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Chapter 11 - The truth is revealed Ch11

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 11 - The truth is revealed Ch11

Chapter 11 - The truth is revealed Ch11
1 a.m. in the night.

-Zero! Where are you going'-Yuki yelled at Zero.
-I can't stand it. I feel a Level E somewhere around here.-asnwered Zero.
-Wait! I'm coming with you.
-I don't need your help Yuki. I can take care of myself.
-Zero wait!

20 metres from them behind a door are Kaoru and Hikaru.

-Hikaru, what can you see'
-Those two are up to something. They are leaving the Academy and one of them, that white one, has a gun in his right hand.
-Oh no. What is he gonna do with it'
-I don't know. But it looks to me as if he's trying to kill someone. And that girl over there, I have the feeling that she's up to something no good too.
-I guess. But to find out more we must follow them.

And the twin brothers went to spy on Zero and Yuki to see where are they gonna end to.

-Wait!-Hikaru told Kaoru.
-They stopped. Let me take a look what they are doing.
-Hikaru. I don't think this is a good idea for us to leave the Academy. Why if the boss finds out.
-Those two also got out of the Academy. So they broke the rule, too.

While the brothers were talking, Zero and Yuki on the other hand are looking for the Level E about 50 metres from the Hitachiins.

-I sense the Level E somewhere here.-said Zero.
-Me too. But strangely I sense other people here, too.
-Are they vampires'
-Then we've got nothing to worry about.
-Well well well. What do we have here' Two vampires, of which one of them is a hunter. Am I right' Huh.-said the Level E.
-It's you. Why do I have the feeling I've seen you somewhere else.-asked Zero.
-I'm a student at Ouran High, but enough about that. It's time I have my midnight snack.
-Oh, you'll have it alright.

And then Zero began running at the Level E girl to kill her. But when he got there, she jumped on top of a tree.

-You can't stop me. I'm an athlete.
-I can see that, but you won't run away from my gun.
-Huh, we'll see about that.
-And then she began running from the hunters with an incredible speed.
-Get back here.-Zero yelled.

Back in the bushes, now about 300 metres from Zero and Yuki.

-See. I told you Kaoru. Those two are hunters. They tried to kill one of our schoolmates.
-I see.
-Who are you'-Hikaru asked the girl.
-What' You don't know me either' You were just talking about me a second ago. But who's there to care. Never mind. All I can say is that: I WANT YOUR BLOOD!!!
-Ah, Kaoru run.
-I can't leave you behind Hikaru.
-Kaoru! Go get help!

But right before Hikaru can turn towards the girl, it was already too late. The girl bite Hikaru's neck.

-Hikaru.-Kaoru screamed.
-Let go of him!-Yuki yelled.
-Or you'd rather get killed by me.-Zero added.
-Never.-the girl replyed which afterwords she continues to suck Hikaru's neck.
-Fine then. Guess I'll have to deal with you, the hard way.

Then Zero jumps over the vampire and saves Hikaru.

-Run!-Zero yelled at Hikaru.
-I'm not leaving without you.-Hikaru replyed.
-Yuki grab the gun and shoot!-Zero told Yuki.
-Oh no she won't.-said the girl and jumped at Yuki.-It's been a long time since I've drank real vampire blood.
-And it's going to be the last time you've ever tryed.

And with those last words Zero shoots the Level E with the "Bloody Rose" which turned her into dust.

-Wow. What was that all about'-Hikaru asked confussed.
-What are you two' And was she a...
-...a vampire.-Yuki finished Kaoru's sentence.- We're vampire hunters. We stop vampires such as her.-then points at the dust, left from the Level E vampire.-She's a Level E vampire. Level D and E are vampires, who are former humans.
-No way. Vampires' Like in the movies'-Kaoru asked.
-Nice. But hey wait' What did she ment by 'vampire' to you' Are you also a vampire'-asked Hikaru to Yuki.
-Zero and I are both vampires, but we don't attack humans. We protect them.
-And that's why we have a Night Class in Cross Academy, because all the Night Class students are either former-human-vampires or just born as vampires.-expained Zero.
-So when our uncle told us that he was in the Night Class, he really ment that he's...a vampire.-Kaoru said.
-Yes.-said Zero and Yuki together.
-Oh man this is horrible. Our uncle is a vampire.-Hikaru got nervous.
-Relax. He hasn't attacked anyone yet, has he. He's probably drinking blood tablets and...-Yuki said.
-Blood tablets' Hey wait. Remember those tablets uncle used to drink everytime he's hungry. That's why we've never seen him eat, because he drinks blood tables. But what if one day he runs out of them. Will he begin to drink blood from people'-asked Kaoru.
-If he does than I suppose your mother knows about this. She probably has the number of a vampire hunter. Sh she calls him and then the vampire slayer comes and kills your uncle. Same thing was about to happen to Zero a while ago, but he was saved after he drank the blood of a pureblood vampire. You see when a former-human-vampire drinks the blood of a pureblood or 'original' vampire he can be saved and not to be killed by vampire hunters and stop attacking people. In this case she was a Level E vampire, because she was agressive and blood-thirsty. This is what a Level E looks like. Your's and Tamaki's uncle is a Level D vampire. Only Level D can turn into Level E and be very agressive.-answered Yuki.
-What about the others who are with you' Are they too this Level Ds'-asked Hikaru.
-No, they are all Level B vampires, except fot Kaname who is a pureblood. Level Bs are born vampires, purebloods too. The only vampire for now who is believed to be a Level D is Zero here.-replyed Yuki.
-Dude, you're a monster.-Hikaru said scared.
-Smooth move Yuki.-Zero told Yuki.
-But he drank blood from a pureblood, so he's harmless now.-Yuki added.
-Oh man. Hikaru it's 2:34a.m. The boss is gonna kill us.-Kaoru paniced.
-You're right. So why don't we get back to Ouran and you tell us more about this tomorrow.-Hikaru told Zero and Yuki.
-Sure.-said Zero.

And then they went back to the Academy.


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