to the guests from Cross.

'Join' He was the one who pushed us out the room to take us here.' said Hanabusa in his head.

-Now I have a few questions. Where is this Academy' I've asked one of my uncles who's been there and said that he's very anxious to know exactly that there are students from that Academy here and that he really wants to you guys.-told Tamaki to Kaname.
-Our uncle said the same thing. He also asked that are you looking for a very important piece of some kind of a map'-said Kaoru Hitachiin.
-Well yes. The both of your uncles have two very important pieces of a map.-told Kaname to Suou and Hitachiin.
-But what is that map for' Are you scavanger hunters or something'-asked Honey.
-Well not exactly. But it has something very important written on it.-Kaname answered to Honey.
-I see. And that would be'-Tamaki asked suspiciously.
-A wery important place in Japan which is hidden and we need to find it.-told Ichijo.
-Wooow. Really' Can we help'-asked Honey.
-Well yes young man, you can. If you give us the pieces of the map, it'll be a huge help from your side.-answered Ichijo.
-No. What I ment was that we to come and help you on your journey.
-Aaaa....well....I don't know...I....
-Thanks, but this is a journey that we must achieve. We would like to invite you, but there are things that will be hard for you to understand.-Kaname finnished Ichijo's sentance.
-Well in that case we won't give you the piece of your map.-said Hikaru while getting up the table.

Then Kaoru got up and went to chase Hikaru to calm him down.

-Well now what'-Akatsuki asked Kaname.
-They will give us the pieces. I can sense it.
-I agree with you this time. I can also feel it.-Zero replyed to Kaname.
-Since when can you...'-Hanabusa asked Zero.
-Never mind Aidou. The important thing is that they told us that we will get the pieces.-Yuki said.
-Right. If you say so.


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