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Chapter 12 - The truth is revealed Ch12

This is my fanfic "The truth is revealed". It's a crossover between the mangas Vampire Knight, Rust Blaster, Bloody Kiss and Blood Soul. OHSHC and Shiki will also make an appearance.
Hope you like it. Please comment.

Chapter 12 - The truth is revealed Ch12

Chapter 12 - The truth is revealed Ch12
8 a.m. in the morning in Akatsuki and Hanabusa's room.

-Uh, Hanabusa go close the door will ya. I hate that light.
-What' Didn't I closed that door last night'
-Whatever, just close it now.
-Ok, ok. You're such a pain in the neck.
-What was that'
-Oh nothing. I'm just talking to myself.
-Well why don't you just talk to yourself, INSIDE your own mind. Got that!
-Alright, alright!

Hanabusa got up and went to close the door. When he closed it, he went tback to bed.

-Finally, some darkness.-said Hanabusa to himself.
-You too, huh.-said Hikaru on the left side of Hanabusa's bed.
-I never liked open doors. You can never be too sure who can get though it and try to do something to you.-said Kaoru on the right side of Hanabusa's bed.
-Not exactly. I just don't like light.-said Hanabusa.

Then there was piece in the room for about 5 minutes.

-HEY WAIT!!!-yelled Hanabusa.
-Hikaru, I think he knowdiced us.-said Kaoru amused.
-What are you two doing in my bed''!!!!!!!! Get off!!!!!-yelled and kicked the twins off his bed.
-Looks like someone's in a bad mood this morning.-said Kaoru on the ground.
-Hey, what's all that yelling' And what are you two doing here'-said Akatsuki.
-Those two were in my bed! They were in my bed!-Hanabusa yelled annoyed from the twins.
-Come down Hanabusa. I heard you the first time.-answered back Akatsuki.
-We are just here to make a check-up to see if everything's okey.-said Hikaru.
-Some check-up. When I get my hands on both of you I'll...-said Hanabusa and right before he can finnish his sentance, the twins ran out of horror from the blond vampire.
-I think It'll be better if we just go and check the rest.-said Kaoru to Hikaru after they closed the door.
-Yeah. But for some reason I'm scared to go in the room of that guy...uhh...what was his name again...Kaname.
-Why not' He didn't look scary to me.-asked Kaoru.
-I guess you're right, but before that can we please go and visit that awesome model girl.
-You mean Rima'
-Yeah, lets go and see her.

The boys went to Rima's door. And right before they could open it.

-And what are you two up to'!!-said an angry Tamaki.
-Oh, hey boss. Why are you up so early'-asked Kaoru.
-For me what matters is why are you two disturbing our guests'!!
-Umm, what guests'-asked Hikaru.
-You know what I'm talking about!!
-No, seriously boss we don't know what are you talking about.
-I'm talking about the blond person from room 483198567. He said you were sleeping in his bed. Is that true'-said an angry Tamaki.
-Yes, it was us, but we were just checking to see if everything was alright.-the Hitachiins said at once.
-Was it necessary for you to sleep in his bed'
-Well, we were tired after all night patrolling you know.-said Hikaru.
-And why are you wearing a scarf on your neck Hikaru, since it is summer'-asked Suoh.
-It's called fashion, boss.-Kaoru replyed instead.
-Fashion'''' Scarfs in summer...are fashion''''''-Tamaki was confused.
-Aaaa...Yeah. Haven't you read the latest magazines about beauty, glamour and fashion,boss' Scarfs are one of the biggest hits this summer.-said Kaoru.
-I don't remember reading about that. But I guess I can contact one of my beauty stylists to send one, too. May be I can order it blue with puppies or even with bones, no I'll order it with stars and of course my name on it, or may be even...

And then Tamaki turned around and headded to his room and while he was walking he didn't stop talking about about his sarf all the way through the hallway until you can't see him any more.

-Phew! That was close, Hikaru. One more word and he was about to find out the marks from that vampire that bit you last night.
-Yeah, lucky.

....2 hours later in the hall of the Ouran Academy.

-Ladies and gentleman. May I have your attention, please. This morning it was confirmed that one of the students of our prestigious school...has been found murdered.-said sadly Tamaki.

All the students began exchanging sad looks and were discussing the incident.

-But, how is that possible'-asked Kyoya.
-The police, this morning, have found the school uniform and dust, that confirmes, that the victim is actually a member of this school. But it's still unknown why is she in dust and who is the criminal. The girl was found about a few blocks away down the street from here.-answered Tamaki.
-That's terrible. I'm never going down that street ever again.-said one of the female students.
-I know. But be calm everyone, because our school has the best security in this whole city. It's impossible for a threat to come anywhere near the academy.
-Are you sure, Tamaki'-asked another girl.
-Yeah, why if someone enters the academy and we don't knowdice it'-asked a third girl.
-That would be impossible. No one has ever gone through the academy, without passing through the security guards first.
-Oh, Tamaki. You are so wonderful.-said a fourth girl.
-Why, thank you, young princess. And now for today's important tests. 4th C-class, you are going to have a test in Biology. 1st A-class in Literature....
-Again'-interrupted Hikaru.
-Looks like it. And 2nd B-class in Math. That's all for today. Good luck!-finnished Tamaki.

The everyone got up and headded to their classrooms.

-Oh, man. Why does it have to be Literature.-Hikaru complained.
-Calm down , Hikaru. It won't be that bad.
-Says you. You hae only 'A's. I'm hardly able to reach 'B+' anymore.
-Well, if you haven't been so bad at your fareign language class, may be you wouldn't be so bad at Literature.
-Easy for you to say.
-Will you two knock it off. I'm sure the test won't be that bad.
-Haruhi' Do you think a blue scarf with kittens would look good on me' After all I am a prince.-Tamaki asked Haruhi.
-A scarf' In summer'-Haruhi was confused, now why would Tamaki want to wear a scarf in the middle of the summer.
-It's fashionable this year.-said Tamaki.
-No, it's not. Scarfs aren't on fashion this year.-replyed Haruhi.
-Really'-asked Tamaki.
-Yes, who ever told you this was lying. And besides I don't think the academy allows any scarfs at this time of the year. It's against the rules.-Haruhi answered.
-What''''' I'm gonna murder Hikaru! How dare he break a rule in my academy.

Then Tamaki went off to Hikaru. In the mean time at the other end of the academy:

-So you actually told those two melon-heads that you and Zero are vampires'-Hanabusa asked Yuki.
-I have. It wasn't that bad.
-Yeah, it wasn't, right after that vampire bite one of the twins by the neck.-said Zero.
-What' It wasn't a pureblood, was it'-asked Hanabusa.
-No, just a regular Level E.-answered Zero.
-Phew! And did it hurt him'
-Well, it did leave him marks and bit his neck, but either that the boy's alright.
-Great! No why don't we just...
-Hey, you three!-yelled Hikaru.
-It those two melon-heads. Again!-cryed out Hanabusa.
-We want to know more about what happened last night.-said Kaoru.
-It's not that important, so why don't you two just run along and...
-We're not leaving!-Hikaru interrupted Hanabusa.
-So you either tell us or...
-Hikaru!-yelled out loud Tamaki.
-Oh, hey boss! What's up'-said Hikaru.
-I can't believe it. How could you break one of the school rules!
-What rule'
-You are wearing a scarf. How could you wear a scarf, when it's forbidden in the summer.
-Really' Who made-up that rule'
-It doesn't matter! What matters is that if I see you one more time I'm gonna...

Once Tamaki took off Hikaru's scarf, he saw huge marks on Hikaru's neck. They looked like something he has never seen before.

To Be Continued....


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