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Chapter 2 - The truth is revealed Ch2

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 2 - The truth is revealed Ch2

Chapter 2 - The truth is revealed Ch2
-Finally. I haven't been here in so long.

When she opened the library, she got in a started looking for something specified.

-Where is that book about bats again'

Then suddenly a giant encyclopedia about 'The big encyclopedia of the animals' fell on top of her head. She stayed down on the ground for a while and then got up.

-Ow, a moment there I thought I saw a cheetah. Huh, whats is that'

She saw something under the carpet. She took the carpet off and what did she see...

-A door on the ground'''

She opened it and saw stairs going underground.

-Hmm. I'm at the other end of the library. I won't be seeing Kaname until breakfast Zero is guarding ouside and no body has been here in three months.Perfect. Then I'm going in.

She begans walking down the stairs. About 15 minutes passed and she still hasn't got to the destination she needs.

-I hope this tunnel won't lead me to the center of the Earth and it's getting pretty hot here.

Suddenly, Yuki stopped she thought she heard something or someone, coming from somewhere.

-Who's there'

No response.

-It must have been just my imagination. All this walking is making me tired. How far does this tunnel go'

She walks a little bit more and in about seven minutes she reached ground. She found a light switch and when she turned the lights on, in front of her is a...

-A secret library' Why is it hidden this deep in the underground'

Yuki picks up a book and reads the cover.

-'The book about vampire hunting'.

Then she picks up anoher one.

-'Vampire hunters of Japan'. Hmm' I wonder if it has Zero in it'

She opens it up and searches for the term 'Zero Kiryuu', but so far no clue. It has every other vampire hunter that's alive and dead, but no Zero. She continues searching around the library until she found a book that says 'Vampire families and history'. She began reading and looking the pictures in the book. She then got to a page that says 'Origin of the vamire families'. She began reading what it says. Three minutes later she got to a very interesting part...

-Incredible. It says that the first vampires are not as I heard appeared after some humans turned into vampires. They appeared from a very rare bat, that do not exist any more. These creatures began evolving at the same time when the humans began existing. Looks like hunams and vampires began existing at the same time.

She read more until...

-What' The vampires which existed back then were creatures who fighted with swords with which they absorb the blood from their victims in order to continue fighting and to heal their wounds. This vampires are the original vampires and are more powerful than the so called 'level a' vampires.

She continued reading...

-I can't believe it. The name of one of one of the last original vampire families is 'Bradnias'. 'Bradnias' are the ancestors of the strongest Level A vamires in history like for example the Yamamotos, Ichijins, the Erix family, the van Envurio family...

Her eyes opened entirely.

-...the Kurans, Aidou family, Ichijo family, Cross family, Kain family and Kiryuu family. If I follow here what it says than that means that...
-Kaname, Hanabusa, Takuma, Akatsuki and Zero are all related.

Yuki suddenly got up and looked behind her. It was Kaien Cross.

-Yuki, what are you doing here' You mustn't be here' This was supposed to be a secret place.-he said a little bit nervous.
-I'm really sorry. I didn't knew...
-There's no point any more. I was hoping this place would never be found ever.
-No, please I promise I won't tell it to any one. Please.

He looked at her. He was just too nervous.

-Listen, I won't tell it to any one. This is a secret and I promise you it'll stay that way for as long as it takes.-Yuki said bravely.
-Alright. But just promise you'll make sure no one finds out about this place.
-I promise.


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