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Chapter 3 - The truth is revealed Ch3

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 3 - The truth is revealed Ch3

Chapter 3 - The truth is revealed Ch3
One hour later at the principal's office.

-So you see Yuki, Kaname actually, as you already know this, ain't your real brother. He's your ancestor, but you know about that I recall.
-I do.
-You see Kaname's original parents, not Haruka and Juri, but his very own, from thousands of years ago, were actually from the Bradnias family. It is the most strongest vampire family to ever existed. And Yuki, Kaname's born in that family. The vampires back then were smarter than all humans in the world even the ones now. I could tell you about Kaname that he actually had a little sister back then, who was killed in a war.
-A war'''
-Back then there were some wars about land, but that's not very important right now. But I do know something more that not even Kaname knows.
-What's that'
-That his original father is reborn. His name is Redlord Bradnias. His a vampire with red hair who actually is fighting against the Van Helsing Church, which is planning to destroy humanity along with the vampires and werewolfs. And rumor has it that he has a little sister, who is believed that she could be Redlord's reborn daughter and Kaname's real sister. Of course, as you know you are Kaname's sister too, but not his real sister, you are his fiance.
-But I don't understand how is it possible Zero to be related to that family since he isn't even a vampire'
-Do you remember how your mother wanted to protect you from falling in the hands of Rido'
-Yes, of course. She sacrificed her life to turn me into a human and...
-What is it Yuki'
-That means that someone of Zero's relatives has been turned into a human a long time ago.
-Correct Yuki. Which if I'm not mistaken that would make Zero either a Level A or Level B vampire.
-Incredible. This is so incredible. This means that Zero will finally stop hatting me. But wait' Why was he almost able to fall to Level E vampire'
-Well, to tell you the truth I don't think he was falling to Level E at all. I think he is transforming into either Level A or B, but usually the transformation takes some time. The transformation would seem like, as if they are turning to Level E, but truthfully they are just having a normal transofmation. Zero will turn into 100% vampire soon enough. It's just that, may be when one of his relatives got turned into a human, it must have happened at about 650 years ago I guess.
-But as far as I know, Zero was bitten years ago by Shizuka Hio. Doesn't that mean that Zero should be a vampire by now'
-Like I said Yuki. One of his relatives was turned into human 650 years ago. It's a really long period, compared to yours, where you were human for only about 10 years or so. While Zero, except that he's not transformed from vampire to human, he was born human and on top of that he's first human relative was 6 centuries and a half years ago. If he was born as a vampire and then turned into a human, he would have turned Level A or B in the same day he was bitten by Shizuka. It's alright Yuki. Very soon he will learn the truth, but for now, you must keep it a secret.
-I will. Wait what about Hanabusa, Kain and Takuma'
-They are vampires. I don't think there is anything to discuss about them,except for one thing.
-And that would be'
-That the Night Class is no coincidence.
-I know, because they are the most powerful vampires, right.
-And that they are Kaname and Zero's ancient brothers.
-Kaname, Zero, Hanabusa, Takuma, Akatsuki and their little sister along with two other vampires, who I'm not yet ready to tell you about, are actually brothers and sister.
-And I'm their ancient uncle.

Yuki almost didn't faint at that last sentace.

-That's right Yuki. I've also been a member of the Bradnias family. I was Redlord Brandias' ancient brother.
-Of course. In that book it said 'Cross'. But wait' Does that mean you're a vampire, too'-asked Yuki.
-No. I'm just a human or as I would like to put it-a vampire hidden in a human's body.
-So that means one of your relatives has also been a vampire a long time ago.
-You're right. But I prefer to stay human. I feel free. No insane blood-drinking, no fangs and I don't have to fear for my life 24/7 from the other vampire hunters. It's called freedome. However, I do feel sad for you and Zero that you aren't human any more.
-Yes, I do miss being human. So much fun and so many friends, but one day it was all over. I really miss my friends.
-It was a hard thing to do, but it was your decision. You wanted to be a vampire and Kaname turned you back to a pureblood.
- I know and I'm thankful to him.
-At least you're not like Zero. He was ready to kill himself, only because he was turning into a vampire.
-I remember that.

Kaien and Yuki started laughing. All of a sudden Zero came in.

-Hey' What are you two laughting about'-Zero asked.
-It's nothing important Zero. Yuki and I were just...
-...talking about jokes here and funny memorries.-Yuki added.
-Fine then. I captured three third year academy Level C vampires trying to run off in the woods.
-I see. Can you write their names down'
-Sure.-Zero replyed.

Zero was writing down the names of the trouble-makers, while Yuki couldn't stop starring at him.
'Zero. I still can't believe you are Kaname's brother.' she thought.

-There. Would you like me to bring them here'
-No, no Zero it's fine. Their names are enough. I'll have a word with their parents.
-Alright. If you say so.-Zero said.

Then Zero went out.

-Kaien. I think we must tell them just in case if something happens. Please you must let...
-No can do Yuki. You do remember what I said - It's a secret.
-Tell one reason why I mustn't tell them.
-Well, they either start a fight, commit suacide or they just won't believe you.
-I doubt it.
-Really, well tell that to Zero.
-Zero will never do it.
-I hope so. What about Kaname'
-I'll make sure he won't kill any one.
-Aidou, Kain and Ichijo'
-I doubt Ichijo would do any of those. I guess the same goes for Aidou and Kain and...
-Why did you stopped'
-Oh, no! I forgot I was supposed to have breakfast with Kaname and it's already morning.
-Well alright. And remember the secret.


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