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Chapter 1 - The truth is revealed Ch1

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 1 - The truth is revealed Ch1

Chapter 1 - The truth is revealed Ch1
Kaname Kuran. One of the first pureblood vampires. One of the strongest vampires of all times. He thinks that no other level 'a','b','c','d' and 'e' vampire is able to stop him. He thinks that he is able to control everyone. But is he really sure he knows from where his origin comes from and can he be a true 'Master of the vampires'' Yes, he can take down many creatures like himself and to defeat vampire-hunters, but there is only one person or should I say vampire that he can't take down, no matter what he tries and could this specific person may be a relative of his or even may be a reborn...ancestor of his.

One night very far away in the woods, on a glorious spot lies a building which is declared "Cross Academy". When the Moon rises, it covers the Academy in a glittering light to make it look like a castel from the most wonderful fairy tales. When we get too close we will be able to see two Cross Academy Guardinas, who's mission of each is to guard, in case if some Day Class or none-vampire person gets any near the school or a vampire suddenly decides to run away and have a little 'snack'. Those two look so wonderful when they guard at night, that it looks like they are having a good time together...

-Not true! You are the one who is rude Zero!

...or may be not.

-Me you are the one who keeps coming near me every single time I decide to go somewhere else.-said an angry Zero.
-I'm just trying to protect you,Zero.
-From what' I don't need your help any more. Ever since you've become a vampire, I've decided that I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!! Got that.

That sentence, left Yuki without a single word. She just turned around and began to walk away from Kiryuu. She felt very hurt and...lonely. She couldn't believe she just lost a friend with whom she's been so very close to for so many years. It is very hard for her to accept it, but no. There is got to be a way she can get him back, any way. She mustn't let this happening any longer. After a few moments she was in a corridor, inside the school, where she was walking as if someone died.

-Yuki. What are you doing here all alone' Is everything alright'

Yup, you guessed it. That's Kaname, who got out of his room for a walk, and accidentally came across Yuki.

-I'm.Fine.-she hardly said.
-You don't look 'fine' to me. Want me to do help you with anything' To bring you something'-he asked.
-Kaname.-she stopped to take a deep breath.- Why am I born a vampire' Why couldn't I be born like everyone else' To be normal so that I won't have to be this different from the people...from the human civilazation.
-Yuki, do not deny your existance and your instincts. Haven't you've always dreamed of being a powerful being that is able to do everything.

'I don't think it's possible that it can do everything if it didn't had hurt me this much.' thought Yuki.

-Yuki. Are you listening'-he said calmly.
-Huh'''-Yuki snapped out of her 'deep thinking'.
-Yuki, are you alright'-he was beginning to worry about her.

Suddenly Yuki got an idea.

-Kaname, can I go to the library'
-Of course you can Yuki.
-Can I have the keys'

Kaname reached for his pocket to take out the keys of the library.

-Why do you need to go to the library for'
-Umm...I...forgot to...umm...get something...from the library. Yeah. I forgot something at the library and I need to get it.
-The library has been closed for three whole months. No one has been there in a while.
-Well I've completely forgot to pick it months ago and I've just remembered it recently, but I keep forgetting it.
-Very well then.-he felt a bit suspicious.-Hope you find what you need.
-Oh and can I stay there for lets say...this night.
-So long'''
-Just want to look around the library like before.
-As far as I remember Yuki, you never liked the library and you even mentioned that you never want to visit that place again, ever since you've failed your  history test about seven months ago. And I did hear that was your third history test you've ever done here at the Academy.
-I just couldn't find the right books I heeded on time and the test was over 5 units with about 100 pages in each. I thought I'm studying at a high school not a university.
-And that's the reason why only highly qualified students from all around the country study here.
-You're right, I forgot about that. Sorry.
-It's ok,Yuki. I understand.
-Great so I'm off then. I'll be meetting you for breakfast then.
-Alright then. Goodbye Yuki.

And then Kaname Kuran continued walking along, while Yuki began running to the library. At the same time she heard something from outside. When she looked she saw Zero, dealing with some teen vampires, probably for attacking another Day Class student. Several minutes later she finaly got to the library.


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